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Sumpter, Michigan

is located within Wayne County, and when you find yourself in this area you will want to know where the best places to drink and dine are! You'll primarily rely on the nearby cities of Belleville and Willis for your dining and entertainment needs, and here are just a few of our top favorites in this area, all within the zip code of 48111 and 48191. Please enjoy!

♦ Mike's Red Apple Restaurant ♦
Mike's Red Apple Restaurant is a cozy family diner, family-run (always a perk!), and very popular among all the locals. They've got a nice large menu here, so just because you're in a small town you won't be stuck with a small menu. If you come in on a regular basis you'll start to get to know the staff, because unlike the big city restaurants, they tend to stick around and don't get swapped out for new waitresses every few months! Our favorite things here are the American home cooked favorites and the delicious Mediterranean and Greek treats. The breakfasts are cheap and always great! You can find Mike's Red Apple Restaurant at 60 Main Street in nearby Belleville.

♦ Brown Bag Deli ♦
Brown Bag Deli is a cute little delicatessen where you can get the very best sandwiches in nearby Belleville! But really, what they are best at is their soul food and barbecued items. We especially enjoy their southern style ham hocks, their macaroni and cheese, and their rib dinners. Their barbecue sauce is delectably good here, and we also love the smoky scent and flavor of their delicious baked beans. Do not skip the gumbo or the wings, because they are both so great! You won't believe the low prices here, and when you compare that to the high quality food that you receive, it really is an amazing deal. You can find Brown Bag Deli at 562 Main St in nearby Belleville.

♦ Dos Pesos Restaurant ♦
Dos Pesos Mexican Restaurant is pretty much your only option for Mexican food in the Sumpter and Belleville area, but you won't have any room to complain about that, because it's fantastic! Many have compared the food to the best Mexican restaurants in Detroit's Mexicantown, and that says a whole lot. They've got wonderful guacamole that's full of avocado chunks and light on the lime, and they use jicama as a garnish here which is a very nice touch. We have not seen that at many local restaurants. The Mexican sandwich is one of our favorite things here, and we also love the fajitas. You can find Dos Pesos Mexican Restaurant at 11800 Belleville Rd in nearby Belleville!

♦ China City ♦
If you're craving delicious Chinese food in the Sumpter/Belleville area, you cannot go wrong with a visit to China City. This is primarily a takeout and delivery restaurant, but they do have a couple of tables here if you decide to dine in. Their meals are very affordable either for lunch or dinner, and they give you a nice large portion too. If you like your food spicy, note that they tend to be a bit on the mild side here, but the flavor is excellent. Everything is super consistent at this restaurant, from the food to the high quality service. You will be able to find China City at 11716 Belleville Road in nearby Belleville.

♦ Bone Heads Bar-B-Que ♦
Bone Heads Bar-B-Que is actually found in nearby Willis, within easy driving distance of the Sumpter area. We love coming here for great barbecue any day of the week, and they've got a full bar too! The rib platter is the essential as far as we are concerned, and they also have a really excellent barbecue salad with pulled chicken. So tasty! You'll love the contrast of the spicy barbecue sauce with their crisp cool cole slaw, and we also recommend the garlic mashed potatoes or the macaroni and cheese as delicious sides. Note that it's not just barbecued items here. You can also get a great Michigan beer while you're here, and that is never a bad thing. You can find Bone Heads Bar-B-Que at 10256 Willis Rd in nearby Willis.

♦ Denny's ♦

The Denny's is of course your go-to late night essential. After the bars have closed, or before other restaurants have even thought of opening up for breakfast, there is Denny's to save the day. This location in nearby Belleville is no exception. There are better choices for a truly gourmet breakfast, lunch, or dinner in this area, but if you're looking for a 24/7 establishment to take care of that 24/7 appetite, this is definitely the one. Note that they stop serving soup at 10:00 PM at this location, so if you're jonesing for a good cup of soup, get there early! You can find this Denny's location at 2033 Rawsonville Road in nearby Belleville. A true classic.

♦ Applebee's ♦
Applebee's, like the previous restaurant, is not exactly what we'd call gourmet, but it does the trick when you want to dine with friends in a cozy and lively setting that won't break the bank. They've got a plentiful menu that covers a broad range of tastes, and we are big fans of all the specials that come and go with the seasons. Especially their pasta! It's always great. They've got a tequila lime chicken that we can never get enough of, and the ribs are very good too. It's also a nice place to grab a couple of drinks and enjoy sitting by the bar with your friends. If you're in a rush, or traveling with Limo Detroit, don't overlook the Curbside to Go pickup option. You can find this Applebee's location at 10526 Belleville Road in nearby Belleville.

♦ Spirits ♦
Spirits is our top choice for wine and spirits in the Sumpter and Belleville area. Of course there's not much to choose from in a "small town" type of area like this, so this newly-opened bar and restaurant is definitely making a big splash. They've got a bit of a Native American slant to the menu here, which is a nice touch, and a lot of unusual options such as bison burgers on Texas toast. As far as the beer selection goes, it's very extensive. They've also got great martinis (if you like them dirty like we do, you'll love theirs) and a very impressive selection of spirits. They even have valet parking here. If you're looking for something a bit more upscale and brand new in the Sumpter area, try Spirits at 2111 Rawsonville Road in nearby Belleville.

♦ Beirut La Pita♦
Did you think you had to drive all the way out to Dearborn or Detroit for some great Middle Eastern food? Think again. Beirut La Pita is located right here in nearby Belleville, just a quick drive from Sumpter. Everything on the menu is so good, including their chicken and their shish kabobs, and we're big fans of their salads as well as their tabouli and hommous. Their chicken shwarma lunch special is a great way to fill up on some really yummy food without breaking the bank, and we like the fact that they can do them rolled up burrito-style or just serve them open-faced. This is just a tiny little restaurant, but there's room to dine in if you like. You can find Beirut La Pita at 11748 Belleville Rd in nearby Belleville.

♦ Bayou Grill ♦
Bayou Grill is a great option for you in Sumpter/Belleville, because where else are you going to find the delicious combination of French food and soul food? It's like you took a trip down to Louisiana without even leaving Wayne County. Their lunch specials are amazingly affordable, and you just won't find flavor like this anywhere else. Their half pound burgers for five bucks are a steal, and they are so delicious and perfectly cooked! They've got muffaletta sandwiches here too, which needless to say, are very hard to find! Really great flavor. Don't miss the red beans and rice with andouille sausage! Everything is excellent here! You can find Bayou Grill at 404 Main Street in nearby Belleville! One of our highest recommendations!

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