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Sterling Heights, Michigan

really has so many interesting restaurants and bars for you to check out when you are traveling with Sterling Heights limo service, and we thought we'd take a few minutes to put together a list of our absolute favorites for you. You can easily find all of these within the 48310, 48312, and 48313 zip codes.

♦ Ventimiglia Italian Foods ♦
When you are traveling with Sterling Heights limousine and you are in the mood for some really high quality Italian food, we would highly recommend Vengimiglia Italian Foods to you. Not only is this an amazing grocery store, it's also a fantastic deli where you can grab a quick and delicious sandwich to go. The subs and pasta are just too good to describe, and the soups are really out of this world! We love the split pea soup and the minestrone when they have them available. They rotate daily. Interestingly you can also find that coveted Mexican Coca Cola (made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup!) here. Even if you're just coming in for something to eat right then, we recommend that you pick up a few things to take home to add to your own cooking. They sell their own cookbook here too! Just fantastic. You'll be able to locate the wonderful Ventimiglia Italian Foods at 35197 Dodge Park Rd.

♦ Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy ♦
We love the name Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy, because of course abuelo means grandfather in Spanish, and it reminds us of going to someone's grandfather's house for some delicious authentic Mexican food. The juarez is our favorite meal on the menu, because it comes with a delicious beef taco, a tamale, and a couple of enchiladas. The green chile chicken quesadilla is another one of our favorites, because it comes with those fabulous roasted red and green chile peppers, plus delicious sauteed onions and mushrooms. So good! If you love sangria, you'll be really pleasantly surprised by theirs. Really flavorful and thirst quenching too. Perfect with any of their entrees. Fantastic service too. Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy can be found at 44350 Shoenherr Rd.

♦ Ike's Restaurant, Banquets, & Catering ♦
Ike's Restaurant is a great place for Mediterranean food, and it's great not just for dining in, but also for banquets and catering. We highly recommend that you consider them for your private events when you are traveling with Sterling Heights limousine. The lentil soup is one of our favorite things here, and we absolutely love their hommous and baba ghannouj. The falafel is also really excellent, and you can't go wrong with a fresh crisp salad with that homemade poppyseed dressing! It's relatively casual here, but the service is good enough to be in a fancy restaurant. Very friendly staff that really puts in a lot of effort to ensure your good time. You can find the wonderful Ike's Restaurant, Banquets, & Catering at 38550 Van Dyke Ave.

♦ Pancho Villa's Authentic Mexican Cuisine ♦
Another great place for Mexican food in this area is definitely Pancho Villa's Authentic Mexican Cuisine! They have some incredible deals listed on their website too, like buy one dinner get one half off. In today's economy that really makes a big difference, and yet the quality of the food is certainly not on par with any discounted dinner! It's just out of this world. It's not fancy here by any means, in fact it's practically the opposite, but we love hole in the wall restaurants like this. This is a fabulous place to go for vegetarians because you can customize just about any dish the way you need it to be. Fantastic fried ice cream too that comes with your choice of chocolate, butterscotch, honey, or caramel. You'll love everything here. You'll be able to check out Pancho Villa's Authentic Mexican Cuisine at 4127 15 Mile Rd.

♦ Megha's Athidhi Indian Cuisine ♦
Megha's Athidhi Indian Cuisine is one of our favorite places to visit in the entire area. This kind of high quality Indian food is not easy to find, so we really appreciate this place. Their lunch buffet is really affordable, and it's one of the easiest ways to introduce yourself or your friends to Indian food if they have never experienced it before. It's also amazing to have access to that huge array of food even if you are very familiar with Indian food. We love all of the lamb dishes here, and the fruit sorbet is excellent for dessert. You'll love the dosas too. Everything is just so fresh and delicious here! Very highly recommended whenever you are traveling with Sterling Heights limos. You can find the wonderful Megha's Athidhi Indian Cuisine at 2079 15 Mile Rd.

♦ Pantry Restaurant & Delicatessen ♦

There are so many amazing things to enjoy at Pantry Restaurant & Delicatessen. Our favorite thing here is the oven baked pancakes, and we also adore the omelettes. Even the french toast is just on a completely different level than it is anywhere else. If you are a fan of crepes, they also have excellent ones here. You should note that Sundays are their busiest day, and sometimes the wait can be considerably long. Is it worth it though? Yes. But we'd still recommend going on a different day just to avoid the wait! Try the German pancakes too! And the apricot surprise and pineapple surprise are very nice too. Definitely check this place out for breakfast whenever you are in the area next! Pantry Restaurant & Delicatessen can be found at 34220 Van Dyke Ave.

♦ Korea Palace ♦
Korea Palace is one of our top choices for Korean food in all of Metro Detroit, and we're so happy that it's located so conveniently for Sterling Heights limousine travel. The pork potato soup is one of our favorite things here, just so warm and flavorful. The spicy seafood soup and the dumpling soup are also really noteworthy. The kimchi vegetables are really delicious, and the boneless short ribs in barbecue sauce are truly our top choice for an entree. No matter what you get here, you will find that the quality is absolutely top of the line, and the service is just the best that it could possibly be. Truly expert waitstaff that goes out of their way to make you feel good about your dining experience. Korea Palace can be located at 34744 Dequindre Rd.

♦ Trizest Restaurant ♦
Trizest Restaurant is just located in a little strip mall, so it's easily overlooked, but we hope that you won't overlook it! They have some of the best Chinese food that you will ever find in this area. They have szechuan lamb that will simply knock you off your feet, and the chicken lo mein is comfort food at its absolute best. We also really enjoy their hot and sour soup, and the potstickers are an excellent appetizer to share with a group of your friends. The moo shoo pork is also great for sharing with your friends too! Those two items are a combo that we think goes perfectly together. The general tso's chicken is really flavorful too, and much better than any we have had elsewhere. Trizest Restaurant can be found at 33170 Dequindre Rd.

♦ LaSaj Lebanese Bistro ♦
If you're on the road with Sterling Heights limo service, LaSaj Lebanese Bistro is a really fantastic place to stop in and enjoy some amazingly authentic flavors. The beef shawarma sandwich is really good, and we also enjoy the pitas and the garlic sauce. The mjarda is truly delish, and the salads are just so fresh. We absolutely love the salad dressing here too, so fresh and you can really tell it's homemade. If you're a lover of hommous and baba ghannouj like we are, you will really enjoy what they serve here. One of the most unique dishes here has got to be the beef kastalata, which is a beef tenderloin with mushrooms and onions. We haven't seen that at other Lebanese restaurants, so we really appreciate the unique touch! You can locate the fabulous LaSaj Lebanese Bistro at 13776 Southcove Dr.

♦ Thai King ♦
Thai food in Sterling Heights is not easy to find, but pretty much the only name you need to know is Thai King. The lunch specials are incredibly affordable, and we would most highly recommend the kow pad bai kra praow with shrimp to you. We love it spicy, but your mileage may vary! The tom yum soup is also excellent, and we order that spicy too. The pad thai is really excellent here, though we don't usually go with the most common dishes, but this is so flavorful and really on a higher level than that which we have had at other Thai restuarants in the metro Detroit area. Try the kee mao too, you will love it! You can find Thai King at 34869 Mound Rd.

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