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Wyandotte, Michigan

is a real hidden gem on the east end of the downriver area, right alongside the Detroit river. The restaurants that are found in this area are some of the best that you will find anywhere. All of the ones that you'll find on this list are our personal favorites, and you can find them all in the 48192 zip code.

♦ Sportsman's Pizzeria ♦
Sportsmans Pizzeria has been going strong since 1989, and what makes all the difference and has lead to their longevity is the fact that they really care about the customer. They work hard to make sure that you get the best pizza possible, and they're always in a great mood when you come in to pick up that pizza. Our favorites here are the upper deck Chicago style pizza, and we love the chicken fajita pizza with fajita chicken, red peppers, onions, cilantro, monterey jack, muenster, and taco sauce. The grilled veggie pizza is also really fantastic with artichoke hearts, zucchini, squash, red peppers, onions, and feta cheese! If you're not in the mood for pizza, you'll enjoy their pizza rolls, subs, and salads! You will be able to find Sportsman's Pizzeria at 2425 Fort St.

♦ Michelangelo's Italian Bistro ♦
If you're traveling with Wyandotte limo service and you want a really fantastic Italian meal in an impressive atmosphere, you would do very well to visit Michelangelo's Italian Bistro. This is a very popular restaurant, to the point that many tables will be reserved when you walk in, and in the evenings it's especially packed with happy customers. Reservations are recommended! The chicken portobello is one of our favorite things here, and we also really enjoy the filet mignon that comes with a delicious mushroom sauce and fresh mushrooms. One of the specialties here is the fettuccine Michelangelo, and that is really a wonderful dish. You'll be able to find Michelangelo's Italian Bistro at 152 Elm St.

♦ Smokie's Tavern ♦
Smokie's Tavern is a really great spot to go for a delicious meal and some great drinks. We really love coming here for their baby back ribs which are better than that "other" restaurant that is known for them! The clam chowder is also one of our favorites, and the french dip sandwich is just too good. Really high quality meat, delicious bread, and fantastic au jus. You'll also want to check out their works pizza, andthe shrimp scampi is really noteworthy too! We also love all the drinks that they serve here, because they're always strong, never watered down. This is one of the best locally owned restaurants in the area as far as we are concerned, and we're happy to support a locally owned business. Smokie's Tavern can be found at 930 Biddle Ave.

♦ R.P. McMurphy's ♦
R.P. McMurphy's is an authentic Irish pub in downtown Wyandotte, on the strip of Biddle Avenue that has all the shops and restaurants, so you can't beat the convenient location when you are traveling with Wyandotte limousine. We love the fact that this is situated in an authentic building from the 1890s, and that the pub itself has been in existence for over 25 years. Our favorite thing here is the shrimp asparagus bisque, and we also really love the french onion soup! They have really cozy seating here, either in a booth or at the bar. You can get your Guinness and Bass on draft here, which of course means delicious black and tans! You'll really love the sandwiches and angus burgers here, and the entrees are very good too. R.P. McMurphy's can be found at 2922 Biddle Ave.

♦ Nanna's Kitchen ♦
Nanna's Kitchen is such a beloved fixture in this city, and when you're on the road with Wyandotte limos, this is such a great stop for some home cooked comfort food! It's basically your diner favorites plus some Mediterranean delights, and everything is just so good. The lawash rollups are always a healthy option, and of course the turkey burgers are a great choice as well. The breakfasts are all fantastic, whether you go with a simple eggs and meat kind of breakfast or a delicious omelette. And for lunch or dinner you can't go wrong with the gyros, sandwiches, salads, and even hamburgers. The prices cannot be beat. You'll be able to find Nanna's Kitchen at 2962 Biddle Ave.

♦ Pancho's II Mexican Restaurant ♦

Pancho's II Mexican Restaurant (the other Pancho's is located in Taylor) is excellent, and you can tell by the fact that the restaurant, albeit small, is always packed with happy customers. The portions are just enormous, and you won't believe the low prices! Of course it's really all about the flavor, and we are happy to report that everything here is just delicious. They have really great chips and salsa, delicious burritos and tacos, and enchiladas that will really please even the pickiest Mexican food lover. Their menudo is really good too, and they always give you an ample amount of onions to sprinkle in it, plus spices. No matter what you order here, you'll be treated to a piping hot meal and really great service. And the ambiance is top notch too. You can find Pancho's II at 3860 Biddle Ave.

♦ Speed Boat Bar & Grill ♦
Speed Boat Bar and Grill has been a part of the Wyandotte landscape for more than twenty years, and everybody loves this place! It's under new ownership, but still has the same great quality that it alwayas has. Their Friday fish fry is a downriver tradition, and everybody loves the chili that they serve here, as well as the super cheap and super delicious burgers! You can come and enjoy karaoke on Fridays and Saturdays, or just hang out on the outdoor patio when the weather is warm and enjoy that breeze. They have some large screen televisions here and a jukebox too! For your drink we'd recommend the speedboat private beach or the speedboat bloody mary! All their signature drinks are very good! You can find Speed Boat Bar & Grill at 749 Biddle Ave.

♦ Lichee Gardens ♦
Lichee Gardens has been going strong in Wyandotte since the fifties, and though the decor has barely changed at all since the seventies, we really love it that way. It's like stepping back in time, both in ambiance and in the high quality of the food. They have a special dish that looks like a bird's nest that's really fun, and they are also known for their pork fried rice, their delicious eggrolls, and their chicken subgum! The almond chicken is fantastic, and we also enjoy the plum shrimp that are deep fried to perfection. The general tso's chicken and sesame chicken is also very good! They have a cute little bar on the premises too so you can have some delicious drinks before or after your meal. You can find Lichee Gardens at 3233 Biddle Ave.

♦ Polonus Restaurant ♦
If you love Polish food, Polonus Restaurant should be a staple for you anytime you are traveling with Wyandotte limos. They have the best tasting pierogies that you will ever find at any restaurant, and you have the option of baked or fried, with potato, sweet cheese, kraut, or meat, and for your dipping sauce, sour cream or apple sauce! You can also get combinations like pierogies and kielbasa, pierogies and crepes, or pierogies and pancakes! We love the potato pancakes too, and the city chicken is really fantastic. We'd also very highly recommend the stuffed cabbage and the hungry pole feast! You'll be able to find Polonus Restaurant at 1744 Biddle Ave.

♦ Portofino Restaurant & Banquet Facility ♦
Portofino Restaurant & Banquet Facility is without a doubt our very highest recommendation when you are traveling with Wyandotte limo service! It's absolutely gorgeous both inside and out, whether you choose to sit at the bar, to relax in the dining room, or to enjoy the warm breeze on the deck by the water. Our favorite meal here is the stuffed gnocchi with grilled chicken, and the fish and chips is always a delicious choice. They have really great nachos here too, and perch sandwiches that have been the hit of our lunch hour many times. We love it when they have live entertainment here in the summer, but even when it's relatively quiet and subdued, it's always a pleasant dining experience here. You'll be able to find Portofino Restaurant & Banquet Facility at 3455 Biddle Ave.

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