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Roseville, Michigan

has traditionally been one of our favorite cities to visit for dining and good times, especially because there are so many fun recreational attractions in the surrounding area. Take a look at a few of our favorite restaurants and bars in the 48066 zip code, and next time you're traveling with Roseville limo service, maybe you'll take a moment to visit one or two of them!

♦ Guelaguetza Mexican Restaurant ♦
Guelaguetza Mexican Restaurant has really captured our attention in recent days, because they have some of the most fresh tasting and authentic Mexican food that you will find in the area. It's just a tiny hole in the wall restaurant, but many of us are discovering that some very unassuming exteriors and interiors can be hiding the gem of the food that is offered! That's definitely the case here, so don't let the small size put you off. You'll love the chips and salsa, and we would very highly recommend the enchiladas, soft tacos,and burritos. You will be able to locate the one and only Guelaguetza Mexican Restaurant at 18683 E 10 Mile Rd.

♦ Mr Paul's Chop House ♦
Mr Paul's Chop House is without a doubt the best restaurant in Roseville, hands down. It's family owned and operated, and that really makes all the difference as far as we are concerned. The favorite dish is agreed upon by us and all our friends, and it's definitely the duck a l'orange. That's hard enough to find anywhere these days, but the quality of it is just so superb. They make the Caesar salads right at your table, old fashioned style, and this really adds to the freshness of the salad itself as well as the richness of your dining experience. They have a wonderful wine selection here, and an even more impressive selection of desserts including the cherries jubilee that they are known for. When you're ready to try Mr Paul's Chop House, you can find it at 29850 Groesbeck Hwy.

♦ Wok to You ♦
Wok to You is actually not a restaurant or a bar, but a specialized delivery service that will bring you food from any one of more than two dozen Chinese and Thai restaurants in the area! The delivery will cost you only three dollars at the time of this writing (call to be sure that it hasn't changed by the time you read this). Since you get to choose from all those incredible restaurants, you can really have your choice of literally thousands of dishes! This is really ideal if you are staying in a hotel in the Roseville area, or if you happen to live there! Now it doesn't matter if those restaurants offer delivery or not, because Wok to You will go and get it for you! Wok to You is easily found at 25205 Gratiot Ave.

♦ Olives ♦
Olives is a nice Mediterranean restaurant that we have really enjoyed many times. The prices are a bit higher here than elsewhere, but the quality reflects that too. We enjoy the dim lighting and the cozy vibe that this establishment has, and that really makes it perfect for romantic dates with the one that you love. They have some dishes here that are more unusual, like the stuffed salmon and the whipped potatoes! Those are truly our favorite things on the menu. They also have a wide selection of wines for you to choose from, and we love all the salads here too. Great garlic sauce, and tasty pitas. Delicious smoothies too! You will be able to find this excellent Mediterranean restaurant at 31531 Gratiot Ave.

♦ China King ♦
China King is one of our favorite places to grab some great Chinese food when traveling with Roseville limousine! The dishes that they are most known for are the almond chicken, the kung pow chicken and kung pow shrimp, and the egg foo young. These will really knock your socks off! If you come in for lunch, you won't believe the low prices for the lunch specials, and any time of day you can get delivery with just a minimum order of fifteen dollars! Very nice. They have delicious egg rolls here, and very tasty fried rice too. You'll certainly want to try the fried dumplings, and the chicken chop suey is great for sharing too! They do not use MSG here, so if you are sensitive to that, that's good news. When you are ready to visit China King, find it at 16960 E 13 Mile Rd.

♦ Famous Dave's BBQ ♦

There are quite a few Famous Dave's BBQ restaurants in our state, but this location in Roseville is a standout in our minds. Before we even get to the food, we have to mention that they have a full bar here, and free wifi! Two of our favorite things. The brisket is one of our favorite things, and we also enjoy the pulled pork, the ribs, and the macaroni and cheese. We also love the corn on the cob, and the corn muffins are also just amazing! Crave-worthy. Famous Dave's has won many barbecue competitions over the years, and there's no question why. When that hankering for delicious barbecue food hits, you can always get something great at Famous Dave's BBQ, at 20300 E 13 Mile Rd!

♦ Sea Breeze Diner ♦
When you want a great breakfast when you're traveling with Roseville limos, Sea Breeze Diner is a perfect choice. The sea breeze omelette is one of our favorite things here, and it's of course their signature dish. It's got all the same ingredients as a traditional western omelette, plus bacon, sausage, tomatoes, and mushrooms. We love the fact that they have so much seating here so you won't find yourself waiting for a table, and the service is super fast on top of that so it really makes all the difference in the world. You'll love their hash browns, and the coffee is very good here too. You'll be able to find the one and only Sea Breeze Diner at 32773 Gratiot Ave.

♦ Big Jack's Bar-B-Q ♦
Big Jack's Bar-B-Q has changed names more times than we can count in recent years, but the one thing that never changes is that they serve fantastic barbecue! As a matter of fact, it has changed, for the better! They're even serving more generous portions nowadays, and yet the prices have not changed. That's surprising, and we appreciate it! The ribs are what we always get every time we come in, but we also enjoy the breakfasts in the mornings, especially because they have peameal bacon and delicious hash browns! There's a full bar here too so you can enjoy some drinks after all that wonderful barbecue! Ready to give Big Jack's Bar-B-Q a try? You can find this restaurant at 27454 Gratiot Ave.

♦ National Coney Island ♦
National Coney Island gets rave reviews for good reason, and we wouldn't have felt right about leaving such a great coney island restaurant off this list. We love the atmosphere here, with all those comfy booths and the super fast service. Our favorite thing here is without a doubt the classic coney, and second in line would be the cheese fries! The sliders are really good too, and if you've got a hankering for some great breakfast food, the french toast is a go-to item as far as we're concerned! Quite a few of the diners in this area don't accept credit cards, so we really appreciate the fact that this one does. It's lots of fun here for the kids too with that old fashioned classic vibe! Everybody just loves National Coney Island, and you can find it at 32449 Gratiot Ave!

♦ Canton Inn ♦
Canton Inn is one of those Chinese restaurants that hasn't changed much in all the years it's been there. And why would you want it to? We love these retro restaurants. It's surprising how low the prices are for the meals here, and it's really easy to save some money thanks to that! The sweet and sour dishes are very unique here, and we love the homemade egg rolls too. They have some Americanized dishes and some more authentic ones, but we find that they are completely consistent with the quality on both types of dishes. Everything is good here, from the chop suey to the general tso's! Canton Inn is one of the most beloved restaurants in all of Roseville, and you can find this great Chinese food establishment at 28541 Gratiot Ave.

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