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Woodhaven, Michigan

is a cozy city nestled into the Downriver area of Wayne County, and there has been so much work put into building up this city in recent years. There are so many wonderful restaurants and bars in the area around West Road and Allen Road, and on this page you will find a smattering of our favorites. Please enjoy them when you find yourself in the area with Limo Detroit or even on your own, and do let us know what you think. You can find all of these within the Woodhaven zip code of 48183.

♦ Shish Garden ♦
Shish Garden is our favorite place to go for Mediterranean food in Woodhaven. They've got the freshest ingredients and the most flavorful dishes of any Lebanese restaurant in the area! It's true that it's just a tiny restaurant, so there's not much seating here, but it's very cozy and the ambiance is very welcoming. Their wonderful garlic dip is one of our favorite things here, and the hommous is also out of this world. If you're a fan of kafta we're certain that you'll love it here, and they've got really delicious kibbie too! You will be able to find Shish Garden at 22673 Allen Rd right here in Woodhaven.

♦ Olga's Kitchen ♦
Olga's Kitchen is always a great choice for a quick meal in the middle of a rushed day, and this newer location in Woodhaven is a real boon to the area. They're known for their delicious "Olga Bread," and we are huge fans of their apple pecan chicken salad as well as their gyros and of course that yummy peasant soup. They've always got seasonal specials to keep you coming back for more, and if you're trying to save some dough, you can always check their Web site for the latest coupons. Of all the Olga's locations in the area, we think this one has the best and friendliest service. You can find this Olga's Kitchen location at 23404 Allen Rd in Woodhaven!

♦ Blue Margarita ♦
If we had to narrow it down to our absolute favorite restaurant in Woodhaven, Blue Margarita would be it! And that is saying a lot considering the fact that it's one of the newer restaurants in the area! It's probably been around for a couple of years already, but they just keep getting better with time, and any time we find ourselves in the area, this place draws us to it like a magnet. The margaritas are superb no matter what flavors you choose, and we recommend the classic Patron on the rocks. Their camaron cocktel appetizer is one of the most delicious things on the menu, more of a soup than a shrimp cocktail really, and we love the tacos and quesadillas here. Sitting in the bar area or at the bar is a great choice. Find Blue Margarita at 23450 Allen Rd right here in Woodhaven!

♦ Emagine Theater ♦
Emagine Theater is an absolute stellar choice in the Woodhaven area, and we felt compelled to include it on this list of bars and restaurants because not only do they offer a nice array of snacks, but they also have a full bar with exquisite drink choices including a special menu of movie-themed concoctions and even premium drinks like Hennessy Black. They've got the most comfortable seating of any theater in the area, and without a doubt the clearest audio. The newest, cleanest, and best maintained theater in the Downriver area, by far! You can find Emagine Theater at 21720 Allen Rd in Woodhaven! Very highly recommended for a great night out!

♦ Five Guys Burgers & Fries ♦
Five Guys Burgers & Fries is a newcomer to the Downriver area, and it's a welcome addition to all the great restaurants that are to be found in Woodhaven. The service couldn't be quicker, and we love the huge array of options when it comes to toppings for your burger! Note that these hamburgers are quite gargantuan, so if you want a normal sized one, you might want to opt for the smaller one. And the fries are definitely meant for sharing! We don't know anyone that could put away a whole order on their own! The ambiance leaves something to be desired as far as we're concerned — a little too industrial looking for us — but the food makes it more than worth it. Very highly recommended, and their bacon cheese dogs are superb too! Find Five Guys at 23414 Allen Rd in Woodhaven.

♦ IHOP ♦

The IHOP is another newcomer to this area, having taken the place of the former beloved truck stop near I-75 on West Road. They really keep it sparkling clean here, and the servers are so friendly and good at their job. We're big fans of just about everything on the menu here, from their famous pancakes to their waffles and other breakfast favorites, as well as their loaded potato and cheese soup, and even their coffee is just so great! The omelets are absolutely amazing, and big enough to split with someone too! An absolute essential for breakfast if you find yourself in the Downriver area! You can find IHOP at 21055 West Rd in Woodhaven! Highly recommended!

♦ Habachi Grill ♦
Habachi Grill, formerly Grand Buffet III, is really one of the best Chinese buffets around. If you're a fan of buffet style dining, you will really enjoy this one. Not only do they have all your traditional Chinese favorites, but they also have a great sushi bar where you can really fill up on some incredible sushi at a very low price. It's cool for carryout too, because they only charge fifty cents to a dollar for each piece of sushi, and you can fill up some carryout containers with a whole lot of sushi at a much cheaper price than you'd pay at a traditional sushi restaurant for the same amount of food. Great service, a wonderful array of food, and very pleasant surroundings too. You can find Habachi Grill at 19103 West Rd right here in Woodhaven.

♦ Sneaky's Sports Bar & Grill ♦
Sneaky's Sports Bar & Grill is a great place to grab some cheap drinks and catch the game while you're at it! This cozy neighborhood bar is always filled with friendly locals, and the people who work here are so nice to be around too. They've got some good bar fare for you to enjoy here too, and we are big on the buffalo wings here. So good! The hamburgers are great too, and they have really good waffle fries. They've recently remodeled the premises so if you haven't been there in a while, it's worth a stop to check it out. They've got a new dance floor and even a large projection TV to enjoy! You will be able to find Sneaky's Sports Bar & Grill at 22301 Allen Rd in Woodhaven.

♦ Andy's Pizza & Subs♦
Andy's Pizza & Subs is a real Downriver tradition, and this being one of two locations in the area, it's a real essential! We absolutely love the pizza from Andy's — you will not find a more delicious crust or higher quality toppings than these. They've also got the biggest and most delicious subs around. This is the old fashioned quality that is so hard to find nowadays. Andy's has been going strong for as long as we can remember, so at least twenty years, and maybe more! We don't doubt that they'll be around forever. You can find Andy's Pizza & Subs at 22118 West Rd right here in Woodhaven.

♦ Bob Evan's ♦
Bob Evan's is always a great option for a yummy breakfast or a hot meal any time of day, and this location in Woodhaven is no exception. They've got a lot of good options here for kids and families, and the super friendly staff here just makes it even better. They really go out of their way to get you what you need in a hurry, and they seem genuinely happy to see you no matter what time of day you're coming in. We recommend the omelets for breakfast, and the spaghetti is very good here too. All your traditional Bob Evan's favorites and some new surprises on the menu too! You can find this location at 23100 Allen Rd in Woodhaven!

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