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South Rockwood, Michigan

South Rockwood is a village in Monroe County, right on the border with Wayne County. You'll find all of the restaurants below in the surrounding cities of Rockwood (48173), Trenton (48183), Brownstown (48183), Woodhaven (48183), Flat Rock (48134), and Newport (48166). Enjoy!

♦ Amigo's Mexican Restaurant ♦
For fine Mexican cuisine in a family-friendly atmosphere, you can't beat Amigo's Mexican Restaurant! Amigo's is a favorite place to go for delicious Tex-Mex flavors in this area, and we just love it! Is it authentic? Pretty close. Close enough as far as we are concerned, especially for the Downriver area. They do use a lot of red sauce and cheese here, so if you don't like it smothered, say so! They have always been happy to accommodate our special requests. They keep the place very clean and tidy, and they always have a great wait staff who tends to your needs. The chips and salsa is great here, and so is every entree on the menu. You'll love it! Amigo's Mexican Restaurant can be found at 22085 West Road in Trenton.

♦ Olympic Coney Island ♦
Olympic Coney Island is a pretty famous spot here in the Downriver area! Everybody loves a great coney island, and this is one of the best. They've got fabulously fresh Greek salads that beat out all the other Greek salads you'll find in the area, and their chicken lemon rice soup is too good to believe. The gyro omelet is one of our favorites for breakfast, and if you're there for lunch you can't go wrong with a good old fashioned coney dog! Slathered with loose meat, fries on the side, and an ice cold pop... what could be better than that? Olympic Coney Island can be found at 23748 West Rd in nearby Brownstown.

♦ Hawaiian Island ♦
Hawaiian Island is a famous Chinese restaurant in the Downriver area — a real favorite amongst anyone who lives in the Brownstown/Trenton/Woodhaven area. The combination special is enormous and meant to be shared! Everyone loves that one. Their sweet and sour dishes are fantastic and flavorful and you won't believe how great their egg rolls are. The egg drop soup is also out of this world, and we are pretty picky about that one! The almond boneless chicken is also wonderful. A real classic! Definitely one of our favorite Chinese places in the area. Hawaiian Island can be located at 3102 Van Horn Rd in nearby Trenton.

♦ Olga's Kitchen ♦
Olga's Kitchen is a favorite amongst the Downriver crowd, and this convenient location in Woodhaven is a big hit! They've got the best gyros in town, and huge fresh salads that you can really sink your teeth into. They're always offering new and exciting specials that will both save you money and fill up your tummy, even if you're in a hurry. The service is fast though it's a sit-down restaurant, so you can get going quickly and get back to business! Or the business of shopping, as is often the case in this part of town! Fun place to go, and a huge menu of delicious delights. Olga's Kitchen is found at 23404 Allen Rd in nearby Woodhaven.

♦ Kate's Kitchen ♦
Kate's Kitchen is known for their delicious homemade pies, and of course for their mouthwateringly good delectable breakfasts! So much so that the line on the weekends can be absolutely insane. Arrive plenty early or don't plan to eat at all! You have been warned. It's worth the wait though, so if you do get stuck in a line, don't be tempted to go elsewhere. Trust us. You'll want to wait! We recommend the omelets, and of course pick up some of the wonderful baked goods to take home with you. You definitely won't be disappointed in this quaint little Downriver gem! Kate's Kitchen is found at 26558 West Huron River Drive in nearby Flat Rock!

♦ Fifth Wheel Truckstop & Restaurant ♦

The Fifth Wheel Truckstop & Restaurant is more of a diner than a truckstop, with more regulars filling their booths than truckers! Regardless, you will find a great homecooked meal here any day of the week, and you will never be disappointed. They keep it sparkling clean, and they've always got the friendliest waitstaff around. You'll see plenty of locals in here chatting it up, and that's the kind of family friendly atmosphere that everybody around here just loves. If that's what you're seeking, for breakfast or otherwise, Fifth Wheel is your place! Fifth Wheel Truckstop & Restaurant can be found at 8500 Telegraph Road over in Newport!

♦ Blue Margarita ♦
Blue Margarita would get the award for being our favorite restaurant Downriver, if that award existed! We just love it. It's one of the newest restaurants in the area, but it must be a couple of years strong already, and it is just out of this world. We absolutely love their margaritas, especially the classic Patron on the rocks, and you can't go wrong with any of their entrees, including wonderful fish dishes, enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos, and so much more. Their menu is enormous so you definitely won't have a hard time choosing something. Everything you love is there. Great ambiance and music too! Blue Margarita is located at 23450 Allen Road in nearby Woodhaven.

♦ Pipers Fine Food ♦
Pipers Fine Food is a Downriver gem, really known for its wonderful breakfasts. It's without a doubt one of the most popular breakfast spots in Flat Rock, and people come from all the surrounding cities just to eat their perfectly cooked eggs and other breakfast delicacies! We've dined here many times over the years and they are without fail delicious and consistent! A truly wonderful waitstaff really rounds out your experience, and the clean calm surroundings really make it just that much better. We can't say enough about how wonderful this place really is. Pipers Fine Foods is found in nearby Flat Rock at 25418 Telegraph.

♦ Fratello's Restaurant♦
If you're seeking great Italian food in the Downriver area, Fratello's Restaurant is a definite go-to. They're known for their fabulous seafood, and you definitely can't go wrong with a choice on that section of the menu — or any other, for that matter! It's a little pricier than some of the other restaurants in the area, but you get what you pay for here, and they've got a full bar too so you can enjoy your favorite wines and spirits while you're there. It's really beautiful inside, so if you're going out for a nice meal with your loved ones or that special someone, this is a really great choice. Perfect for those special events too. Fratello's Restaurant of Trenton can be found at the address 4501 Fort St in Trenton.

♦ Riverfront Family Restaurant ♦
Riverfront Family Restaurant is one of those small town diners that people really love, and that's why they're always so busy. It's conveniently located off I-75, making it a perfect stop when you're traveling with Limo Detroit! They've got all your traditional favorites here, served in a calm and inviting atmosphere, by a waitstaff that really knows how to make the customer feel at home. It's very family friendly, and the prices are very low too. No booming TVs here, no blasting music — but no alcohol either, so if you'd like a beer with your meal, look elsewhere! Riverfront Family Restaurant can be found in its familiar spot at 22825 Huron River Dr in Rockwood.

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