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Saline, Michigan

has a surprising number of very good restaurants and bars, and we thought we'd put together a list that you can refer to during your upcoming trip with Saline limo service! Here are our top choices in the 48176 zip code.

♦ Mac's Acadian Seafood Shack ♦
Mac's Acadian Seafood Shack, or simply Mac's as it is known to all the locals, is the premier spot for a really fine meal when you are traveling with Saline limousine. They have a generously sized menu of classic favorites, with our personal favorites being the gumbo, the salmon, and whatever fresh fish dishes they are offering on the day that we are there. The ambiance is really lovely, perfectly decorated and always kept sparkling clean, and the kind of service that you will receive here is just out of this world. Truly caring and attentive. You will be able to find Mac's Acadian Seafood Shack at 102 E Michigan Ave. Very highly recommended.

♦ Mi Zarape ♦
When you're wishing for some really delicious Mexican food when traveling with Saline limos, you would do very well to check out Mi Zarape. They have all of your classic favorites here, including fabulous enchiladas, delicious huevos Mexicanos, and really fantastic guacamole. The flavor is just out of this world. The first question anyone asks about a Mexican restaurant is how are the chips and salsa? And we are very happy to tell you that they are delicious! Really the perfect beginning to a delicious meal. It's great to come in when they have live mariachi music too, and the kids especially will love that! The wonderful Mexican restaurant, Mi Zarape, can be found at 7025 E Michigan Ave.

♦ Brecon Grille ♦
Brecon Grille is a very cozy place to dine when traveling with Saline limo service. It's very much bar and grill style here, which we really love, and we also love the warm yet not overly bright lighting and the cozy booths that line the restaurant. They have very good drinks here, very strong and never watered down. We recommend any of the classics to you here. In terms of the food that they serve, our top picks would be the seafood ravioli and the fish and chips, and we are big fans of the deep fried pickles and the delicious buffalo chili! There are so many different options, the food always arrives piping hot, and the service is just fantastic. Always a great time here. Brecon Grille is located at 101 W Michigan Ave.

♦ Biwako Sushi ♦
We are huge fans of sushi no matter where we are, so when we heard about Biwako Sushi in Saline, we had to give it a try. They have some of the most unique rolls that we have ever tasted, with exciting names like the Last Vegas roll, the Sweet Dragon roll, the New Michigan roll, and the Black Jack roll! The Ferrari roll is also a nice choice, and the July roll is exciting because it incorporates delicious fresh strawberries. Now that's a taste experience that is rare and wonderful. The green tea ice cream is an absolute must for dessert, and the green tea is always our favorite option to sip with our meal. Fabulous service, and you won't believe the low prices! Biwako Sushi can be located at 1355 E Michigan Ave. Don't miss this one!

♦ Wings-Pizza-N-Things ♦
Many people who travel with Saline limousine ask us about finding a great sports bar in the area, and we always recommend Wings-Pizza-N-Things. One of the most fun things to do is play the trivia here, but even if it's not trivia night, you will always enjoy coming here for the delicious food and drinks. We especially love their original Buffalo wings, and the pizza and hamburgers are also really delicious. With all those tantalizing spicy options, you really can't go wrong with a margarita to cool it off a bit! Very deliciously made and perfectly icy cool. If you don't have time to stop in, at least grab some carryout! It's fast and cheap. You will be able to find the one and only Wings-Pizza-N-Things at 6877 State Rd!

♦ Mangiamos ♦

We love that old fashoned neon sign that lights the street in front of Mangiamos, and when you are with Saline limousine, you will definitely want to visit this restaurant. All of the pasta is really fantastic here, especially the fettuccine alfredo with chicken. The eggplant parmesan is another one of our favorites, and even the basic spaghetti is very good here. You will certainly want to start off with the onion soup here! It's really fantastic. The homemade desserts are noteworthy too. We like the fact that there are separate restaurant and bar sides, so depending on the mood that you're in you can sit in the area that feels most comfortable. You'll be able to find some really excellent Italian fare at Mangiamos at 105 W Michigan Ave.

♦ Joyful House ♦
We love the name Joyful House, and even more than the name, we love the food that this exquisite Chinese restaurant serves. They have an enormous menu of favorites, and if you come during the dinner hours you will find that the portions are enormous enough to stretch into two meals if you like. The prices here are surprisingly low for the high quality of food that you receive, so even if you're dining with a big group and possibly paying for them all, you won't find that the bill is an unpleasant shock at the end of the meal. They even have a delicious lunch buffet that will cost you less than eight dollars! Joyful House can be found at 515 E Michigan Ave.

♦ New China ♦
New China is another one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in this area, and when you are with Saline limos, you would do very well to check this place out. Our favorite things here are without a doubt the orange chicken and the vegetable delight. The orange beef is also really fantastic, so we recommend that very highly too! If you love a great creamy crunchy taste, the crab rangoon is an excellent choice, and they are huge too! Very generously sized and packed with great flavor. We love that they have a picture menu above the counter here, which makes it so easy to decide what you want just based on how good it looks! Don't let the strip mall location fool you, it's a really great restaurant! You'll be able to find New China at 6889 State Rd.

♦ Mark's Midtown Coney Island ♦
When you are seeking a really delicious breakfast in Saline, Mark's Midtown Coney Island is a real essential. The location doesn't look like much because it's just located in a little shopping center, but don't let that fool you. They do serve breakfast all day long here, of course! So that makes it very convenient. We'd most highly recommend the country breakfast and the biscuits and gravy, and if you're not in the mood for breakfast you can opt for a gyro, a coney, or perhaps one of their dinners. We love the wing ding dinner and the catfish too! Great salads and sandwiches too, and fantastic chili and soup of the day. Mark's Midtown Coney Island can be located at 529 E Michigan Ave.

♦ Cottage Inn Pizza ♦
Everybody just loves Cottage Inn Pizza, and this location in Saline is a real winner as far as we are concerned. We just love the perfect thickness of the crust, the taste of their exquisite sauce (not too sweet, not too tangy, just that perfect balance), and of course the cheese and toppings are of the highest quality too. Sometimes we like to order double cheese here for a really indulgent taste too! The people who work here are always in a great mood, and they are happy to accommodate any special requests. Always delicious, and always convenient for all your parties and get togethers. The always beloved Cottage Inn Pizza can be found at 501 E Michigan Ave.

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