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South Lyon, Michigan

is the home of so many amazing restaurants, and we know that when you are traveling with South Lyon limo service, you need to have quick access to a list of the best ones. So here are our favorites in the 48178 zip code! Enjoy!

♦ South Lyon Hotel ♦
The South Lyon Hotel is a really fantastic place to stay when you are visiting the area with South Lyon limousine, but for our purposes here we will be reviewing the restaurant only. Everybody who dines here always mentions how great the breadsticks are, so make sure that you get some when you're there. There's no charge for those. They have really fantastic pizzas here, with delicious sauce and really wonderful tasting pepperonis. The coconut chicken salad is our true top choice here, followed by the smothered salmon. Upstairs you can also find a great bar with a live DJ, so there's plenty to do here without ever leaving the hotel! You will be able to find South Lyon Hotel at 201 N Lafayette St.

♦ The Lyon Cantina ♦
When you are on the road with South Lyon limos, great Mexican food is a very nice addition to your night. The Lyon Cantina always has fresh delicious options for you, including fabulous burritos that are stuffed with high quality ingredients, tacos that are so crunchy and tasty, and rice and beans that are definitely a cut above the rest. Just perfectly prepared and expertly cooked. We love the chips and salsa here, especially because the salsa is a bit spicier here than at most restaurants. One of the best things about this place is that even with the high quality food, the prices are very low and incredibly affordable. We think this is one of your best options when dining with friends in this area! The Lyon Cantina can be found at 22870 Pontiac Trl.

♦ Lake Street Tavern ♦
Having a great place to enjoy some drinks and the company of your friends is a must when you are on the road with South Lyon limo service, and Lake Street Tavern is our top choice as far as bars in the area go. You can always watch the game here, because they have plenty of televisions scattered around the establishment, and we love the fact that during NFL games they have Bud Lite for just two bucks! The rest of the beer selection is pretty noteworthy too. As far as the food goes, we'd most highly recommend the mushroom soup and the hamburgers, but you cannot go wrong with anything that they offer here. It's definitely higher quality than you will find at most bars. Just refreshingly good. Lake Street Tavern is located at 127 E Lake St.

♦ Fortuna Inn ♦
It's wonderful when you find an old fashioned Chinese restaurant that serves generous portions and uses only the highest quality ingredients, and Fortuna Inn is one of the greatest in this city. It's been here forever, and there's no question why that's the case! The egg rolls are the most recommended thing as far as we are concerned because they are so delicious, just a must, and we also love their chicken mushroom soup because we haven't seen that elsewhere. The chicken fried rice is really good here, and everybody loves the sweet and sour chicken. Much better than any of the other places in this area for that. They have a full bar too so you can enjoy some drinks either before or after your meal, and we love that. Always a great place to relax with a great meal. Fortuna Inn can be found at 22281 Pontiac Trl.

♦ Brown's Root Beer & Sandwich Shop ♦
Brown's Root Beer & Sandwich Shop is really an incredible place to go for a cheap lunch, and we'd highly recommend it to you, especially when you are out with South Lyon limos. We come in here quite a bit, to the point that they remember our names and our usual orders, which is cool! That's pretty rare nowadays. The coney dogs are the big draw here, and they really are fantastic, but we are even bigger fans of their delicious corned beef sandwiches! Wow. They're so good. The root beer is of course amazingly good, and you cannot go wrong with a Boston Cooler to wash everything down. Brown's Root Beer & Sandwich Shop can be found at 399 S Lafayette St.

♦ Aleko's ♦

We've been going to Aleko's for years to enjoy their ribs, pizzas, sandwiches, and of course those delicious Greek salads. The restaurant isn't much in terms of size or ambiance, but they keep it nice and clean and it's very comfortable. The Michigan cherry salad is one of our favorite items on the menu, coming with delicious dried cherries as well as candied walnuts and bleu cheese. The flavor of that salad is just out of this world. The hamburgers are very good too, and everybody loves the breadsticks here. Try the mostaccioli too, you will not be disappointed! Always a great time, always great service, and always high quality food! You will be able to find the wonderful Aleko's at 2311 Pontiac Trl.

♦ Dolly's Pizza ♦
Dolly's Pizza is our newest obsession, having won many awards for the best pizza in Michigan, and we would wholeheartedly agree with tthat! There are so many things that make the pizza irresistible here. We prefer the deep dish, and we love the bubbly crust, the delicately sweet sauce, the super flavorful cheese, and all the high quality toppings. The fresh pineapples are a wonderful choice, and we also love their fresh mushrooms. You'll love the bread too, and we recommend the pizza sauce and the ranch as dipping sauces. Both are made on the premises and they are so fresh and good! If we were asked to describe this place in one word, we'd say ADDICTIVE. We just love it so much. Dolly's Pizza can be found at 632 N Lafayette St.

♦ Lafayette Party Store ♦
While not a bar or restaurant, we thought we would include Lafayette Party Store on this list because it's a great place to stop in and stock up on all your necessary liquors, beers, mixers, and more when you have a big party coming up. And if you are considering travel with South Lyon limo service, then chances are you're going to need some of those things! They have a huge variety of beer and wine here, including many unusual ones that you won't find elsewhere. If there's a hard to find drink that you are craving, you'll be very likely to find it here. Very highly recommended for the selection and for the friendly staff! Lafayette Party Store can be found at 264 N Lafayette St.

♦ South Lyon Village Bakery ♦
When you want to pick up some great baked goods, perhaps for lunch or as an addition to your homemade dinner at home, South Lyon Village Bakery is a great choice. When you're traveling in the area, it's so convenient to just stop in and get some fabulous desserts, breads, and more. The paczkis are one of our favorite things to get here, and we would very highly recommend them to you. We love the fact that the staff is so friendly and welcoming here. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how fresh everything is here, and we'd recommend it any day of the week for some truly impressive items with great flavor. South Lyon Village Bakery can be found at 222 S Lafayette St.

♦ China House ♦
China House is a great little place that you can stop in to for some fantastic carryout Chinese food, and we would highly recommend it any time you are traveling in the area whether with South Lyon limos or on your own. The prices are incredibly low, and yet the quality is the absolute highest that you will find in the entire city. They always have great deals with their coupons, and often the staff will let you use the same coupons over and over again, which is very considerate of them. Our absolute favorite dish here is the garlic chicken, and when you taste it you'll understand why. It's memorable and really delicious. True comfort food at its best. Very highly recommended. You can find China House at 20744 Pontiac Trl.

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