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Southfield, Michigan

is one of the greatest places to go if you are seeking some really fantastic restaurants! Many of you have upcoming trips with Southfield limo service, so we wanted to make sure that we had a convenient list for you to rely on of the best restaurants in the area as far as we are concerned! Take a look at some of our top picks in the 48034, 48075, and 48076 zip codes!

♦ Beans & Cornbread ♦
When you are craving soul food while traveling with Southfield limousine, you have got to check out Beans & Cornbread on Northwestern Hwy. They've been rated "best of" so many times we wouldn't want to try to count. The sweet potato muffins are just ridiculously good. These muffins are to Beans & Cornbread like the cheese biscuits are to Red Lobster! The salmon croquettes are another one of our favorite things in the world, and we also adore the shrimp and grits. If you love wings, they have some amazing ones, and the fried catfish is just amazing. And the macaroni and cheese? Pure heaven. The ambiance is great and the service is on par with the quality of the food! Just fantastic. Beans & Cornbread can be found at 29508 Northwestern Hwy.

♦ Sweet Lorraine's Cafe ♦
If comfort food is on your mind when you are on the road with Southfield limos, Sweet Lorraine's Cafe can save the day. The pcean Belgian waffles are one of our top picks on this exquisite menu, and we also really enjoy the apple brown bettys! If you're in the mood for a hamburger they have some fantastic ones here, as well as some great vegeterian burgers for the veggie crowd. They have wonderful cocktails to enjoy as well, and delicious desserts to perfectly cap off an already amazing meal. You'll really love the fantastic service here, and the super clean and cozy atmosphere as well. You will be able to find Sweet Lorraine's Cafe at 29101 Greenfield Rd.

♦ Pizzeria Biga ♦
The most beloved pizza restaurant in this area has got to be Pizza Biga, and you can't beat the convenient location on Franklin Rd. We love the thin crust pizzas here, especially the duck prosciutto pizza with pancetta and artichoke hearts, and the farm egg pizza with incredible cheeses and egg just setting off the flavor of that addictive crust. The secret to the quality here is the wild yeast and the wood fired oven, and of course the high quality of the ingredients that they use. Unbelievable salads too! You will not find better pizza than this anywhere in Michigan as far as we're concerned, so it will always be our first recommendation to you when you arei n Southfield. You can locate Pizzeria Biga at 29110 Franklin Rd.

♦ Five Guys Burgers and Fries ♦
Five Guys Burgers and Fries is really making a huge splash in our area, with those incredibly juicy burgers with all the toppings you could ever want! You can get a regular sized burger which is actually a DOUBLE patty burger, or a "little burger" which has one patty. You can pile them up with all of the toppings that you want for no additional charge. The fries are just as beloved as the burgers, and they come in huge portions that are large enough to share (to say the least!). Beyond the burgers and fries that they are known for, they have fantastic cheese dogs (try it with bacon!). We love the fact that they have malt vinegar for the fries too! Five Guys Burgers and Fries can be found at 24548 12 Mile Rd.

♦ Star Delicatessen ♦
Star Delicatessen is an essential when you are craving an amazing sandwich in Southfield! It's just a small place, and there is no seating here whatsoever, so you will have to take your food to go. Our favorite sandwich here has got to be the reuben, and that's thanks to the high qualty corned beef that they make them with of course! They also have one with smoked turkey that will really blow your mind and your tastebuds, and we'd very highly recommend their pickles and chips on the side too! The potato salad is just amazing, and that's no exaggeration. You will love everything here and it will quickly become your favorite lunch stop in the area. You'll be able to find the oft-recommended Star Delicatessen at 24555 W 12 Mile Rd!

♦ New Seoul Garden Restaurant ♦

New Seoul Garden Restaurant has been going strong for decades, and there is no question why. We love coming in to enjoy their delicious bibimbap, and they have the Korean style tabletop barbecue which is always fun too. The portions of food are much larger than you will find at other comparable restaurants, so if you really want to satisfy that appetite, this is the place for you. We'd very highly recommend the yookeh jang beef soup and the dukbokki rice cakes to you. They have sushi here as well, and it is really fresh and delicious. You'll love the ambiance, and the service is fantastic too! You can find New Seoul Garden Restaurant at 27566 Northwestern Hwy.

♦ Bacco Ristorante ♦
Bacco Ristorante is truly top notch for Italian food, and all of us at Southfield Limos would recommend this restaurant very highly to you. Some say it is the best in all of metropolitan Detroit, and we would have a very hard time disagreeing with that. We absolutely love their fresh crisp salads with avocadoes, artichokes, and truffle oil, and their calamari is very nice because it's sauteed rather than deep fried, plus shrimp and tomatoes to really rount out the flavor! The spaghetti with mussels is one of our favorite things here, and we also love the pasta with Italian sausage. The desserts are fantastic and very rich, but you will certainly need to save room for them, and that is hard to do at a place this good! Bacco Ristorante can be found at 29410 Northwestern Hwy.

♦ Taste of Ethiopia ♦
If you are seeking a great Ethiopian restaurant, you really don't have too many options in our area, but Taste of Ethiopia is really the only option that you need. They have a fanttastic vegetarian combo that will really satisfy the soul and the tummy, and we especially love their potatoes and the delicious red lentils. You will also love the injera, and the siga we't is really delicious and just spicy enough. The awaze tibs is excellent for lamb lovers too, so be sure to check that one out. After our meal we love to dive into the dessert that features plantains and caramel, and that is a taste combination that you will not soon forget. Very, very, VERY highly recommended! You can get a great Taste of Ethiopia at 29702 Southfield Rd.

♦ Copper Canyon Brewery ♦
Copper Canyon Brewery has been one of our favorite places to go for a delicious brew and some great food for quite some time now. We love the sandwiches here, and they pair so well with their fresh homemade chips too. The chili is definitely delicious here, and we love the whiskey barbecue salmon as an entree. It comes with fantastic whipped sweet potatoes and the aforementioned chili! So good! Without a doubt that is our favorite thing on the menu and we would recommend that you give it a try too. We've come back so many times just for that, plus a pint of that delicious stout too! Copper Canyon Brewery can be located at 27522 Northwestern Hwy.

♦ Cafe Thai ♦
OK Thai food lovers, listen up! Cafe Thai has been one of our favorite places to go for a laid back and relaxed lunch in Southfield. It's very small here, so you will want to come in plenty early if you want to secure a spot for lunch, but it's worth that early arrival and then some! We love all of the noodle dishes on the menu, and the curries are just out of this world. We especially enjoy the very friendly waitstaff here, and the cozy ambiance that only a tiny hole in the wall restaurant like this can provide. High quality ingredients, incredibly low prices, and great service... what more could you ask for in a little Thai restaurant? Very highly recommended for a quick and delicious meal. Cafe Thai can be found at its familiar location at 28647 Northwestern Hwy.

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