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St Clair Shores, Michigan

is one of our favorite places to visit when we want to be near the water and enjoy some really wonderful food and drink with our friends. On the list below you will find a ton of great bars and restaurants, all located in the 48080 zip code.

♦ Waves Chill and Grill ♦
Wave Chill and Grill is a seafood lover's paradise, especially when you are traveling with St Clair Shores limo service. There is nothing else like this place. The fun tiki bar atmosphere is just fantastic, and when they get that live music going later in the evening, the place becomes a really lively and fun place to be. The food is simply superb. When we've gone here, we've really enjoyed the seafood mixed grill types of dishes, as well as their fabulous salads with fresh ingredients like almonds and strawberries. For your dirnk we'd most highly recommend splititng a fish bowl with your date! Lots of fun and very cute. The service here is really fantastic too, and they often have special events both in the daytime and in the evening. Waves Chill and Grill can be found at 24223 Jefferson Ave, and it's one of our highest recommendations ever!

♦ Achatz Burgers ♦
If you love hamburgers, Achatz Burgers is a real essential for you. There is often a long wait here, especially on the weekends, because this is such a beloved spot for the entire area. You can't keep a place this good a secret! Our favorite thing about the burgers is that they are so juicy. You don't even really need any cheese or extra toppings to kick it up a notch, because the juicy delicious meat on its own is just out of this world. They have fantastic wings here too, and you can customize the flavor by adding a bit of their hot sauce. Love that. The cajun fries are also amazing, so be sure to give them a try when you're there! You can find Achatz Burgers at 24605 Jefferson Ave.

♦ Rojo Mexican Bistro ♦
If you love Mexican food as much as we do, Rojo Mexican Bistro is a must when you are on the road with St Clair Shores limousine. The ambiance is comfortable yet upscale, and the food is of the highest quality possible. The first indication of that is that they make the guacamole fresh right there at your table, and you can customize it a bit if you like. The chips and salsa are really excellent here, and the rice and beans are delish. The seafood fajitas are our absolute top pick on the menu, and we recommend that you give them a try. For dessert you will certainly want to check out the tres leche cake. Just typing those words makes us wish we were there enjoying it right now! The tiramisu is also fantastic and a nice surprise at this kind of restaurant. You will be able to find Rojo Mexican Bistro at 24026 Jefferson Ave.

♦ Pegasus Taverna ♦
Pegasus Taverna is top notch for anybody who loves Greek food. Everybody knows the famous spot in Greektown in Detroit, but it's so nice to have this one located so conveniently, especially when you are traveling with St Clair Shores limos! Our favorite item on the entire menu has got to be the vegetarian moussaka, which is our most frequent choice at any Greek restaurant. We're happy to say that it's a cut above the rest, to say the least! Just the most incredible flavor that you will come across on this menu. We also love the saganaki, and they have a fantastic zucchini appetizer that everybody just loves. Fantastic service, unbelievable atmosphere, and a great place to be. You'll be able to find Pegasus Taverna at 24935 Jefferson Ave.

♦ Shogun Japanese & Chinese Bistro ♦
Japanese and Chinese food lovers, listen up. Shogun Japanese & Chinese Bistro is just fantastic. We've had the pleasure of dining here several times in the last few years, and we think that it's the best place for sushi in the entire area. They have fantastic soups and salads here too that provide a great start to the meal, and we especially enjoy the hot and sour soup. The hibachi is fantastic, and gives you some entertainment along with your meal. If you love to have a couple of drinks with your meal, you'll be happy to know that they have deliciously fresh ones here, very flavorful and thirst quenching, and plenty strong too! Give Shogun Japanese & Chinese Bistro a try at 23195 Marter Rd.

♦ Athenian Shish-Ka-Bob ♦

So many people have recommended Athenian Shisk-Ka-Bob to us, and after hearing it so many times we decided to head on over there and give it a shot. As it turns out, it became one of our favorite restaurants in the area! The food here is a mix of American favorites and Greek specialties, and we especially love the Greek salads because of their delicious homemade dressing. We'd very highly recommend the souvlaki to you, and we also have really loved the stuffed peppers. On the American side, we love the club sandwiches, and all of the breakfast specials, which are the typical ones that you'll find at any coney island, but they're a bit higher quality in our opinion. You can find Athenian Shish-Ka-Bob at 23010 Harper Ave.

♦ Dockside Jack's ♦
Dockside Jack's is a favorite amongst all the locals in St Clair Shores, and it's always fun to come in and enjoy a few good stiff drinks here. We love sitting on the patio so much that we rarely sit indoors unless the weather is cold. They have amazing steaks here, just truly high quality and cooked perfectly to order. We love the cowboy steak and fries, and the southwest burger is also a really nice choice. The drinks are a little bit higher priced than at other places in this area, but you're paying for that fun tiki bar atmosphere too, so we don't really mind it too much. The waitstaff is really friendly here, and it's so spacious that even at their most crowded it never actually feels crowded. Check out Dockside Jack's at 24214 Jefferson Ave.

♦ Ardmore Cafe ♦
Ardmore Cafe is a great upscale restaurant tucked away in a cozy neighborhood, and that's part of the charm that we love so much. It's located in an old Victorian home, and beyond just the restaurant, it also houses several shops. Lunch is served here Monday thru Saturday, and you can have dinner on Thursdays and Fridays only. They allow you to bring in your own bottle of wine, and all you have to pay is one dollar per person to do so. The ambiance can only be described as gorgeous, and how about the fact that you can walk out of the restaurant and get your hair done or get a massage? Now that's what we are talking about. Ardmore Cafe is located at 26717 Little Mack Ave.

♦ Ram's Horn ♦
Ram's Horn is always our favorite place to stop in late at night after the bar, because they're open all night and they have such a huge array of different foods to choose from. They serve breakfast any time, and it's always fantastic. We love the country boy omelette the best. They have lots of great American, Italian, and even Mexican favorites here, and we think you'll be really surprised by the delicious wet burrito that they serve here! We recommend that you order it with extra sour cream and salsa just to make it even a little more messy. Digging in with a knife and fork has never been so good! Great coffee too. Very highly recommended for a great breakfast, lunch, dinner, or after bar meal! Ram's Horn can be found at 23815 Jefferson Ave.

♦ Dan Good Pizza ♦
We have always loved the name Dan Good Pizza because it's just so funny, but what's not funny at all is how fantastic the food is here! We just love the pizzas. We love that you can get it by the slice, and that goes so well with their salads. That's what we'd call the perfect lunch. Of course it is carryout only, which is a bit of a downside, but it's worth putting up with that to be able to dine on unbelievable buffalo chicken deep dish pizza, isn't it? Where else will you find this kind of pizza in this area? It's great that they have gorgonzola and portobello mushrooms here. High quality ingredients like that make all the difference. Very highly recommended anytime you are traveling with St Clair Shores limos! Dan Good Pizza is found at 23411 Greater Mack Ave.

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