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Wolverine Lake, Michigan

can be found within Oakland County, and its zip code is of course 48390. This city does not technically have many restaurants and bars to choose from within it, but right nearby within driving distance you can find some excellent establishments in the cities of Walled Lake, West Bloomfield, and Novi. Please take a moment to enjoy these well spending time out in the Wolverine Lake area with Limo Detroit!

♦ Mama Mia on the Green ♦
Mama Mia on the Green is the one restaurant that is actually located within the technical limits of Wolverine Lake! We really adore it too. The owners, Mickie and Mi Mi, are two of the sweetest people you will ever meet. The fresh bread is absolutely fantastic and you'll have a difficult time not eating an entire loaf, as well it's hard to get tired of their fresh crisp salads either. They've got delicious wood fired pizzas here, plus wonderful chicken dishes and other entrees too. The food and drinks are all nicely priced here, so you won't have to break the bank to enjoy a wonderful meal! Mama Mia on the Green can be found at 1403 South Commerce Rd right around the corner in Wolverine Lake!

♦ Boon Kai Restaurant ♦
So many people go crazy over the taste of the food at Boon Kai Restaurant that is always a good sign that we need to run over and try for ourselves. Located conveniently in nearby Walled Lake, it's just a short drive from the heart of Wolverine Lake, and boy is it ever worth it. The hot and sour soup is one of the greatest things that you could ever order here, and the gum lo wonton is so wonderful too. Their specialty is the sweet and sour beef and chicken, and that's a combo that we can never resist. You'll notice that the chicken at this restaurant is of a much higher quality than what you'll get at other Chinese restaurants. You will love it. Boon Kai Restaurant is located at 1257 S Commerce Rd in nearby Walled Lake.

♦ 2Booli ♦
We think that 2Booli is just about the cutest name for a Mediterranean restaurant that we have ever heard, but even better than that is the quality of the food! It's sensational. The crushed lentil soup is one of the greatest things you could ever start with, and no matter what you get, you'll be able to enjoy a hearty serving of their homemade pita bread along with it. The tawook chicken pita is a wonderful thing to get for lunch, and you can either pair that with rice or fries — both are great! The spicy cole slaw is also an amazing choice. Everything is wonderful here, and we highly recommend it to you. 2Booli can be found at 37610 W 12 Mile Rd in nearby Farmington.

♦ Kitchen Hanzo ♦
Kitchen Hanzo is a wonderful place in nearby West Bloomfield where you can get authentic Japanese cuisine just like you'd find in beautiful Tokyo. This is pub style Japanese food, and if you haven't experienced that, then it's about time that you do. The suigyouza is something everyone should experience, and that is dumplings in broth with soy sauce. It's really excellent. The tori zosui is another particular favorite of ours, which is rice and chicken simmered in fish broth with fried eggs! If you haven't tried that yet, then it's about time that you do. You definitely won't regret trying this gem of a restaurant. Kitchen Hanzo is easily located at 6073 Haggerty Rd in nearby West Bloomfield.

♦ Ajishin ♦
You can never have too many great Japanese restaurants on a list, especially if you are a sushi lover like we are! They've got everything here at Ajishin, from delicious udon noodles to sensational sushi, and even to the yummiest curry rice that you have ever tasted! They've got a grilled fish combo that is an excellent choice any day of the week, and if you are lovers of sashimi as much as we are, you just might want to opt for a sashimi special or perhaps even a delicious bowl of chirashi. The special here is the Ajishin Udon, and we can't sing the praises of it enough! Ajishin can be found at 42270 Grand River Ave in nearby Novi.

♦ Lulu's Coney Island ♦

The Lulu's Coney Island is closer to a cozy hometown diner than a coney island, and we just love that vibe. Of course you can get coneys here, and they are excellent, but they've got a full menu of delights to choose from. Breakfast is a really busy time here, so we recommend getting there as early as you can, or at least before 9:00 AM. The poached eggs are fantastic here, and the portobello eggs benedict is a real gem of a breakfast. You won't be disappointed with any of the omelets they offer either. Lulu's Coney Island is located at 1001 Welch Rd in nearby Walled Lake.

♦ Bonefish Grill ♦
Bonefish Grill is a rare and special franchise chain that we will bother to point you to. It's a cut above the rest and certainly fresher and more homemade than the other chain restaurants out there! The bang bang shrimp is one of our favorite items here, and the rainbow trout is always excellent. The au gratin potatoes are wonderful to pair with any of the seafood items here too. If you're not big on fish, you can still dine here very comfortably — just opt for a chicken or steak dish! They're all superb. The acclaimed Bonefish Grill can be found at 43304 Eleven Mile Rd in nearby Novi.

♦ Sharaku ♦
Sharaku is yet another one of our favorite sushi bars in this area, this one being located conveniently in nearby West Bloomfield. Many have raved about this being the best sushi restaurant that they have ever visited, and after having dined at so many great ones over the years, we can confirm that this would make our short list. We recommend sitting at the bar, and definitely enjoy some of their wonderfully fresh toro. It's out of this world. It's very authentic here, so if that's what you're seeking, you've found it. Sharaku can be found at 6159 Haggerty Rd close by in West Bloomfield.

♦ It's a Matter of Taste♦
It's a Matter of Taste is not only a wonderful restaurant, it's also a bakery and they cater too! We think you'll be quite pleased with all the wonderful things that you'll find here. This isn't the place to go if you want low prices only obtainable by cutting corners. They've got a full bar, and even a beautiful outdoor seating area. The salmon and crab cakes are shockingly good, and the sweet potato fries are just incredible. Their catering business is booming, and we recommend that you give them a try next time you're in need! It's a Matter of Taste is found at 2323 Union Lake Rd in nearby Commerce Township.

♦ Mirchi Indian Cuisine ♦
Mirchi Indian Cuisine is nothing short of fantastic! We are in love with this place. The ambiance is so fine and so relaxing, because the service team puts in so much effort to make it a wonderful experience for you. The lunch buffet is an excellent time to come in, or you can just come in whenever you like and enjoy their entrees all day long. The veggie samosas are superb, and we really love the mango lassis. The mango shakes are great too, and we love the naan here. Note that you get naan or rice here, and if you want both you'll pay a little extra. It's worth it though! Most recommended? Definitely the chicken vondaloo. Mirchi Indian Cuisine can be very easily found at 43317 Grand River Ave.

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