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Trenton, Michigan

is one of the lesser known cities in the downriver area, and yet it has some of the very best restaurants and bars! Everyone who lives around here knows it, and they keep these restaurants buzzing with plenty of traffic. You can find all of the below bars and restaurants in the 48183 zip code, and they are highly recommended whenever you are traveling with Trenton limo service.

♦ TV's Deli & Diner ♦
TV's Deli & Diner is one of our favorite restaurants to visit whenever we are in the downriver area, and we hope that when you are traveling with Trenton limousine that you'll think of visiting this place too. This is basically upscale comfort food at its very best! The lobster bisque is our favorite thing on the menu, and it has tons of lobster meat in it. Even at the fancier restaurants you're unlikely to find that. Note that it's only available on Saturdays. They also have lobster rolls on Fridays. The pot roast and peasant soup are two of our other favorites, and for dessert you can't go wrong with the hot fudge ice cream brownie with walnuts! So delish. They recently started serving breakfast too, and they even have mimosas! Very nice. You'll be able to find TV's Deli & Diner at 2441 Fort St.

♦ Sibley Gardens ♦
Sibley Gardens is a really beloved restaurant in Trenton, especially for romantic dates and nights out celebrating the bigger moments in life. We love the old fashioned round booths that they have here, and that retro ambiance that is just too hard to find nowadays. Their house salads are very good, and we love their steaks and steak sandwiches, as well as their delicious french onion soup. They have live music here on certain nights, and it's a great jazzy bluesy feel, just as deliciously retro as the restaurant itself. We love this family run restaurant and we are certain that you will too. Be sure to check this one out when you are traveling with Trenton limos. Sibley Gardens is located in its old familiar location at 916 W Jefferson Ave.

♦ Shong Hey Restaurant ♦
Shong Hey Restaurant has been around for many decades, and when you are in the mood for some fantastic Chinese food in Trenton, you just can't go wrong with this place. We love the casual and comfortable atmosphere here, and the service is really wonderful too. Our favorite items on the menu are the almond chicken, the fried shrimp, the sweet and sour chicken, and the won ton soup! The yang chow fried rice is also a really standout item, and the egg rolls are just perfect with that delicious sweet and spicy mustard sauce. One of the few places in the area that has something other than plum sauce! The quality never changes, and that's why we recommend this place so highly. Shong Hey Restaurant can be found at 3480 West Rd.

♦ Amigo's Mexican Restaurant ♦
Amigo's Mexican Restaurant is really reliable for fantastic Mexican food in Trenton! The ambiance isn't much to talk about, and in fact they could use some repairs and renovation, but we do recommend this place especially for carryout. The food is quite authentic, at least for the downriver area, and it really is very good! We love the enchiladas and the tacos the best, and you can never go wrong with a delicious burrito. The lunch prices are some of the lowest that you'll find, adn that makes it a very popular spot during the midday rush. We love that the food comes out so quickly and it's always served piping hot. You'll be able to find Amigo's Mexican Restaurant at 22085 West Rd.

♦ Mom's Restaurant ♦
Mom's Restaurant is one of the restaurants that we discovered most recently during our travels with Trenton limo service, and we are just addicted to the quality of the food here! Their mission is to provide their customers with the best homemade meals, hence the name, and believe us when we say that they do it very well! We especially enjoy their banana walnut cinnamon oatmeal, and the grilled chicken greek salad is a very healthy item that we have enjoyed many times. The Michigan salad is really good, and we are especially big fans of the Maurice salad. Great delmonico steak sandwiches too! They have a banquet room here, so we very highly recommend it for your private events and bigger celebrations. Mom's Restaurant can be found at 2691 Fort St.

♦ Savannah's ♦

Savannah's is located in an old house on Jefferson Ave, and we just love the style of this charming steakhouse style restaurant. It's true that it's more expensive than most other places in the area, but it's perfect for special occasions or days when you've got money to blow! It's definitely worth it. We really love the french onion soup, and the sirloin steak is a favorite choice too. If you are a seafood lover, you can't go wrong with the grouper. Many people have their wedding rehearsal dinners here and other private events, and it's certainly a great place to do so. You'd be hard pressed to find a nicer restaurant in this area, and it definitely makes a big impression. Savannah's can be found at 2156 W Jefferson Ave.

♦ Jersey Giant Submarine ♦
If you are a lover of submarine sandwiches, you have got to check out Jersey Giant Submarine! The prices are higher than most of the sub shops around, but the portions are bigger (think these are 12 inch subs? think again, they're 15 inchers!), and the quality is noticably much higher! The meat is sliced fresh for your sandwich, and the bread is so delicious. We love that they have hot giardiniera to put on your sub, and it only costs fifty cents extra at the time of this writing. We like the fact that they cut the sub into four sections, so you can take it and share it with your friends or just break it up into two to four meals for yourself depending on your appetite! You will be able to find Jersey Giant Submarine at 23112 Allen Rd.

♦ George's Family Restaurant ♦
George's Family Restaurant is one of our favorite places to go in Trenton for breakfast. The exterior holds no hint of the cozy atmosphere that you'll find inside, but once you walk in and get a sense of the way things are run here, you'll understand the old fashioned quality that keeps people coming back time and time again. The homerun breakfast is the best value, less than five dollars for eggs, toast, hashbrowns, ham, bacon, and sausage! That's a real winner to say the least, and that price is just incredible. Note that they do not accept credit cards here, so you'll want to make a quick stop at the ATM before you come in. You can find George's Family Restaurant at 1721 West Rd.

♦ Stevi B's Pizza Buffet ♦
If you are a pizza lover, you will go wild at the idea of all the delicious pizza that you'll have access to at Stevi B's Pizza Buffet! This is one of the newer installations in the downriver area, and everybody really loves it. They keep the restaurant super clean, and there are plenty of televisions so you can watch the game or whatever's on at the moment. They have tons of different pizzas here, including all your standard favorites, plus macaroni and cheese pizza, baked potato pizza, and alfredo pizza. Then they also have the desserts like apple cinnamon and marshmallow chocolate syrup... Everything that they serve here is pure comfort food as far as we are concerned. We love the fact that they have a birthday room available for your kids parties too. There's also a game room here! You can find Stevi B's Pizza Buffet at 19135 West Rd.

♦ Cafe West ♦
Cafe West is a true taste of the tropics, with so many delicious kinds of fish that any seafood lover will simply fall in love with this place. It's not very big here, rather more intimate and cozy, and you can choose to sit at a table, a booth, or even at the bar. We love the sirloin steak caesar salads here because they make their own dressing on the premises, and they have a very nice selection of wine for you to choose from too. We are big fans of the conch chowder, and they also have a very good crab bisque that's worth trying. Really good crab cakes too, and we really love their dessert tray! The prices here are moderate to high, but very much worth it. You can find Cafe West at 2775 W Jefferson Ave.

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