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Royal Oak, Michigan

...it's no secret that this city is one of the most popular places to go when you want to have a really great night out, drinking and dining with your friends! We thought we'd go ahead and break it down for you into a list of our personal top ten restaurants when traveling with Royal Oak limo service in the zip codes of 48067, 48068, and 48073!

♦ Red Coat Tavern ♦
Red Coat Tavern is the famous spot in Royal Oak that is known for its hamburgers! Everybody loves this place, and if you stop and ask anybody on the street in Royal Oak where to go for a great burger, you'll hear a chorus of voices shout back "Red Coat Tavern!" Really! It's not a secret that this is the spot. Of course, they are usually pretty busy because of that, but it's worth putting up with a wait. We like the old fashioned dim atmosphere, very bar-like as it should be, and they have a ton of great beers and pub style fare other than those burgers in case you are somehow not in the mood for a hamburger. (We recommend that you GET in the mood for it though if you are anywhere in the vicintity of Red Coat Tavern!) You will be able to find the one and only Red Coat Tavern at 31542 Woodward Ave.

♦ Cafe Muse ♦
Cafe Muse is a great little spot to enjoy breakfasts any day of the week, and wonderful sandwiches for lunch. Of course that's not all they have here. The stuffed french toast with cream cheese and cherries is our absolute top favorite for breakfast, followed by the carrot cake pancakes! If we're there for lunch, we find that the simplest things are the classics, like the grilled cheese sandwich and the crab macaroni and cheese. We love the classy vibe here, and the fact that the ambiance goes so well with high end comfort food! When you want something really indulgent and delicious, you know where to go. You can find Cafe Muse at 418 S Washington Ave.

♦ Ronin ♦
Ronin is a Japanese restaurant and sushi bar where you can really relax and enjoy yourself. We find that this place is perfect for romantic dates too! The sunken lounge is a great place to kick back and enjoy yourself, and typically that's where we choose to sit. The miso soup is the perfect starter, and it's some of the best that we have ever tasted. The edamame is very good, and we also love their fresh crisp salads. Our favorite rolls here are definitely the mountain dew roll and the pink blossom roll, and we also love the basics like the spicy tuna roll! Happy hour is a great time to come in for some inexpensive beer too! They have valet here and it's just five dollars plus a tip, so that's not too bad. You will be able to find the wonderful Ronin restaurant at 325 W 4th St.

♦ Bastone ♦
Bastone is a Belgian pub where you can indulge in lots of delicious treats, like tasty hamburgers, delicious pomme frites, and a potato leek soup that is just incredibly good. We recommend that you order the basil mayonaisse with your pomme frites, and definitely the bleu cheese butter on your steak. If the thought of those delicious items doesn't make your mouth water, then this restaurant is just not for you! The lobster macaroni and cheese is some of the best that we have had in this area, and that says a lot! We love the delicious microbrews that they make and serve here, and we especially appreciate the clean atmosphere and the friendly staff. You can find Bastone at 419 S Main St.

♦ Pronto ♦
Pronto is one of our favorite restaurants in Royal Oak, but it's not just a restaurant... it's basically a huge building that takes up the front edge of the block, featuring the restaurant, the bar, and the corner store. It's a bit of an LGBT mecca too, since it's gay owned and operated. The food is just out of this world! The sandwiches are one of the best things here, with the vegetarian roulade and the stowe away chick being two of our favorites, and the entrees are just mouth wateringly good, particularly the Pronto pasta and the "smac and cheese" with chicken, mushrooms, bacon, and dill sauce. For the appetizer we'd most highly recommend the roasted garlic crostini or the hummus plate. We love everything here! And don't forget to stop into the corner store/bakery for those delicious giant peanut butter cups and more! You just may consider buying your wedding cake here as well. You can find Pronto restaurant and its attached bar and corner store, all at 608 Washington St!

♦ Lockhart's BBQ ♦

When you are traveling with Royal Oak limo service and you are seeking excellent barbecued meat, you cannot go wrong with Lockhart's BBQ. The convenient downtown location can't be beat, and everything that they serve here is what we'd file under "top notch!" The pulled pork and brisket are our two go-to items, and we always make sure to get the macaroni and cheese and of cousre a side of their sensational greens. They're known for their pickles so make sure that you try them! If you love hush puppies as much as we do, you will really fall in love with the ones that they serve here. Wonderful service and a very comfortable atmosphere too! If you're ready to give Lockhart's BBQ a try, you can find it very easily at 202 E 3rd St.

♦ Inn Season Cafe ♦
If you are vegetarian or vegan, your dining choices are really opening up nowadays, and one of the best options for you would be Inn Season Cafe. They have so many different options for you, but the ones that we'd recommend most highly are the budapest mushroom soup, the tempeh burger, and the vegan omelettes. They have amazing cornbread here, homemade, but you can only get that on the weekends, so you may want to aim specifically for a weekend so you can try it! It's out of this world. The 4th street burger is also really noteworthy, crafted from high quality grains and definitely not lacking in flavor! Inn Season Cafe is conveniently located at 500 E 4th St.

♦ Cafe Habana ♦
Cuban food is just too hard to find in the Detroit area, so all of us at Royal Oak limousine were thrilled when we found out about Cafe Habana. The pan cubano appetizer is one of our favorite things here, which comes with chimichurri and grilled bread, and it's just fantastic. We love eating the delicous plantains here, and the yucca is also really delicious. If you want some great drinks with your meal we'd most highly recommend the sangria or the cuban mojitos! Both are very good. Our only complaint is that they don't play Cuban music here, instead it's a mix of today's pop hits. Elsewhere we wouldn't mind it, but here, give us the Cuban music! Other than that it's a gem. Give Cafe Habana a try at 419 S Main St!

♦ Zumba ♦
Great Mexican food is not hard to find when traveling with Royal Oak limos, but one of our personal favorites would have to be Zumba. We're big fans of the fish tacos, and we also enjoy the corn tacos with stewed chicken. That's a unique flavor that you won't find in many places. The Mexican Chicken is the go to choice on the menu, but the real signature item here is the stewed red chili pork tacon. Be sure to pronounce that carefully so they don't confuse it with a taco! Tacon, taco. It happens. The bowl-rito is also a really nice choice if you just want all the great fillings. You'll be able to find this wonderful Mexican restaurant at 121 N Main St.

♦ Little Tree Sushi Bar ♦
Little Tree Sushi Bar has been a big part of the Royal Oak landscape for a long time now, and we just can't imagine the city without it. We love the fact that they have so many different options here, including Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai food! You might think that would be a bit of a mess, but it's not at all. They make it all just perfectly. We love all of the food here, but we gravitate toward the sushi because quite frankly it's hard to tear ourselves away from it whenever it's available! You'll notice that every roll is better here than elsewhere because they have higher quality sashimi than most sushi restaurants do. We love the katana, the eel, and the shredded octopus salad the most. Little Tree Sushi Bar can be found at 107 S Main St!

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