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Sylvan Lake, Michigan

is located in Oakland County, and its zip code is 48320. There are so many excellent restaurants within the city, and you can absolutely find everything you could want right there in the downtown area and never need to travel to any neighboring cities unless you wanted to. Here are our favorites, all within Sylvan Lake, that we hope you'll enjoy when you're traveling with us, Limo Detroit!

♦ Pastries by Ellen ♦
Pastries by Ellen is in our opinion one of the best places in the world to get pastries, and lucky for us, it's right here in Sylvan Lake. They're open until 4:00 PM every day except Sunday, when they're closed all day. If you need cakes or pastries for any type of event, this is the place that you want to call. They will even hand deliver it to your home or whatever venue you have chosen for your event. Beyond the pastries and cakes, they also have delicious breakfasts and lunches that are really worth stopping in for! They've even got Christmas dinners, complete with twelve pound turkeys and all the fixings! Truly a unique place that is worth getting familiar with! Pastries by Ellen can be found at 2495 Orchard Lake Rd right here in Sylvan Lake.

♦ Italia Fresca ♦
Italia Fresca is an incredible Italian restaurants around, and the wonderfully bright and cheery ambiance really sets it apart from all the Italian restaurants out there that look exactly the same. The stuffed risotto and gnocchi with mushrooms are two unforgettibly good dishes, and we have always found them to be so delicious and full of flavor. They've got a wine bar here too, so if you are a bit of a sommelier or just someone who enjoys wine on occasion, you may want to check out their wonderful reds and whites. What else could pair so sweetly (or so dryly) with your meal? Italia Fresca is found at 2440 Orchard Lake Rd right here in Sylvan Lake!

♦ KFC ♦
If you're in need of a quick stop, maybe a drive-thru run while you're traveling with Limo Detroit, why not some old fashioned Kentucky Fried Chicken? Or KFC as it's been rebranded in recent years. We have always enjoyed this location because the staff that works there is so friendly, and that makes everything so much better when you're used to nothing but grumpy fast food workers! Their cole slaw is the greatest, and we love their extra crispy chicken as well as their spicier offerings and sandwiches. Always great for picnics and other outings, and such a quick pick-up! KFC can be found at 2100 Orchard Lake Rd right here in Sylvan Lake.

♦ Tomato Kitchen ♦
Tomato Kitchen is really outstanding with some delicious subs and pizza! Their meatball subs are simply extraordinary, really packed with tons of meatballs, just the perfect amount of sauce, and they serve them on the softest and most delicious sub buns. They've got fresh salads available too, and our favorite is probably the antipasto. Everything is super fresh and delicious, and the salads really pair so well with either the subs or the pizzas. Note that this is a pretty busy spot in town, so you'll want to call your order in ahead of time. Very highly recommended! You'll be able to find Tomato Kitchen right here in Sylvan Lake at 2530 Orchard Lake Rd.

♦ Fran's Family Dining and Catering ♦
Fran's Family Dining and Catering is where you want to be for the taste of delicious American food. The coffee is great here, and we particularly recommend the restaurant for breakfast. The prices are a little bit higher than those at comparable restaurants in town, but we feel that the level of service and the pleasant ambiance makes it worth it. Use your own judgement and base it on your budget! The catering, too, is spectacular, and very convenient for all of your events in this area! If you want to know where to find Fran's Family Dining and Catering, you will locate them right here in Sylvan Lake at 2650 Orchard Lake Rd. Very highly recommended!

♦ Bellacino's Pizza & Grinders ♦

We are certainly lovers of great pizzas and grinders, and if you are too, you smily must do yourself a favor and check out Bellacino's Pizza & Grinders! You know, we have been fans of this local chain for a long long time now. They use Samuel Mancino's recipes here, and we think that's what makes the biggest difference. Also, the staff is super friendly and they are quick to go above and beyond to ensure everything is 100 percent top notch! Our favorite thing here is the A1 Bomber, and the Italian grinders are also amazing. There's plenty of room to eat here, and a great flat-screen TV too! Bellacino's Pizza & Grinders can be found at 2465 Orchard Lake Rd right here in Sylvan Lake.

♦ China Express ♦
China Express is just a tiny carryout restaurant, but when you're traveling with Limo Detroit, it's perfect. If you want to just grab some delicious Chinese cuisine to take with you, then you have found your spot! Everybody loves the food here, and since it's typically ready in less than ten minutes, it's faster than most fast food! The Szechuan beef combo is worth getting a quart of, and we love to order it spicy. They really give you a huge amount of food here, so you can fill up, or even split it with someone else if you like! You'll be able to find the one and only China Express at 2458 Orchard Lake Rd right here in the city of Sylvan Lake.

♦ McDonald's ♦
McDonald's is always a great option if you're craving a classic Big Mac or maybe a Quarter Pounder, or maybe you'd rather opt for one of their newer "premium" selections like their grilled or crispy chicken sandwiches, their delicious salads, or their McCafe items such as caramel mochas and special hot chocolates. They've even got some gooey melty brownies nowadays that you'll love — if you haven't gone through the Mickey D's drive-thru in a while, pay attention to the new items on the menu and check 'em out! McDonald's can be found at 2234 Orchard Lake Rd right here in Sylvan Lake.

♦ The Lodge at Orchard Lake♦
The Lodge at Orchard Lake is a place we always look forward to eating at, just packed with high quality choices on their extensive menu, and with such a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. It's got a definite hunting lodge feel to it, which we appreciate, being lovers of all things rustic! And the food choices are classic and delicious. We love the steaks and seafood, and their soups and salads are delicious too. They've got a great array of beer and wine to choose from as well, so you can not only have a delicious meal but you can kick back and enjoy some drinks with your special somebody. The Lodge at Orchard Lake is located at 2442 Orchard Lake Rd right here in Sylvan Lake.

♦ Burger King ♦
Nothing special about this suggestion for fast food in this area is Burger King. The home of the Whopper has been getting it right for so many decades now, and things just keep getting better. If you haven't been there in a few years, try their new fries, and notice that their grilled chicken sandwiches are served on a much more premium artisan bun. They've got some new additions to their ice cream and dessert menu as well, and of course you can always get a Coke or Cherry Icee which is a great treat when you're sweltering in those hot summer months! Burger King may be found at 2140 Orchard Lake Rd here in Sylvan Lake!

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