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Wixom, Michigan

is definitely a favorite place for our customers to visit, and when they do, they always ask us where the best and most convenient places are to dine and drink in the area. We believe that the list below represents the best of both worlds, and we hope that you'll have a chance to enjoy some of these establishments when you're traveling in the 48393 zip code with Limo Detroit!

♦ Volare Restaurant ♦
Volare Ristorante is quite possibly the very best restaurant in all of Wixom, and we feel very comfortable recommending it to you as strongly as we do. They've got the greatest steak in town, and for dessert you can't go wrong with either the creme brûlée or the chocolate ganache — and we also recommend that you and your significant other share them both, because they make the perfect pair! This is a wonderful place to have an event too, so if you're planning something special, or just wanting to go out for the evening for a celebratory dinner for any reason, we hope you'll consider this one. Volare Ristorante can be found at 49115 Pontiac Trail here in Wixom.

♦ La Casita ♦
La Casita is a really popular spot in this area for some delicious Mexican food, and when you see how low the prices are, you simply won't believe it! The al pastor tacos are truly delicious, really nice and tender with the perfect amount of onion and cilantro, plus a squeeze of juicy lime. They've got excellent chorizo here, and delicious beans too. The menu is quite small, but well-chosen, they offer both mild and hot salsas so you can customize the flavor of your meal to whatever suits your tastebuds. This is much more authentic than most of the Mexican places in the area, so don't miss it! La Casita can be found at 49070 Pontiac Trail right here in Wixom.

♦ Sizzl-in Subs 'n Salads ♦
Sizzl-in Subs 'n Salads has got to be one of our favorite quick stops in the area! The salads are absolutely super fresh and delicious, and you cannot go wrong with the Caesar if that's your thing! We personally love it. The subs are wonderful too, from the traditional Italian to the Philly cheesesteaks and all your other favorites. What we really like is that the owners take care of everything here, not a bunch of high school kids, so it's high quality and always good. The menu is quite large too, so you've got more selections than at the typical sub restaurants and pizzerias. Sizzl-in Subs 'n Salads is located at 2051 N Wixom Rd right here in the city of Wixom!

♦ Alex's Pizzeria ♦
Alex's Pizzeria has been going strong for many years now, and we never hesitate to recommend it to our customers whenever they're craving a really mean pizza! It's more than just pizza here — they also offer fantastic subs on freshly baked bread, and some truly mouth watering barbecue ribs and fried chicken! Such an array of flavors. They've even got tiramisu for dessert, which is unexpected and a really pleasant surprise. We like that their traditional pizza has a thinner crust than most, and they've got more exciting toppings than most pizzerias, like artichokes and olives. Very good, and a very pleasant dine-in experience too. Alex's Pizzeria may be found at 30660 Anderson Court right here in Wixom.

♦ Golden Chopsticks ♦
Golden Chopsticks is a nice Chinese restaurant, located in a strip mall but with a more upscale feel to it than most of the Chinese restaurants that you're used to. We really enjoy the ambiance here, and once you're inside you forget that you're in a shopping center. The food is lighter and fresher here than at most Chinese restaurants, with more focus on high quality ingredients than on drowning things in sauce. Their almond chicken is really delicious, and we like the fact that they have a lot of different noodles to choose from if that's what you're in the mood for. We also enjoy the Mongolian Beef, though it's not as spicy as we'd prefer so we typically order it extra hot. Really great food here though! Golden Chopsticks is conveniently located at 47516 Pontiac Trail right here in the city of Wixom!

♦ Jet's Pizza ♦

The For those who are loyal to Jet's Pizza, you'll be glad to know that there is one here in Wixom so you can pay them a visit when you're passing through the area with Limo Detroit! The deep dish pizza is the absolute best, and we love to order some sides of ranch so that we can dip, dip, dip to our heart's content! At lunchtime you can order it by the slice, which makes it even more convenient for Limo Detroit travel! The antipasto salad goes so well with all their pizzas, and we recommend double cheese on the pizza! So good! Jet's Pizza can be found at 49402 Pontiac Trail right here in Wixom.

♦ Stingers ♦
Stingers is the neighborhood biker bar, and if you are seeking a great little dive where you can get some delicious bar fare and some ice cold beers, then we would very highly recommend this spot to you. They've got lots of TVs here so you don't have to miss the game, but note that the jukebox is always on, so you will be watching the game but not listening to it. They play great tunes here though, so it's not so bad! The wings are excellent, and we also love their steaks and wraps! The beer specials will also help you to save a few bucks! Great staff here as well! Stingers can be found at 49110 Grand River Ave here in Wixom.

♦ Papa Rooni's ♦
Papa Rooni's is a great spot for delicious pizza, with a really friendly and welcoming atmosphere, clean and inviting ambiance, and a staff that goes out of their way to make you feel at home too. Whatever you order here is served in generous portions, and if it's a pizza, you can be sure that they'll pile it high with lots of high quality toppings and just the perfect amount of cheese. They always serve it piping hot just as it should be. Dining in is really fun here, but carryout is also great, and they deliver too. Papa Rooni's can be found at 2115 N Wixom Rd here in Wixom!

♦ Tubby's Sub Shop♦
Tubby's Sub Shop is such a classic Michigan tradition, and this location in Wixom just can't be beat. They've got a lot of brand new items on the menu, so if you haven't visited in a while, be sure to give it a shot! They've got really yummy onion chips here that we love, and the crispy chicken sub is probably our favorite thing on the menu. The ham and cheese sub is also really melty and delicious, and even the classic sub is just perfect! You can't go wrong with anything that they serve here. Great for a quick dine-in experience or to pick up a sub to go! Tubby's Sub Shop can be located at 47520 Pontiac Trl right here in Wixom!

♦ Taco Bell ♦
Taco Bell is always a quick stop when you want something fast and good! We're especially big fans of their five buck boxes which are so convenient for limo travel, and they've got plenty of yummy single items for you to choose from if you'd rather build your own perfect meal. Or fourthmeal, as they say! The grilled stuft burrito is a standout item here, and we also love the Mexican pizzas and the enchiritos. If you're really short on cash, you won't find a cheaper value menu than theirs, and even the tiny cheese rollup is so delicious, especially if you add hot sauce! Don't forget to add on a Mountain Dew Baja Blast, specially designed to go well with all their food! Taco Bell can be found at 28020 S Wixom Rd in Wixom!

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