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Southgate, Michigan

is known as the restaurant capital of the downriver area, because it is packed with so many more restaurants than any other city! And they are always packed with happy customers too. These are our absolute top picks in the zip code of 48195.

♦ Black Pine Tree ♦
Black Pine Tree sushi restaurant is without a doubt our favorite place to eat when we are in Southgate, so we always recommend it to our Southgate limo service customers. The strip mall location is a little misleading, because you would never expect the pleasant ambiance that you find inside. It's like a cozy little trip to Japan without the cost of airfare! The sashimi is of the highest possible quality, and everything is just wonderful here. We love the bibimbap, the spicy tuna rolls, and the sunflower roll the best. We also enjoy their udon noodles, and their green tea ice cream is just too good to believe. We love this place just as much for dine-in as we do for carryout as long as the weather's not too hot to transport fresh sushi! So good. Black Pine Tree sushi restaurant can be found at 16052 Eureka Rd, and it is one of our highest recommendations of all time! We adore this place and we know that you will too.

♦ Hungarian Rhapsody ♦
Hungarian Rhapsody has been a beloved part of the downriver area since the late eighties if our memory is correct! We've had so many delicious meals here, typically the stuffed cabbage or goulash, and we also love to come in for their special events when they serve duck. Just keep an eye on the sign outside to find out when those dates are coming up! Special events are always fun here. We would also recommend the chicken paprikas to you, and for dessert you can't go wrong with the apricot crepes. Great rum torte too! A big part of the charm here is all the Hungarian knick knacks that line the shelves on the walls. Really fantastic service too. Hungarian Rhapsody can be found at 14315 Northline Rd.

♦ Mexican Gardens ♦
Mexican Gardens has been in its familiar spot for as long as we can remember, and we can't imagine the area without it. When you are traveling with Southgate limousine, you will certainly enjoy coming in here with your group to enjoy the fabulous food and drinks. The juanita burrito is one of our favorite things on the menu, and we love the botanas too. If you are trying to go a little lighter we'd recommend the fajitas very highly. They have some of the very best margaritas here that we have ever tasted, and we wouldn't imagine coming in and having a meal without pairing it with a margarita! Delicious rice and beans too, and the chips and salsa are very good as well. Great for special occasions. You can find the oft-recommended Mexican Gardens at 15950 Eureka Rd.

♦ Old Chicago ♦
Old Chicago is one of the newer restaurants in this area, and we find that it's just perfect for dining with your friends when traveling with Southgate limos. Though it's a pizza restaurant, it's one of the fancier ones, with all the delicious Italian specialties that we all love. Both the deep dish pizzas and the thin crust pizzas are exquisite here, and we have a tough time deciding between the two. They have a really impressive selection of beer here, and wonderful wines too. It's also become one of our favorite after-work drink stops, and we love the fact that that's a big attraction here without it being much like a sports bar at all. Nice to find a place like this. Old Chicago can be found at 15231 Trenton Rd.

♦ Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar ♦
We aren't generally the type to recommend chain restaurants just because everybody already knows about them, but Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar is one of the exceptions. We just love this place. When you want to go out with your friends and have a really memorable time, this is the spot. The buffalo wings are just amazing here, with so many different sauces to choose from on the mild to sizzling hot spectrum. We love the beer selection and all their specialty mixed drinks (try the Buffalo Zoo if you really want something big and strong!). Their internet connected jukebox is great too because you can play all your favorites, and of course everybody loves the trivia here. Lots to do, and so much fun to have! Buffalo Wild Wings can be found at 13655 Eureka Rd.

♦ Joey's Famous Philly Cheesesteaks ♦

Joey's Famous Philly Cheesesteaks really is famous for their wonderful food. Everybody goes crazy for this place. If you are a philly cheesesteak sandwich lover, you really owe it to yourself to check this place out whether you're traveling with Southgate limo service or on your own. The special comes with double the usual amount of cheese, plus sauteed mushrooms! And that is just too irresistible for us to pass up. The peppers are a great addition on the side with any sandwich, and we'd never eat here without ordering some of those. Try the wings and the fries too, you will be pleasantly surprised by the high quality and the unforgettable flavor! You can find Joey's Famous Philly Cheesesteaks at 14625 Northline Rd.

♦ Sonic Drive-In ♦
Sonic Drive-In is one of the most recent additions to the Southgate area, and people just love it. When it was first put in, the line was literally two hours long! And this lasted for weeks. The rush has died down now, so you can just pull right in and enjoy some great food, and we love it. The blue coconut cream slush is our favorite drink here, followed by the cherry limeade, and they have hundreds of drink combinations here (that's no exaggeration!) which is one of the biggest attractions. We love the delicious coneys, the specialty limited time burgers that are always rotating on the menu, and even the grilled chicken sandwiches are just fantastic. There's not a single item on this menu that we wouldn't recommend to you. Always so much fun with friends! This great Sonic Drive-In location can be found at 16270 Fort St.

♦ Roma Pizzeria & Restaurant ♦
Roma Pizzeria & Restaurant has been around for the longest time... if we are not mistaken it's been here since at least the fifties. People love this place because the quality never changes. It's just so good! The jumbo pizza is enormous and it's perfect for all those get togethers with friends when you really need something giant to satisfy everybody's appetities. This is classic pizza, not the gourmet stuff that you'll find out in Royal Oak, but this is what we love downriver and it's fantastic. The ambiance is very old school and hasn't been updated in forever, but we kind of hope that they never do. We love it just the way it is. Great waitstaff and cooks that really know what they are doing. Roma Pizzeria & Restaurant can be found at 13020 Eureka Rd.

♦ Red Robin ♦
Red Robin is one of the few chain restaurants that we really recommend, and the reason that we love it so much is that their hamburgers are just out of this world! That is what they are known for most, and once you bite into one of those juicy taste concoctions, you will understand why! We love indulging in the specialty burgers that they rotate on the menu, and we really enjoy the spicy ones the best, piled high with lots of jalapenos. We even ask for a bottle of Tabasco to spice it up a little more! So good. The french fries are also excellent here, and they have superb salads too. We love going here with friends and family to have a fun casual time and a great meal. Red Robin is found at 15777 Eureka Rd.

♦ Great Dragon Buffet ♦
Great Dragon Buffet is a great place for lunch or dinner in Southgate, and even if you aren't a big fan of buffets, we would recommend that you check this one out. It's superbly clean, and the recent renovations have really made it a beautiful place to dine. They have a great bar of cold items like mussels, shrimp, salad, and puddings, and then several hot buffets with favorites like broccoli chicken, sweet and sour chicken, and shrimp with pepper and onions. The best part is that sushi buffet though. They keep it all on ice so it's nice and cold, and this is the absolute highest quality sashimi that you will find at any buffet in the entire Metro Detroit area. Note that during lunch, it's all vegetarian sushi, and once the dinner hour hits they go all out with the fancy tuna and salmon rolls! The hand rolls are excellent here. Great Dragon Buffet can be located at 15100 Dix Toledo Rd.

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