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Warren, Michigan

has a surprising number of classic restaurants that everybody just loves, so next time you're on the road with Warren limo service, take a look below to see some of our favorite dining establishments in the 48092 and 48093 zip codes!

♦ Golden Harvest ♦
Golden Harvest is without a doubt the most authentic Chinese dining experience in this part of the metro Detroit area. They have authentic dim sum here, and it is totally out of this world. We love the steamed pork buns, and they have really delicious pork ribs that are breaded in delicious sauce, but be careful because the bones are left in and it's easy to forget that since it's breaded. They have whole braised tilapia and a really delicious garlic eggplant hotpot that we would highly recommend to you. The one thing that you must note is that the menu is much more limited throughout the week, and you can only get the full menu on Sundays. For that reason, we only come on Sundays! You can find Golden Harvest at 6880 E 12 Mile Rd.

♦ Amarin Thai Cuisine ♦
Amarin Thai Cuisine is an essential for anyone who adores Thai food as much as we do. When you hit the road with us, you just can't go wrong with a stop at this fabulous restaurant. Our favorite dish is the yum talay, which is a seafood salad with lemon grass, onion, cucumbers, tomatoes, cilantro, and of course lime. So delicious and refreshing! We also love their prik nam pla, and for dessert the coconut ice cream and fried bananas! Mmm! Other options that are really noteworthy are the seafood combination and the pad kning. The Amarin Thai staff are very friendly and accommodating, and we love the pleasant atmosphere too. Amarin Thai Cuisine is located at 11528 12 Mile Rd.

♦ Buddy's Pizza ♦
Buddy's Pizza is of course a very famous part of the Detroit experience, and this location in Warren is no exception. Their square pizza is just the best in the world, with just the perfect amount of greasiness, the most flavorful sauce, the right amount of cheese (sometimes we opt for double cheese if we're in the mood for more!), and all the highest quality ingredients. If you love tomato slices and mild pepper rings on your pizza, they really do it right. And we love it with pineapple too. We're also hooked on their french fries with bacon, ranch, and cheddar cheese! So good! The gluten-free crowd will want to take note of their gluten-free dairy-free pizza! Very nice options here for everybody. Buddy's Pizza is located at 8100 E 13 Mile Rd.

♦ Oasis Mediterranean Cuisine ♦
Oasis Mediterranean Cuisine is an upscale Mediterranean restaurant, and we love coming in for the food and smoothies alike. They have a fabulous banana mango strawberry smoothie, and it will set you back less than four dollars! Now that's what we are talking about. The shish tawook is oustanding, and the flavor is just too good to believe. They have the perfect garlic sauce here, so good that you'll want to slather all your food in a healthy coating of it! The rice with pine nuts is another of our faves, and you just can't beat Oasis' fabulous melt-in-your-mouth chicken shawarma! So amazing! Oasis Mediterranean Cuisine can be found at 5709 E 12 Mile Rd.

♦ Lenny's Sub Shop ♦
Lenny's Sub Shop is a wonderful place to stop for lunch when you are traveling with Warren limos! The bread is freshly baked, and they slice the meat for your sandwich, so it's always as fresh as can be! They're very generous with all their toppings here, including tons of delicious veggies, peppers, and mouth watering cheese. Our favorite sub has got to be the Philly cheesesteak, and no matter what sub you get, they're always a little better with some hot pickle relish added to spice things up a bit! The Italian subs are really good too. It's nice to support a local business instead of one of the chain restaurants, and the quality is so much higher anyway. Lenny's Sub Shop can be located at 5773 E 12 Mile Rd.

♦ Tracy's Corner Cafe ♦

Tracy's Corner Cafe is one of our favorite coffee shops in all of metro Detroit, and we love coming in to enjoy the paninis and other deli sandwiches too! They have wifi here, so you can bring your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and get some work done while you nosh on a great meal and sip delicious coffee. There's a really nice fireplace here to enjoy when the weather is cold, and large windows that let in lots of light. You may have been familiar with this place when it was called Deebe's or The Beat Cafe, and it was good then too, but it's even better now. Tracy was actually a customer of both former establishments and that's why she's doing such a great job with it now. Tracy's Corner Cafe can be located at 29200 Hoover Rd.

♦ National Coney Island ♦
As you know, National Coney Island is a really beloved place to go for some fantastic coneys and breakfast food. We love coming in early in the morning to enjoy the omelettes (we like the vegetarian omelette the best, followed by the delicious ham and cheese!), and later in the day you can't go wrong with a delicious Greek salad, a coney, or maybe even a hamburger. The chili fries are also very good here, and they even serve beer! What more could you really ask for? Plus they're open after the bars are closed, so you can come in and sober up with some fantastic food. Great staff, clean atmosphere, delicious food. Enough said! You can find National Coney Island at 30140 Van Dyke Ave.

♦ Super Kabob House ♦
Super Kabob House is one of the cheapest places to get Mediterranean food, and yet it's such high quality and so good! The garlic sauce is one of our favorite things in the world, because it's so different than what you will find elsewhere. It's much less oily, with a much higher proportion of garlic, so it's very pungent and flavorful. The chicken shawarma is just fantastic here, and we also love the vegetarian ghallaba, and the chicken fatoosh! If you're a falafel fan, theirs is excellent, and the hommous and baba ghannouj are both really out of this world. Very crisp and fresh salads too. Great service here as well! Super Kabob House can be found at 28931 Van Dyke Ave.

♦ Cutting Board ♦
Cutting Board is just a cozy little family restaurant where you can kick back and enjoy some of the best comfort food in Warren! It's very popular on Sundays, to the point that you may face a bit of a wait. We love the fish and chips the best, with really delicious batter and the tastiest fries you could imagine. The grouper is also a lovely choice, and the blackened stuffed salmon is impressive too. The prime rib is noteworthy, and they have really delicious shrimp too! They serve beer too, and they even have Guinness, which is a major plus in our book. You won't believe how low the prices are at this restaurant, and the service is good too. Cutting Board is located at 28655 Shoenherr Rd.

♦ Bronx Burgers ♦
Bronx Burgers is one of our most often recommended restaurants to customers of Warren limousine, because it's one of the most convenient stops, and they have such amazing hamburgers! The half pound deluxe with muenster cheese is our absolute favorite thing here, and we love the fact that it comes with your choice of homemade soup, crisp salad, or creamy coleslaw. We usually opt for the coleslaw or the soup, and either way it's always good. The burgers are piled high with toppings. We tend to order extra lettuce and tomato everywhere that we go, but we don't even need to do that here. Cheap food and great eats! Very highly recommended! You'll be able to find the classic Bronx Burgers at 32747 Mound Rd.

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