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Tecumseh, Michigan

has a surprising number of great restaurants, and we thought we'd make a list of the best ones (in our opinion!) so that you can refer to the list when you are on the road with Tecumseh limo service. Take a look at a few of our favorites in the 49286 zip code!

♦ Evans Street Station ♦
Evans Street Station is a fabulous restaurant where you can enjoy a very classy and uspcale meal along with a really great bottle of wine. Wednesdays are the best time to come in if you want to save a few dollars, because that's the night that they have half off bottles of wine. The ingredients here are fresh from the farm, so it's a very green dining experience, and best of all the chefs really know how to whip those fresh ingedients into something special for you. We love the steaks with the wine sauce. The really interesting thing about this place is that it's located within a renovated fire station, so it's a very exciting ambiance and just a fun place to dine. Very high end, and very much worth the price! Evans Street Station can be found at 110 S Evans St.

♦ Basil Boys ♦
Basil Boys is a more affordable option than the aforementioned restaurant, and we absolutely love the delicious pizzas and the fantastic breadsticks that are served at this pizzeria. They also have wonderful pizza bread, and stromboli that will really get your mouth watering. The great thing is that the quality of this restaurant has never changed as the years have gone by. It's the same high quality service, the same lovely atmosphere, and the same perfect ingredients that make up the perfect meal. They serve beer and wine here, so you can have your favorite drink alongside your pizza, and it's just as great for dine-in as it is for carryout and delivery. The price is moderate and affordable, and the entire experience is just a very pleasant one. You'll be able to find the wonderful Basil Boys at 125 W Chicago Blvd.

♦ Brownies House of Pizza ♦
Brownies House of Pizza is often mentioned as the favorite pizza of Tecumseh, and we'd say it's ours too. We like the parts of the menu that have a Mexican slant, like the tacos on Tuesdays, and the taco pizza too! That's a thick crust heaven of a pizza, and we just cannot get enough of it. All of the locals keep this place pretty packed, so no matter what time of day you come in, you'll be walking into a full house of very happy customers. They also have carryout and delivery, and you can't go wrong with that when you want to beat the crowds. We love the casual and intimate ambiance, and that makes it nice for relaxed dates too. You can find Brownies House of Pizza at 1002 W Chicago Blvd.

♦ Sal's italian Restaurant & Pizzeria ♦
We hear you, we hear you -- you're asking if we're really going to do another Italian restaurant, all in a row? And yes, we are. Because they're all top notch and totally worth including on this list of great restaurants in this city. When you are traveling with Tecumseh limousine, you cannot go wrong with a delicious pizza and order of breadsticks from Sal's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria. Of course it's not just the pizza that's good here. You can also indulge in all of their delicious pastas, and you will not regret that at all! They're all fantastic. It's very intimate and comfortable here, and you'll love the fact that they have a full bar too. Be sure to check out Sal's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria at 1400 W Chicago Blvd.

♦ Big Boy Restaurant ♦
Of course everybody loves Big Boy Restaurants, and this one in Tecumseh is no exception. Of course when you are traveling with Tecumseh limos, this is a really convenient stop for you and your friends, and there's more than enough room for everybody to pile in and enjoy the soup and salad bar, the desserts, the sandwiches, and the entrees! They have pretty much anything you could ever want here, if you're not already familiar with the menu. Our favorite sandwiches are the big boy and the slim jim, and we love it when they have those beyond the bun chicken sandwiches. Everything is superbly fresh and delicious here, and the service is really great too. Great place for breakfast too! You will be able to find this Big Boy's location at 2701 E Monroe Rd.

♦ Little Caesars Pizza ♦

Little Caesars Pizza is perhaps best known for their hot and ready pizzas now, and we have to admit that those five dollar pizzas are pretty convenient when you are in a rush and aren't sure what everybody in your party wants to eat! There's really nothing quicker or cheaper than that! Of course they still have their made to order pizzas, and they are really great, especially the green pepper and onion pizzas. There's just something about the cheese at this location that is so much better than what you'll find at their other locations. And the crust and sauce is just so delicious. We love the pan pizzas here too! You can find Little Caesars Pizza at 121 Herrick Park Dr.

♦ The Daily Grind ♦
The Daily Grind is a really great place to have coffee and a delicious meal. We love the sandwiches and the quiche, and they also have a really great array of baked goods that you will certainly enjoy. The sourdough toast is one of our favorite things, and we also love the raspberry french soda. The ambiance here is very comfortable and relaxed, and we especially love the super friendly waitstaff that tends to your every need here. They keep the sparkling clean, and with such a huge selection of food and drinks to enjoy, we can't imagine why you wouldn't love this place just as much as we do. You can find The Daily Grind at 139 E Chicago Blvd.

♦ New China Buffet ♦
A lot of people are put off by the idea of dining at a buffet, but we love this one for a quick lunch that is affordable and really fresh and delicious. You can have a huge array of Chinese delicacies here while only paying one low price, and they always make sure that the food is fresh and kept hot. They refill the trays as often as is necessary, and they don't fill them up too high so that the food has to stay out there too long. The staff is also really quick to bring you a refill on your drink and to wipe up the tables when the guests leave. Much better service here than at most buffets that we have visited. New China Buffet can be found at 1207 W Chicago Blvd.

♦ Oriental Sizzling ♦
Oriental Sizzling is a really popular Chinese restaurant in the area, and everybody loves it. The ingredients are all so fresh, and the food is much more authentic than you will find at any other Chinese restaurant in the area. Even the general tso's is just so fantastic, even addictively good. We love the fact that the prices are so low here, and that the service and atmosphere is so good. They have very unique sauces that you will not find elsewhere, and just the quality of everything is noticably better. We've dined here many times over the years and feel very comfortable recommending it to you so highly. You can find Oriental Sizzling at 1426 W Chicago Blvd.

♦ Fox's Pizza Den ♦
Fox's Pizza Den is one of our favorite places to eat when we are in the Tecumseh area, because they have such a huge array of delicious food to choose from. We love their bacon cheddar wedge fries, and the garlic parmesan wings are just so mouth wateringly good. They have a great steak fry salad that everybody loves, and we especially enjoy the buttermilk ranch and bleu cheese here. You can't go wrong with a beef and cheddar hoagie or a pizzaroni wedgie, and even the strombolis are just so delicious! As far as the pizzas go, we'd most highly recommend the steak rancher or the chicken rancher, and the barbecue chicken is also a really great choice! Fox's Pizza Den is located at 1441 W Chicago Blvd.

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