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Walled Lake, Michigan

is a beautiful place to visit, and an even better place to dine and drink. When you are traveling around this area with Walled Lake limo service, please consider these wonderful establishments that are found in the 48390 zip code!

♦ El Mariachi ♦
El Mariach is without a doubt one of the best places to get a sizzling hot Mexican meal when you are traveling with Walled Lake limousine! They really pile up the plates here with delicious high quality food, and you can even enjoy live guitar music on Friday evenings! It's not mariachi like the name would suggest, but in our opinion it's even better. The al pastor burritos are one of our favorite things on the menu, as well as the tostada al pastor, and we just love their rice and beans. So flavorful and good. They also have wonderful chips and salsa. They have all your favorite Jarritos Mexican pops here, and of course those (especially the tamarind!) pair so well with your meal. Fantastic service too. You can find the classic El Mariachi at 602 N Pontiac Trail.

♦ Bayside Sports Grille ♦
Bayside Sports Grille is just one of those great little sports bars where you can stop in and watch the game and enjoy some really good drinks. We love hanging out on the deck too, enjoying the warm breeze in the summertime along with our ice cold beer. The food is the really big draw here because it is just so delicious. It keeps everyone coming back time and time again. The grilled chicken is so tasty here, and the beer battered chicken fingers are pretty memorable for being such a common item. We really love the reuben sandwiches here too! They have live entertainment on certain nights too, so there is always something to entertain you even if there's not a game on. Bayside Sports Grille can be located at 142 E Walled Lake Dr.

♦ Lulu's Coney Island ♦
When you're on the road with Walled Lake limos, you need to know a reliable, consistent, and inexpensive place to grab a really great breakfast or lunch! Lulu's Coney Island is that place for us. The pancakes are the best thing on the menu as far as we are concerned, followed very closely by those delicious omelettes that everyone loves so much. The portions are just enormous no matter what you order, so you can really fill up or even have enough to split with a friend. The coneys, too, are fantastic! And the crisp fresh salads are in a class of their own. The service is very good here, and we love the comfortable and clean atmosphere. Lulu's Coney Island can be found at 1001 Welch Rd.

♦ Red Robin ♦
Red Robin is one of the very few chain restaurants that we really highly recommend, because of their wonderful juicy burgers! We got hooked on this place because someone suggested that we sign up for the free birthday burger on their website, and once we went in for that, we fell in love. They're really the juiciest burgers that we have ever had at any restaurant, and can only be beat by a homemade burger on an outdoor grill as far as we are concerned! And you've got to be a pretty expert cook to beat these anyway! They also have wonderful salads and entrees, so you have plenty of options when you come here. We love that fun atmosphere with all the red baron decor too! Great for the kids as well. Red Robin is found at 3003 Commerce Crossing.

♦ Sushi Den ♦
Sushi Den is a wonderful place to get your fill of sushi, and best of all the prices are quite moderate and reasonable. They have delicious miso soup and green tea here, both of which are served piping hot which we really appreciate. (We wish that was the case at all the sushi restaurants in the area, but unfortunately it's not!) They have an amazing panko breaded pork loin here, but we've only had it once because our attention is usually stolen by the sushi and sashimi! The spider rolls are one of our favorite things here, and we also really love the spicy salmon crunch roll, as well as the salmon roe nigiri. The udon noodles are also really delicious here, and we love the red bean ice cream for dessert, or the green tea ice cream if you prefer. You'll be able to find Sushi Den at 716 N Pontiac Trl.

♦ Casey's of Walled Lake ♦

Casey's of Walled Lake is a great American style restaurant where you can indulge in a host of your favorite foods, plus they even have a sushi bar! That may sound strange, but they do it so well here that there's no way we could ever complain. That's right -- you can get soups, fish, steak, salads, seafood, and sushi here. Enough said. There's something for everybody. We are huge fans of the caterpillar roll which has shrimp tempura, eel, cucumber, and avocado, nad we also love the futomaki roll with crab, shrimp, eel, spinach, egg, and Japanese squash! If your'e not in the mood for sushi we'd most highly recommend the beer battered fish and chips, or perhaps the ultimate macaroni and cheese which comes complete with bacon, scallions, and grilled chicken breast! You can find Casey's of Walled Lake at 1003 E West Maple Rd.

♦ Nino's Italian Bakery ♦
Nino's Italian Bakery is one of our favorite places to stop in to when are are on the road with Walled Lake limos. They have the very best cannoli and pasties that we have ever had, and of course they also have all of your favorite Italian meats available tooo. You can grab some homemade sub buns and pepperoni loaves and really put together a fantastic lunch for yourself! The price is right and you can't beat the wonderful customer service that you will receive here. It's family owned, and it's totally authentic. You can even have your birthday cakes made here, and we recommend the cherry chip! So fantastic! Nino's Italian Bakery is located at 115 E Walled Lake Dr.

♦ Boon Kai Restaurant ♦
Boon Kai Restaurant is just located in a strip mall, and the atmosphere really isn't much to talk about, so we tend to take advantage of this one for carryout only. The food is so good that we don't mind that limitation at all! The sweet and sour chicken is one of our favorite things here, and the chicken fried rice is just amazing. They have delicious sweet dinner rolls available too, and we always make sure to get some of those. One of the best things about this place is that the prices are so low. You can get a combination plate for about four dollars, or even a seafood dinner for less than twelve! It's hard to find prices this low in this area, so we really appreciate it. Boon Kai Restaurant can be found at 1257 S Commerce Rd.

♦ Tom's Root Beer Stand ♦
Tom's Root Beer Stand is as authentic as it gets! If you are seeking a great drive-in, forget those modern chain restaurants and go with something original like Tom's. It's real old school here, and we just love it. This one used to be an A&W restaurant, but they changed it at some point because the owner wanted to stay open only in the summer. We wish they were open all year round, but we're just glad it's still around, period! The coneys are of course really excellent, and we also love their hamburgers. The root beer is classic, and it comes in a frosted mug unless you ask for a to go cup. Nothing better than a great root beer float to cool you down in the summertime. You are going to be able to find Tom's Root Beer Stand at 725 E Walled Lake Dr.

♦ Picasso of Pizza ♦
Picasso of Pizza is a family owned restaurant that we love to frequent any time we are in the Walled Lake area. We love their specialty pizzas, including Dennis's Favorite which includes marinara, mushrooms, yellow and red peppers, and zucchini. Gail's Favorite is also a must, with a custom blend of cheeses, spinach, garlic, olive oil, and onions! They also have a crab pizza here that includes gorgonzola cheese, and that one is just to die for! They also have delicious gelato here, and our favorite flavors would have to be pistachio, coffee, and chocolate hazelnut. The melon is also a very nice choice for the summer, and they have sugar free low cal raspberry for those who prefer it. You can find Picasso of Pizza at 3384 E West Maple Rd.

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