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Taylor, Michigan

...in the downriver area, Southgate steals most of the restaurant glory with its many wonderful dining establishments, but don't overlook the adjacent city of Taylor! There are so many fantastic places to dine within the 48180 zip code. Be sure to check some of these out next time you are traveling with Taylor limo service.

♦ O'Samurai Japanese Steakhouse ♦
O'Samurai Japanese Steakhouse is brought to you by the same people that bring you Black Pine Tree sushi restaurant in nearby Southgate, so you know it's got to be good! We have dined many times at both locations, and we'd say the biggest difference is that O'Samurai is a little bit more expensive and the ambiance is considerably more upscale, even though it's just located in a strip mall like the aforementioned restaurant. We absolutely love everything on the menu, including the delicious spicy tuna rolls, the salmon avocado roll, and the sunflower roll. If you love chicken katsu, it's really excellent here. And of course we love the teppanyaki section of the restaurant for both the delicious food and the entertainment! O'Samurai Japanese Steakhouse can be found at 23471 Eureka Rd.

♦ Pete's Place ♦
Pete's Place is one of the most often recommended restaurants in the downriver area, especially when you are traveling with Taylor limousine. They have won so many awards, and there's no question why. We love coming in for breakfast the most, and we also love the homemade potato chips, the fantastic reuben sandwiches, and of course the delicious breaded pork chops! This is not just a restaurant, but also a coffee shop, and you can enjoy fabulous lattes and cappuccinos here any time of day. The service is good but can sometimes be a bit slow. Other than that, this is a truly stellar restaurant as far as we are concerned! You can find Pete's Place very conveniently at 12245 Telegraph Rd.

♦ Texas Roadhouse ♦
Texas Roadhouse is one of the newer chain restaurants in Taylor, and though we don't normally recommend chain restaurants, we do recommend this one! We love the steaks here, and best of all they have those fabulous deep fried pickles that everybody loves so much! They also have rattlesnake bites which are all too hard to find elsewhere. The ambiance here is very Texas, and very comfortable! And they keep it super clean here too. We'd put this place so far above the other steakhouses in the area, and that really says a lot. The prices are not bad, especially when you consider the high quality of the food. Also be sure to try the barbecue sandwich with steak fries, because it's very good and one of our favorite lunch items! Texas Roadhouse is found at 14660 Pardee Rd.

♦ Malek Al Kabob ♦
Malek Al Kabob is one of the most beloved restaurants in Taylor, and that says a lot considering the fact that it's relatively new to the area! This is not a chain restaurant, it is run by Malek himself, and you simply will not find better Lebanese food than this anywhere. Not even in Dearborn which is known for its great Mediterranean restaurants! It doesn't look like much from the outside, but it's very nice inside though it's a bit small, really beautiful decor and comfy booths to sit in! Our favorite thing on the menu is the whole chicken with rice, and we always order some tabouli and hommous alongside that. You won't believe the huge quantity of food that you recieve here! Great swordfish too, and all of the ghallabas are highly recommended. Malek Al Kabob can be found at 22371 Goddard Rd.

♦ Key West Coffee and Cafe ♦
Key West Coffee and Cafe is one of the newer restaurants in the area, and we think it's just perfect when you are traveling with Taylor limousine. We love the fact that they have such excellent cappuccinos and lattes here, and we also enjoy indulging in their fantastic pizza (it's close to a thin crust without officially being one). They have fantastic hamburgers and gyros, and we especially enjoy their margaritas! You'll want to hang out on the outdoor patio during warm summer evenings, enjoying your beer or margarita and having a great time with your friends. We love the beachy vibe and the palm trees! Key West Coffee and Cafe can be found at 12995 Telegraph Rd.

♦ Matador Restaurant ♦

Matador Restuarant is your place for delicious Mexican food in the Taylor area! We love all of the seafood dishes the best, and the cheese enchiladas are also really wonderful. We find it really interesting that they use parmesan on some of the food here, which is of course an Italian touch, making this a bit more fusion than they intend to be! But we like it. The chips and salsa are some of the best that we have ever had, and we really love the margaritas here. Very fresh and flavorful, even thirst quenching! The botanas and the tacos are both really great too. Great restaurant for dates, going out with friends, and even families with kids. Just an all around fabulous place to relax with a great meal. Matador Restaurant is located at 26747 Van Born Rd.

♦ Pia's ♦
Pia's is a really beloved restaurant, and it's been here for as many years as we can remember! We're not sure of the exact date that they were established, but we have heard it's been many decades. The pizzas are one of the things they are known for, but we personally always come in for the gnocchi with alfredo sauce. There's just nothing better than that! The eggplant parmesan is also something that people really love, and the chicken marsala is noteworthy too. The ambiance is just fantastic here, with nice low lighting for romantic dates, and a jukebox for your entertainment! There's a full bar too, so you can enjoy some drinks after your meal and really relax in the great atmosphere. Everybody loves this place and we're certain that you will too. Pia's can be found at 21142 Ecorse Rd.

♦ La Hacienda ♦
La Hacienda is another fabulous Mexican restaurant in the area, and we would very highly recommend it to you when you are traveling with Taylor limos. The wet burrito is just fantastic here, and all the vegetarians that we know love to opt for the vegetarian dinner. They also have cheese enchiladas that will really make yourmouth water! The chips and salsa are incredibly good here, and the Spanish rice and beans are top notch. The perfect complement to every meal. No matter how many people pack this place, it never feels too crowded, and it's always super comfortable and relaxed. Very nice ambiance, full bar, and low prices! Enough said. La Hacienda is found at 20335 Van Born Rd.

♦ Leo's Coney Island ♦
Leo's Coney Island has been a beloved place to dine in this area for so many years. When you're in Taylor and going out for breakfast, nine times out of ten you'll hear someone say, "How about Leo's?" We actually tend to come here for lunch more often, and that's because of the wonderful chicken lemon rice soup, the spinach Greek salads, the chicken gyros, and the coney dogs! We pretty much rotate through those items every time we come here, because they're our favorites and we just can't seem to order anything else! But our friends vouch for the fact that everything else on the menu is just as good as all of that! This is one of the most well kept coney islands in the area, so we very highly recommend it to you! Leo's Coney Island is located at 9845 Telegraph Rd.

♦ New Hong Kong ♦
New Hong Kong is often mentioned as a favorite Chinese restaurant in the downriver area, and once you give it a try you will understand why. They use only the highest quality ingredients here, and that really makes all the difference. The sesame chicken is very unique here, with a sweeter flavor than you will find elsewhere, and we really enjoy that. They have great general tso's chicken too, and wonderful tofu with garlic sauce for the vegetarian crowd. If you love crab rangoon as much as we do, you'll find that theirs is very good. All of the noodle dishes are superb here, so be sure to give them a try! They do use MSG here but you can request to have it left out, and we always do. Really good stuff here, and very cheap too! New Hong Kong can be found at 8695 Telegraph Rd.

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