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Wayne, Michigan

is a city within Wayne County itself, and it is covered by the zip code of 48184. There are many great places to drink and dine within the city, and here we have listed a few of our favorites for you to enjoy when you are in the area with Limo Detroit or on your own. Please enjoy these and let us know what you think!

♦ Zorro's Mexican Restaurant ♦
Zorro's is a great Mexican restaurant that we have enjoyed many times over the years. They're under new management, and they have only improved, so if you haven't been there in a while, be sure to check it out! Their carnitas tacos are the first thing we think about here, and they use double tortillas which is so delicious. The food is much more authentic here than at most Mexican restaurants in the area. When seeking for a nice, quiet experience with a family atmosphere, go here if that's what you're looking for, you'll really enjoy this one. Great chorizo too, and you can't beat the prices here! You can find Zorro's at 38910 Michigan Ave right here in Wayne.

♦ Wayne's Red Apple Restaurant & Inn ♦
Wayne's Red Apple Restaurant & Inn is a little diner that is an absolute essential for everyone who hangs out or lives in the Wayne area. It's a great spot to go for some yummy ribs, their famous fried zucchini appetizer, and even a great pizza. Don't hesitate on that pizza either — it's just as good as what you'll get at any pizzeria in the area. If you're there for breakfast, we'd highly recommend the omelets or their potato pancakes, which are really to die for. The daytime and night time crowds are quite a contrast here, with it being a very "family" place in the daytime and a very "after the bar" place late in the evening. Always a great place to hang out any time of day though. You can find the famous Red Apple at 32711 Michigan Ave right here in Wayne.

♦ My Place Restaurant ♦
My Place Restaurant is just a small coney island, but it's definitely an essential for breakfast or a late night diner meal! It's a very small place, so this isn't the one if you're traveling with a huge group of people, but it's very cozy and welcoming for smaller groups. If you're doing carryout for the limo, this is a perfect option for you. They've got wonderful breakfast specials that will really help you to save some dough, and we love the fact that the waitstaff is so friendly and they always keep the place so spotless. Definitely the place you want to be for a yummy breakfast. You can find My Place Restaurant at 35454 W Michigan Ave right here in Wayne.

♦ Baba's Kabob & Chicken ♦
Baba's Kabob & Chicken has to be our choice for Mediterranean food in the Wayne-Westland area, and it's a real standout in Wayne for sure. They've got an incredible deal that we always take advantage of — you can get any wrap, salad, or soup, plus hommous and bread, for just under nine bucks. You can't beat that! They've got fabulous pita chips and salsa here too, and chicken shwarma that is just outstanding in every way. We are talking "melt in your mouth" good. Everybody adores this place and with good reason. You will be able to find Baba's Kabob & Chicken at 35545 W Michigan Ave right here in Wayne. A definite winner.

♦ Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches ♦
Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches is always a great place to stop for some delicious subs. We love their healthier options which include an "unwich" wrapped in crisp lettuce instead of bread. The Beach Club Unwich has always been our fave. Their #6 is also excellent, which is a veggie sub, and we love it on wheat with plenty of hot peppers! So delish. They've got delivery too, should you need it, and you can't miss their prominent location if you're picking up. The price is right and the options are so healthy. You will be able to find this Jimmy John's location at 35155 E Michigan Ave right here in Wayne!

♦ Rex's Restaurant ♦

Rex's Restaurant is a cozy little Greek restaurant where you can stop in and get your grub on! We're huge fans of the spinach pie here. It's so mouth wateringly good with its flaky crust and flavorful spinach. They've got some potato pancakes with ham that are really unique and delicious, and be sure to try out their famous salmon patties either. Definitely some unique options here other than the standard Greek fare that you're used to at all the coney islands in the area. The restaurant is very clean and the service is very friendly too. You can find Rex's Restaurant at 35111 W Michigan Ave in Wayne.

♦ White Castle ♦
White Castle — you might not expect to find this one on our list, but come on — what is the place that you always turn to after a late night of drinking at the bars when you're craving some yummy sliders? It's a late night tradition! This location in Wayne has never let us down, whether we're coming in for a quick breakfast or stopping by for a late night Crave Case. They keep it clean and sparkling here, which we appreciate, they dish up some quality food and hot. And of course you'll love the convenient location right on Michigan Avenue! You can find this White Castle location at 32925 Michigan Ave right here in Wayne.

♦ Benito's Pizza ♦
Benito's Pizza the best pizza that Wayne and Westland have to offer, that's for certain! It's true that this is a chain pizzeria rather than a one-off spot, but we love it. They've got great deals for as low as five bucks to compete with that other famous five dollar pizza chain, but the quality is so far beyond that, the sausage for example is cooked right on the pizza, none of that precooked stuff. The crust is super delicious here, and the cheese is so melty and good. Obviously if you're looking for a five star pizza you need to head to a five star restaurant, but for a quick pickup for a typical Friday night pizza craving, this will do the job, no questions asked. You can find Benito's Pizza at 4328 S Wayne Rd right here in Wayne!

♦ Wayne Bowl♦
Wayne Bowl is a great spot with a lively crowd you normally dont see besides just hanging out at a typical bar. They're open until 11:00 PM Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, and until 1:00 AM on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. This is one of the oldest bowling alleys around, having stood the test of time since the sixties. Yet it's fully remodeled and fresh, with all the high-tech scoring systems and everything else that you expect. They've got a great pro shop here too, so if you're serious about your bowling, they will really hook you up. You will be able to find Wayne Bowl at 36900 Michigan Ave right here in Wayne!

♦ US 12 Bar & Grill ♦
US 12 Bar & Grill is a cozy little hometown bar where you will definitely feel at home. In the summer months you'll really enjoy their outdoor patio, and any time of year you'll enjoy stopping in for some delish bar fare and cheap drinks! The drink specials will really help you to save some dough, and you'll be surprised at how good the food is here for being a bar. They keep it nice and clean here, and the ambiance is nice, so you will definitely be able to relax and let your hair down. A step above your typical dive bar, very cozy and comfortable and inviting. You can find US 12 Bar & Grill at 34824 W Michigan Ave right here in Wayne!

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