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Summit, Michigan

is located in Jackson County, and when you visit this area you'll mostly be relying on the nearby city of Pentwater and its bars and restaurants. We've put together a small list of our favorite places to go in that area, and we hope that you have the opportunity to enjoy some of them when you are visiting with Limo Detroit!

♦ The Brown Bear ♦
The Brown Bear is a very popular and beloved spot on Hancock Street, with that old familiar brown awning, you can't miss it! They're known for their huge Wimpy burgers, and of course the Notorious Bear Burger! Everybody loves those. They've also got some really good chicken dinners, and we love their beer selection. Every city has that one restaurant and bar that is the go-to spot for everyone that's in the know, and for Summit and Pentwater, this is it! You can find The Brown Bear at 278 N Hancock St right nearby in Pentwater! Very highly recommended, this is THE essential spot for your trip!

♦ Gull Landing ♦
Gull Landing is a really great family friendly restaurant that we have enjoyed many times when we've been traveling through this area. The prices are a bit steep compared to the other places in town, but this is one of the best so we don't mind paying top dollar. If you sit on the patio in the summertime, you'll really enjoy the live music which is often in the funk and blues vein. Our favorite dish here is the bourbon salmon, and we also love the perch. The fish sandwiches are also excellent here, and the steaks are great as well. We've never had any bad experiences at this restaurant — only fabulous ones! You can find Gull Landing at 438 N Hancock St in nearby Pentwater!

♦ Village Cafe & Pub ♦

The Village Cafe & Pub is a real favorite of ours — we are hooked on their beer-battered asparagus, and how about those mussels in butter wine sauce? They're just fantastic. They've also got a really fresh Greek salad that we come in for on a semi-regular basis too. It's hard to choose something from that giant menu because everything on it is so good, but it's awesome to have such a big selection of different flavors and styles of cooking. Everything is just superb here, and we feel very comfortable recommending it so highly to you. You can find Village Cafe & Pub at 347 S Hancock St in nearby Pentwater!

♦ The Pointe Wine & Deli ♦
The Pointe Wine & Deli is one of our favorite places to go for a hot slice of pizza or to pick up some delicious wine. They've got a huge array of wine here, but not just that, they also have a really impressive selection of beer and fine spirits as well. This is one of those one-stop shops where you can get everything you need for a wonderful picnic lunch, or may we suggest a delicious lunch in the limo! There's no need to rely on restaurant food or bar fare when you can craft your own meal out of the goodies that you'll find here. You can find The Pointe Wine & Deli at 401 N Hancock St in nearby Pentwater.

♦ The Antler Bar ♦
The Antler Bar definitely makes our top five list, because of all the high quality items that they offer in both realms of food and spirits! They've got it all. If you're seeking a great bar burger or other traditional bar fare, they've got it all, and they also have a nice selection of beer, wine, and liquor. The mixed drinks are never watered down, always nice and strong! That means you really get your money's worth here! The people who work at this bar are super friendly too, and they really keep the bar nice and clean. You can find The Antler Bar on Hancock St in nearby Pentwater! Highly recommended.

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