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Westland, Michigan

is the home of so many of our favorite restaurants, and when you are traveling with Westland limo, we would highly recommend any one of these! Be sure to check these out the next time that you are in the 48185 and 48186 zip code.

♦ Taqueria Alameda ♦
Next time you're traveling with Westland limo service, you should definitely think about stopping at Taqueria Alameda for some fantastic Mexican food. We are huge fans of their al pastor, and the carnitas is also really excellent! The chipotle chcken is noteworthy too, especially because you cannot find it many other places, if anywhere at all! We really enjoy the beef cabeza tacos, and if you are the adventurous type you will certainly want to give those a try. This is probably the most authentic Mexican place in the metro Detroit area, so you'll want to remember the name because it's hard to find authentic Mexican food at all in Michigan! You can find Taqueria Alameda at 906 S Wayne Rd!

♦ Bray's Hamburgers ♦
Bray's Hamburgers is one of our favorite places to stop when we are on our way out to other cities and traveling through Westland, and it's because the prices are so low and the food is so good! These are old fashioned sliders at their very best, and we just can't get enough. We also really love the chili here. It's great that they have a drive-thru because you can stop and get a huge sack of burgers and take them home for your family or a group of your friends to enjoy! We love the fact that they accept credit cards here too, which makes it even more convenient. Be sure to try the delicious fresh brewed iced tea! Everything is just so good here, like stepping back in time to the days of amazing burgers. You will be able to find Bray's Hamburgers at 35650 Ford Rd.

♦ Ashley's Restaurant & Pub ♦
Ashley's Restaurant & Pub is one of our all time favorite places to drink and dine, not just in Westland, but in the entire Metro Detroit area! Their world beer tour is the big highlight here, and you can work your way through that and earn rewards as you go! We especially enjoy the pizzas here that strike the perfect balance between thin crust and regular, and the taste of everything is just so good. They also have a nice sampler basket that includes deep fried pickles, and we especially enjoy the burgers with pineapple! So tasty, and that's a great complement to all the beer! Truly one of the most amazing beer selections ever! If we're not mistaken they have close to 200 beers here! Ashley's Restaurant & Pub is located at 7525 Wayne Rd.

♦ Golden Chopsticks ♦
Golden Chopsticks is an amazing place to go for Chinese food and sushi. They'll soon be acquiring a liquor license and adding a bar, and as a matter of fact by the time you read this, they may have already done so. We're really looking forward to that! It's true that this is one of the pricier places for sushi in the area. In general, twenty bucks will get you about three rolls. It is worth it though. In terms of the Chinese food, we really love the bourbon grilled chicken, and the almond chicken is really good too, traditional style with all that rich flavor that we all love. Also be sure to try the soups, and the short ribs are really fantastic too. You can find Golden Chopsticks at 1989 Wayne Rd.

♦ New Mexico Restaurant ♦
When one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Westland closed (Little Mexico II), we had to find someplace else to take care of our Mexican food cravings! New Mexico Restaurant has definitely fit the bill. We love the chips and salsa, and we enjoy it even more when we order some fresh pico de gallo to go along with it. No extra charge for that! The cheese dip is also very good if you want something warm and in the category of comfort food! Everybody loves the chimichangas and the mexican pizza, and the tostadas are also really fantastic. You will certainly want to try the tacos al carbon too. And the chiles rellenos! For dessert you cannot go wrong with the tres leches cake! You will be able to find New Mexico Restaurant at 35851 Ford Rd.

♦ Famous Dave's BBQ ♦

Famous Dave's BBQ is one of our favorite places to go for delicious barbecue! Everything here is just so addictive. The whole roasted chicken is an amazing choice that can really feed a bunch of people, and we really love their Memphis-style ribs! They have brisket that is just melt-in-your-mouth fantastic, and you cannot go wrong with their spicy wings! You get two sides with the meals, and in addition to that they also give you a cornbread muffin and corn on the cob. They have really amazing side salads here that include extras such as hard boiled eggs and bacon, so that's a nice healthier option that's still hearty and filling. Great service and unforgettable atmosphere too! Famous Dave's BBQ can be found at 36601 Warren Rd.

♦ Wasabi Japanese Restaurant ♦
If you love sushi as much as we do, next time you are traveling with Westland limo service, you really owe it to yourself to check out Wasabi Japanese Restaurant! They have great lunch and dinner specials that will save you a pretty penny too! We really love the guna and salmon nigiri here, and the spicy tuna roll is one of our absolute favorite rolls on the menu. Just so packed with flavor and heat! Even the really basic rolls like the California roll are excellent here, and that's not something that we would ordinarily order. Our only complaint is that the sushi rice isn't quite up to par, but the quality of the sashimi almost makes up for that, and the low prices finish evening that up for us. If you're a true conossieur you may want to stick with one of the other sushi restaurants on this list, but for a cheap lunch, this will do! Wasabi Japanese Restaurant is found at 1553 S Wayne Rd.

♦ Red Robin ♦
We don't often recommend chain restaurants, but Red Robin gets major acclaim from us because their hamburgers are just so juicy and good. That's what they're known for, and though they have a lot of other wonderful things on the menu to enjoy, since the burgers are the star, we always stick with them! They have fantastic variations for you to try, from spicy burgers to hawaiian pineapple types of burgers, and you can customize them to your liking as well! We love to go with whatever the featured spicy burger is at the moment (they have a lot of seasonal specials), and we typically have the server bring over a bottle of Tabasco sauce just to give it some extra kick! The fries are always delicious too. You can find the unforgettable Red Robin at 36350 Warren Rd.

♦ Deluca's Restaurant ♦
Deluca's is primarily known for their pizza, and it's one of those classier sit down restaurants rather than being a carryout or delivery pizza spot. We love to come in with our friends to enjoy a pizza and celebrate the good times, and make some new ones! They use the little pepperoni slices here that curl up into little cups, and we love that. They also have really wonderful mostaccioli here. They have the "due combination" here that gives you two entrees and two sides for just twelve dollars, and that is just unbelievable! Where else can two people dine for twelve dollars? You'll really enjoy the broasted chicken and lasagna, and for the sides we recommend the antipasto salad (one dollar extra for that) and the spaghetti. You are going to be able to find Deluca's Restaurant at 27424 Warren Rd.

♦ Beaver Creek Tackle and Beer ♦
Beaver Creek Tackle and Beer is one of the most comfortable places to chill out with an ice cold beer and enjoy some really amazing food. Off the appetizer menu we really enjoy the Wild Thang which includes venison sausage, rabbit ravioli, duck tenders, and BBQ buffalo meatballs. For your main dish, you can't go wrong with the Roadkill Grill which features roast venison, broiled quail, and wild boar sausage. We also recommend the pot rost which features slow roasted beef with carrots, celery, onions, and redskin potatoes. The ambiance is one of a kind here, and so is the service. Very highly recommended if you want to have a fabulous meal and a wonderful time. Beaver Creek Tackle and Beer can be found at 1609 N Wayne Rd.

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