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Utica, Michigan

offers so many different places to drink and dine, and we wanted to make sure that you have a reliable list of places to enjoy when you are traveling with Utica limo service! Take a look at just a few of our top favorites in the 48315 and 48317 zip codes, and do let us know what you think!

♦ Dave & Buster's ♦
Dave & Buster's is such a popular place to hang out with friends, and it's of course also a really great spot to take your kids! There are all kinds of games to play here, from arcade games and video games to pool tables and more. The food is really good too, and since the dining area is prettty sharp, it also makes for a great date! We enjoy the mixed drinks that they serve here too, and the selection of wine and beer is also very good. We love the build your own burrito option on the menu, and we opt for that almost every time because it's a little fresher and healthier than the other options. However, everything is good, and if you love greasy goodness, they have a ton of that for you here! You will be able to find Dave & Buster's at 45511 Park Ave.

♦ Tivoli's Wood Brick Oven Pizzeria ♦
When you find yourself traveling with Utica limousine and you want a really mean pizza, you have got to check out Tivoli's Wood Brick Oven Pizzeria. They have the best thin crusts you are going to experience around, and they really pile them up with the highest quality ingredients possible. You can get a couple of slices of pizza and a drink for less than five dollars, and how many other places offer a lunch that cheap that's also so high in quality? The tiramisu is really essential for dessert here, and we love the fact that there's ground coffee bean sprinkled on the top. Much more authentic and flavorful than you will find elsewhere in this area. Really fantastic stuff here! And very highly recommended. You can find Tivoli's Wood Brick Oven Pizzeria at 45257 Van Dyke Ave.

♦ Buca di Beppo ♦
Buca di Beppo is a really fantastic Italian restaurant where you can enjoy family style meals with your loved ones! You can opt to just treat them as enormous individual portions if you prefer too, but you will certainly be bringing a ton of food home with you if that's the case! Either way it's a win-win situation. We love the ambiance here, with the richly decorated walls and the almost kitschy feeling that the knick knacks and decor provide. They have a full bar here too, and it's so nice to have a martini or a fine glass of wine with an already amazing meal. The service is always fantastic, and they can cater to large groups. They can definitely accommodate you very easily here. Buca di Beppo can be located at 12575 Hall Rd.

♦ La Palapa Mexican Restaurant ♦
A great place for Mexican food in Utica is La Palapa Mexican Restaurant! We are absolutely hooked on their fresh guacamole, and a few selections from their offerings we would include are the chimichangas, the burritos, and the shredded beef tacos with fresh onions and cilantro! So good! We also enjoy the chicken taquitos very much. For dessert they are strong with a crazy rich leche cake, and we make sure to get that every single time. Of course they start the meal off with warm chips and salsa, and you can bet your bottom dollar that it's fantastic! The environment is casual but very pleasing to the eye, and we really enjoy the friendly old fashioned service too. You can find the wonderful La Palapa Mexican Restaurant at 8791 Hall Rd.

♦ Red Ox Tavern ♦
Red Ox Tavern sounds like an old bar and grille by the name, but in actuality it's a fresh modern sports bar! We love coming here to watch the NFL games on one of their many televisions, and of course while we're doing that we love to indulge in the delicious cajun steak salad with spicy ranch, or a roast beef panini sandwich that just blows all others out of the water! They have deep fried pickles too, which everybody goes wild for, and speaking of that roast beef sandwich you will really go crazy for the au jus dip that comes with it! This kind of flavor is hard to come by in a sports bar, so it's even more appreciated here. Great service provided by the fine folks that the customers just love. You can find the Red Ox Tavern at 45411 Park Ave.

♦ Azteca's ♦

It's true that there are many great Mexican restaurants in Utica, and Azteca's makes our list of top favorites. The fish tacos are the big draw, at least during the summer months, they are so fresh. We love the sauce that they put on them, and it's homemade and just so fresh. They also have tacos de carne asada have such a complex yet clean taste, and what makes them so super flavorful is the delicious fresh cilantro! The decor isn't much to talk about, but that's actually part of the charm here, because it's not one of those overdone restaurants with all the kitschy decor. They keep it basic here and we appreciate it. If you need some assistance choosing wonderful to eat your waitress will be a great help to you! Azteca's can be found at 45581 Mound Rd.

♦ Biggby Coffee ♦
Biggby Coffee is our early morning stop when traveling with Utica limos, because when it comes to caffeine delivery they have the tastiest around! It's true that the drinks are a bit more expensive here than at that "other" coffee shop that everybody frequents, but we think it's worth it because the flavors are just that much sweeter and more delicious. They have all kinds of interesting drinks with names like Honey Bear and Cocoa Bear, and they really are just as good and as heartwarming as they sound. There's nothing better than stopping in on a cold winter day to warm your soul with one of those great cappucccino drinks. There's plenty of comfortable seating inside, and it's really a very relaxed and homey atmosphere too. Great staff that really knows what they're doing makes all the difference too! You can locate Biggby Coffee at 8771 Hall Rd.

♦ National Coney Island ♦
Of course everybody loves National Coney Island and we would put it near the top of our list in terms of favorites when traveling with Utica limo service! It's one of the places that stays open late into the night, so it's a great option after everything else has closed. We of course love the coney dogs here, and there's nothing better than pairing a draft beer with a couple of those dogs! Now that's what we are talkin' about! The lemon soup is also really a great item to pair with just about anything on the menu, and we enjoy their fresh salads and sandwiches too. You will be hard pressed to find more reasonably priced meals in the area, so if you're looking to save some dough, this is the perfect option for you! National Coney Island can be found ta 45221 Utica Park Blvd.

♦ Champps Entertainment ♦
Champps Entertainment is everybody's favorite spot to watch the game, enjoy some drinks, and have a great meal in Utica. We're big fans of the signature Champps cheeseburger with bacon and waffle fries, but you really will be happy with the menu at large. They have just about everything here, from delicious appetizers, soups, and salads, to mouth wateringly good pastas and sandwiches. The desserts are also noteworrthy, and theirs seasonal items are always worth checking out. Try the shrimp with clam sauce over summer squash, it's fantastic! And the roasted artichoke and grilled chicken penne is also a memorable dish. They've got Stella Artois here, which definitely makes us happy. You can find the one and only Champps Entertainment at 12515 Hall Rd.

♦ Savory Grill ♦
Savory Grill is a wonderful place to dine when you are traveling with Utica limousine, and we would very highly recommend it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! The fare is pretty much standard diner style, but they do it very, very well. For breakfast we love all of the options that come with eggs and meat, and their hash browns, served up golden brown and crispy. Their omelettes are really huge and delicious, and we have also enjoyed the Belgian waffles several times. Piled high with blueberries, it's hard to imagine a better breakfast than this! We also love their thick delicious bacon that's cooked up just perfectly. Savory Grill can be found at 45288 Van Dyke Ave.

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