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Ypsilanti, Michigan

is one of our top choices for Metro Detroit cities for dining and drinking, and it's so convenient to visit any of the below establishments when you are traveling with Ypsilanti limo service. Take a look at a few of our favorites below, all found within the 48197 and 48198 zip codes.

♦ Sidetrack ♦
Sidetrack is a great pub where you can get some of the tastiest burgers and black bean tacos in town! We love to recommend this place to our Ypsilanti limousine customers because they can accommodate groups and it's always such a fun experience here. The sweet potato fries are fantastic, and they have a lot of great salads and vegetarian options too. They have a really impressive selection of beer, and the servers are really helpful with choosing a good one if you happen to be a novice in the brewski department! Try to come in during happy hour for some really great specials, and also make sure to order some of those delicious deep fried pickles! Can't miss those, they are too good! You'll be able to find Sidetrack at 56 E Cross St.

♦ Beezy's ♦
Beezy's is one of our favorite spots for breakfast and especially for brunch when we are in Ypsi... They have amazing french toast that will really please your tastebuds, and the fact that it's baked just makes it all the better! We really love their pepper and egg sandwich too, and the breakfast burrito with chorizo is a really great option as well. They've got fresh baked breads and very high quality ingredients for everything here, including premium meats and cheeses. Everybody really loves the chai and the coffee here, so you can't go wrong with either of those! The percolator heads on the wall are a cute way to decorate a diner. We just love the charming atmosphere. Beezy's can be found at 20 N Washington St.

♦ Thai-Thai ♦
Thai-Thai is an upscale Thai restaurant that you should definitely check out when you are traveling with Ypsilanti limos, not just for the wonderful ambiance and the friendly service that they so consistently provide, but most especially for the amazing food that you simply will not find anywhere else. The spring rolls are the freshest and most delicious that we have ever tasted, and we really adore the green curry as our main dish! Wow. The moo ping is a delicious marinated barbecued pork appetizer, and the goong prig phao is a shrimp dish with garlic and Thai chili paste. It's great with the fresh broccoli, and it's really best if you order it very spicy! That's how we love it. Always an amazing dining experience here, and just a beautiful atmosphere too. Thai-Thai is found at 2612 Washtenaw Ave.

♦ Asia City Restaurant ♦
Asia City Restaurant is a Chinese buffet that we really enjoy. They have dim sum here, which we really enjoy, and we are big fans of everything that they serve on the buffet, including the sushi! When it comes to the dim sum, they have the usual carts, but if you want something specific that's not on the cart, you can ask for the dim sum menu and order to your heart's content. The actual dim sum bar that they used to have was replaced with a sushi bar, and that's where we tend to spend most of our time when we're there. If you haven't been here in a while, note that they do not have a hibachi grill anymore, and they also got rid of the noodle bar. You'd think taking away from the buffet would take away from the experience, but in actuality it just streamlined it and made the more popular parts of the buffet more accessible. You can find Asia City Restaurant at 2905 Washtenaw Ave.

♦ Pacific Beach Burritos ♦
Pacific Beach Burritos is a real taste of California right here in Ypsilanti! We love all of the tacos and burritos here, with delicious carnitas, al pastor, fish, shrimp, chicken, beef, or shredded chicken or beef! Chorizo too! They also have really delicious chimichangas, and if you're taking anything to go, that's one of the few things that reheats really well. We love the fact that the prices are so low and afffordable here, and that the restaurant is so comfortable and casual, diner style really, despite the fact that the food is so high in quality. That's the kind of contrast that we can really appreciate. Pacific Beach Burritos is located at 2835 Washtenaw Rd.

♦ Dalat ♦

Dalat is a great Vietnamese restaurant conveniently located on Michigan Avenue, and the elegant atmosphere is a really big draw for this restaurant. We love coming in to enjoy the delicious barley tea and spring rolls, and since those spring rolls contain shrimp, chicken, and pork, they are really hearty and filling, with wonderful peanut sauce to dip them in too! The egg rolls are also fantastic, very crisp and never too greasy, filled with delicious chicken. The pho is really wonderful, with beef tripe and really delicious broth. We won't try to remember the names of the entrees here, because we're not that familiar with them, but all of the ones that we have tried have been superbly fresh, and really delicious. We would highly recommend anything on the menu. Dalat is found at 100 W Michigan Ave.

♦ Temptations ♦
Temptations is an Indian and Pakistani restaurant that features a wonderful weekend buffet where you can indulge in so many delightful flavors... we especially enjoy the garlic and basil naan, and the subz-e-ajab is just fantastic. If you are a lover of tandoori chicken, we think you will be pleasantly surprised by how great theirs is! Very flavorful with a nice citrus zest to it. We also love the baby eggplant cooked in yogurt with raisins, and the lamb kebabs are just fantastic with that tomato sauce and the rice pilaf that comes on the side. The prices here are moderate and affordable, and definitely worth it for the high quality food that you receive, and you can even save a few dollars if you check online for coupons and special deals. There's a full bar for your enjoyment too, lending a lounge quality to the establishment. You can find Temptations at 2876 Washtenaw Rd.

♦ La Fiesta Mexicana ♦
La Fiesta Mexicana is your source for delicious Mexican food, and the best part is that it's in a cozy diner setting, and the prices can only be described as cheap! Gotta love that. The tamales are just mouth wateringly good, and the potato tacos are something that you have to try to believe. The vegetarians out there will really enjoy the vegetarian combo plate, and the guacamole y tostapos is truly delicious, definitely an upgrade from the usual chips and salsa. We also love the sweet corn and cheese tortillas! Really a nice addition to the menu. Without a doubt, you have got to order the horchata as your drink. There's nothing better to wash down all those fabulous Mexican flavors. You will be able to find La Fiesta Mexicana at 529 W Cross St.

♦ Aubree's Pizzeria & Tavern ♦
Sometimes when you are traveling with your friends with Ypsilanti limos, you just want to stop and get a really delicious pizza and some beer. The best place in town for that is clearly Aubree's Pizzeria & Tavern! It's not just pizza here though, they also have all your pub style favorites, plus some wonderful spinach feta wraps too! We love those. Great Greek salads too. In terms of those famous pizzas, our favorite is the Chicken Santa Fe. Very highly recommended. The dark atmosphere is a throwback to the bars we used to go to back in the eighties, and we love the fact that they have a lot of flat screen HD sets above the bar so you won't have to miss a moment of the game, or have to settle for a standard definition broadcast. You can find Aubree's Pizzeria & Tavern at 32 E Cross St.

♦ Pita Pita ♦
Pita Pita is our favorite place in Ypsilanti for delicious Middle Eastern sandwiches and cuisine! We love the chicken kafta at this restaurant, and before we dig into that we usually opt for the falafel appetizer, and perhaps some of that famous lentil soup. We also really enjoy their veggie palte, and the wonderful sujok, plus the hommous with olive oil on top. So tasty! The bread is not homemade from what we can tell, despite the name of the restaurant, but it is very good and flavorful anyway. Of course a little smear of that fabulous garlic sauce could make even the worst bread taste like heaven! And this is very good bread anyway. When it comes to dessert you cannot go wrong with their deliciously flaky and rich baklava. You can find Pita Pita at 2649 Washtenaw Rd.

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