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Waterford, Michigan

really has some fantastic restaurants to enjoy, so when you are in the area traveling with Waterford limo service, be sure to check out a few of these great establishments in the 48327, 48328, and 48329 zip codes.

♦ El Patio ♦
El Patio is one of those hole in the wall restaurants that everybody just loves, and there's no question why! This kind of high quality Mexican food is all too hard to come by! You will not find better salsa than this, and the quality of the ingredients that they use in every single dish is so high. You will not find better Mexican food than this in the surrounding area! The fajita nachos are one of our favorite dishes, with tons of meat and veggies piled on! So good. The burrito special and the burrito grande fajita are two of our favorite choices for an entree. The price is right, and the service is good too! You can find El Patio at 7622 Highland Rd.

♦ Dobski's Restaurant ♦
When you are on the road with Waterford limousine, you will definitely want to stop in to Dobski's Restaurant! They are open until 11:00 PM most days of the week and until 10:00 PM on Sundays, and they serve both lunch and dinner. They have a full page of entrees for you to choose from, including great fish, chicken, pork, beef, and pasta dishes. We love the broiled salmona and the whitefish amandine, and the chicken marsala is very highly recommended too. If you love chicken florentine, you'll be very pleased with theirs, and the parmesan chicken alfredo is also one of our highest recommendations! You'll be able to find the classic Dobski's Restaurant at 6565 Cooley Lake Rd.

♦ Calabrese's Pizzeria II ♦
Calabrese's Pizza II has some of the very best pizza pies that you will find in Waterford! The mozzarella bread is really a favorite choice among everyone that dines here, and we recommend getting the pizza sauce and also the cheese dip to enjoy on it! They have a lot of great specialty pizzas for you to choose from here, but the Greek pizza is without a doubt our absolute favorite. We love the garlic hint that is in all of the pies too. This is Chicago pizza without having to travel all the way to Chicago to get it! The veggie pizzas are also out of this world. Very friendly people working here, and really clean atmosphere too. Calabrese's Pizza II can be found at 4668 Dixie Hwy.

♦ Mexico Lindo ♦
Mexico Lindo has been recommended to us so many times, we finally had to head over there and give it a shot! And it really was amazing. The salsa is just out of this world, with plenty of tomatoes, cilantro, onions, and garlic. Our favorite item on the menu is the super burrito, and we typically choose the grilled chicken. We love the fact that the burrito has both refried beans and grilled onions inside, and that it's smothered in so much delicious cheese. You'll be surprised by the enormous portions here, and even more surprised by the low low low prices! You can really fill up and even take a group of friends out for dinner without spending too much money. You can find Mexico Lindo at 6552 Highland Rd!

♦ China Jade Restaurant ♦
China Jade Restaurant is just an exquisite place to have Chinese food when you are on the road with Waterford limos, and we especially love all of the appetizers here including the egg rolls and crab rangoon. We highly recommend the plum sauce for those egg rolls! It is so delicious. The sweet and sour chicken is in a class of its own, with big chunks of fresh pineapple, and delicious high quality chicken. Our top choice though, would have to be the almond chicken! The orange chicken is also really flavorful and very highly recommended. The won ton soup is also really good, and the dinner rolls are even very good. We'd recommend every single item on the menu without hesitation. You can find China Jade Restaurant at 1070 W Huron St!

♦ Trini & Carmen's Mexican Cuisine ♦

Trini & Carmen's Mexican Cuisine is just a fantastic place to get some of the wonderful flavors of Mexico. It's not the most authentic Mexican food in the world, but neither is anything else in the Detroit area. It is, however, incredibly good. We love the chimichangas and the nacho plates that they're famous for, and the chicken burrito is just amazing, so huge and so flavorful. The chiles rellenos are noteworthy too, and you cannot go wrong with their amazing chips and salsa! Literally every single item on the menu is good, and we can say that, because we've tried it all! You will be able to find Trini & Carmen's Mexican Cuisine at 1715 N Telegraph Rd.

♦ LA Java & Cafe ♦
When you're traveling with Waterford limo service and you want a great place to have coffee and breakfast, plus plenty of great vegetarian options, you have got to give LA Java & Cafe a try. They have lots of different burger options here, including turkey, beef, and bean, adn there are different types of buns to choose from as well. They have fantastic pizza, and really great hommous too! The salads and sandwiches are really noteworthy too, and you can't go wrong with any of the coffees and teas. The only downside to this place is that it can get a little too warm in the summer months because their air conditioner is a little bit faulty. Hopefully by the time you read this they will have fixed or replaced it. Other than that, this place is stellar and then some! LA Java & Cafe can be found at 5815 Dixie Hwy.

♦ Lion's Den Restaurant ♦
Lion's Den is one of those great old fashioned restaurants with a full bar where you can go and hang out with your friends to celebrate the bigger moments in life. We love the pizza, and the hot breadsticks are just fantastic here. If you're in the mood for a really refreshing salad, we'd recommend the Traverse City salad the most, followed by the Oriental Salad. It's true that the ambiance here is a little bit retro and could use some updating, but in many ways we appreciate that old fashioned vibe. Especially because the service is equally old fashioned, and that is definitely a good thing! Lion's Den Restaurant can be located at 4444 Highland Rd.

♦ O'Toole's ♦
O'Toole's is such a great Irish pub in Waterford, and we just love coming in to enjoy some great beer and wonderful food. They have lots of fun things going on here for the younger crowd, like beer pong tournaments. The drinks were a bit high in price in past years, but recently they have lowered them, and they also have power hour from 9:00PM-11:00PM when all the drinks, and we do mean ALL the drinks, are just two dollars. We love the fish and chip and the turkey wraps. They're just as famous for their attractive waitresses in plaid skirts and white t-shirts as they are for the food and drinks. If all that sounds good to you, then be sure to check this place out asap! This great pub can be found at 4000 Cass Elizabeth Rd.

♦ Chung's of Waterford ♦
Chung's of Waterford is one of our favorite places to go for both Chinese food and sushi! The eggrolls are really one of the best things here, true authentic style and just so delicious. The vegetable fried rice is also very tasty, and we love the veggie spring rolls and the Buddha's delight too. The almond boneless chicken is one of the dishes that they are best known for. You'll be surprised at the high quality of the sushi here, and they have all the standard rolls with just the same quality that you would find at a more expensive Japanese restaurant. We've been very happy with the quality of the food and the friendly service, as well as the cozy atmosphere! You can find Chung's of Waterford at 4187 Highland Rd.

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