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Williamston, Michigan

The Williamston zip code of 48895 happens to have some of our favorite restaurants and bars contained within it, and we'd love for you to check some of these out next time you're traveling in the area with Limo Detroit! All of these are located within Williamston itself, and all of them come highly recommended by us, some for their quality and some for their convenience — many for both!

♦ Red Cedar Grill ♦
Red Cedar Grill is one of our favorite American restaurants in this area, open later than most of the restaurants around here (until 11:00 PM some nights), and with a wonderful small town atmosphere that everybody really enjoys. The prices are moderate, and you get an incredible level of quality for the price. They've got a huge selection of wines by the glass, which is something that we really appreciate, and their cocktails are equally delicious! The black and bleu salad is one of our favorite things here, and they really know how to cook a fabulous steak. You'll be able to find Red Cedar Grill at 150 E Grand River Ave right here in Williamston.

♦ Spag's Bar & Grill ♦
Spag's Bar & Grill is known for their sensational pizza, and with the prices being as low as they are, this is a real hot ticket in the Williamston area! Their ribs are also amazing, and even their basic hamburgers are just so juicy and good. They've also got amazing steaks. If you're seeking some delicious bar nachos, they will definitely hook you up right here. There's plenty to do when you're not dining and drinking too, because they've got a pool table and also some video games! We really love the atmosphere. Always such a good time here. Spag's Bar & Grill is found at 1268 E Grand River Rd right here in Williamston.

♦ RiverHouse Inn ♦
RiverHouse Inn is one of the more expensive restaurants in the area, but we will vouch for the fact that it's worth every single penny. We recommend reservations here because people really love it and they're usually packed with happy customers, especially on the weekends. You'll enjoy the romantic ambiance here, and the full bar is a definite plus. The patio is absolutely gorgeous here, with a beautiful rose and herb garden to enjoy. Try the seafood salad, you will love it! It consists of shrimp, scallops, and calamari, deliciously marinated Greek style, with plenty of fresh greens and herbs. Wonderful steaks and seafood entrees here too. RiverHouse Inn can be easily located at 310 W Grand River Ave here in the city of Williamston.

♦ Gracie's Place ♦
The thing that we always remember about Gracie's Place is their martini list! We're big fans of a good martini, and these aren't good martinis — they're GREAT martinis! We just love it. If you're more of the craft brew type, you'll be pleased to know that they stock a huge selection of them. If you're there for dinner too, we recommend the braised pork ragu. The vegetarian eggplant napoleon is also a fantastic dish, but truly you can't go wrong with any item on their extensive menu. Gracie's Place, one of our favorite bars, can be found at 151 S Putnam St here in Williamston!

♦ Sunnyside Cafe ♦
If you are seeking an amazing breakfast in Williamston, look no further. Sunnyside Cafe has got you covered. The atmosphere is just excellent here, so clean and cozy. The people who work here are very friendly and always seem to be in such a cheerful good morning mood. And to top it all off, they're got those classic breakfast prices that just can't be beat. We recommend any of the egg dishes including their fabulous omelets, and their pancakes and french toast are also superb. Sunnyside Cafe, one of the hottest breakfast spots around, can be easily found at 725 W Grand River Ave right here in Williamston.

♦ Ellie's Country Kitchen ♦

The Another wonderfully charming option for breakfast in this area is Ellie's Country Kitchen. Many say that this is the best breakfast in town — of course we'd say that is more like a tie between this restaurant and the one that we mentioned previously, but it's so hard to decide! We love them both. The eggs are fantastic here, and everybody goes wild over their hash browns. The prices are incredibly affordable — oh, and did we mention how great their coffee is? We couldn't recommend this place to you any more highly than we do. Ellie's Country Kitchen is located at 130 E Grand River Ave in Williamston.

♦ CB's Bucket Bar & Grille ♦
CB's Bucket Bar & Grille has been going strong for something like a decade now, and they have really been through it all! They have survived natural disasters (tornadoes) and not-so-natural disasters (fires) and they're still coming back time after time with all your favorite bar and grill favorites. The steak bites with boursin cheese fondue is one of our favorite things to have here, and we also love the macaroni and cheese that's made with cavatappi pasta, fine cheeses, and kielbasa. Everything, and we mean everything, is exquisite here. CB's Bucket Bar & Grille is located at 132 W Grand River Ave right here in Williamston.

♦ Brent's Pizza ♦
Brent's Pizza is one of our favorite places to go in Williamston for a really delicious old fashioned pizza pie. We think that they do it better than anybody else. They've really been going strong for at least thirty years that we're aware of, so it's no wonder that it feels like a throwback to the good old days when you order one of their delicious pizzas. Their subs are also wonderful, really made with the highest quality ingredients possible, and no matter what you order here, you are sure to come away with a smile on your face, because the flavors are just out of this world. Brent's Pizza can be found at 222 W Grand River Ave here in Williamston.

♦ Jersey Giant♦
Jersey Giant is known for their incredible sandwiches, and if you have somehow managed to live in Michigan for any length of time without trying this place, then you need to head over there right now! Everybody loves this place. The only thing about it that we're not big fans of is the gas station location, but you can't deny that it's convenient. Fill up your tummy, fill up your tank. Our favorite is the Jersey Giant original, with the wonderful oil and vinegar and all the toppings. The sub bread is very unique here, and that's what really makes all the difference. Jersey Giant is located right here in Williamston at 2900 N Williamston Rd.

♦ McDonald's ♦
What can we tell you about McDonald's that you don't already know? The location is incredibly convenient, and when you're needing just a fast drive-thru meal when you're on the go either with Limo Detroit or on your own, this is of course your go-to spot! After all these years their Big Mac is still going strong as the mac daddy of all burgers, but they also have a lot of fresh and new additions to the menu like their premium chicken sandwiches and salad, plus their full McCafe line that is going head-to-head with the best of the Starbucks beverages. This McDonald's location can be found at 200 W Grand River Ave right here in Williamston.

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