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Romulus, Michigan

is of course home to many great restaurants since it's also the home of Detroit Metro Airport! Of cousre there are a lot of travelers in this area enjoying meals at any number of these great restaurants that are located within the 48242 and 48174 zip codes, and we would recommend them all very highly to you!

♦ Beirut Restaurant ♦
Even though Beirut Restaurant is just tucked away in a little strip mall near the airport, and it's really nothing much in terms of ambiance or decor, the food is AMAZING. People go wild for this place. The lamb kafta is one of our favorite things to have here, and we just love slathering every single piece of food with that addictive garlic sauce! Oh wow. It's so good. If you want something that's melt-in-your-mouth good, we'd recommend the delicious chicken shawarma. They have fresh pita bread too that's just fantastic. Don't skip the salad, because it's really good, and we love the spinach pies too. You will be able to find the oft-recommended Beirut Restaurant at 7650 Merriman Rd.

♦ Sora Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar @ Detroit Metro Airport ♦
If you are a lover of sushi like we are, and of Japanese cuisine in general, then you should certainly check out Sora Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar, located at Detroit Metro Airport. Many of you travel to and from your flight with Romulus limo service, and the next time you do, you should definitely stop in here! We especially enjoy their chirashi and bento boxes, and they have really great miso soup as well. The spicy tuna rolls are especially flavorful, and we love the panko mackerel! This sushi and Japanese fare is of surprisingly high quality for being at an airport restaurant, and that's why this is our restaurant of choice when we are at Detroit Metro Airport! You will be able to find Sora at the Northwest World Gateway Terminal, and you will love it.

♦ Leonardo's Pizzeria & Italian Grille ♦
Leonardo's Pizzeria & Italian Grille is an incredible place to stop on Merriman Rd, especially when you are traveling to or from Detroit Metro Airport with Romulus limousine. The ambiance is very nice here, and the people who work here always greet you with a warm smile so you really feel very welcome. We enjoy sitting at the bar as well as in the normal dining area, but wherever you sit you will be amazed by the quality of the food here. Our favorites are the gamberi penne arribiata, and we also enjoy the chicken marsala which comes with delicious spaghetti. They have really thirst quenching cocktails for you to enjoy here too. You can find Leonardo's Pizzeria & Italian Grille at 7575 Merriman Rd.

♦ Wheat and Rye ♦
Wheat and Rye has always been one of our favorite restaurants to visit in Michigan, especially the location in Romulus. It's located conveniently close to the airport, and when you are on the road with Romulus limos, you really can't go wrong with a visit to this dining establishment, whether for food or drinks or both! They are known for their sandwiches, hence the name, and these are enormous sandwiches that are big enough to share! The hamburgers and chili cheese fries are really noteworthy, but our top choice is without a doubt the pastrami on pumpernickel with Russian dressing. It would be hard to come up with a better combination than that! You can find Wheat and Rye at 7000 Merriman Rd. Very highly recommended!

♦ Musashi ♦
When you are stuck at Detroit Metro Airport, there's nothing better to do than stop in to Musashi and eat some delicious Japanese food! The prices are a bit high here, and the ambiance isn't much since it's a part of the food court, but you can't argue with the fact that the food is good. We love the fact that they use picture menus with numbers, because that really makes for an easy decision without too much thought. You can even grab some fresh salads on the premises, all packaged and ready to go, but super crisp and fresh We like the canned green tea that is found in the same area as the salads. It's surprisingly good. You will be able to find Musashi at Detroit Metro Airport, on William Rogell Dr.

♦ Bob Evans Restaurant ♦

Bob Evans Restaurant may be a chain restaurant, but that doesn't stop us from appreciating all the great food that they serve here! They always have the best prices and the highest quality for breakfast, and the fact that they have free wi-fi here means that you can get a little bit of work done on your laptop or on your smartphone while you're waiting for your food to arrive. We love the honey biscuits, the hot chocolate, and the perfectly cooked eggs and corned beef hash. It's not just breakfast here though. Later in the day you can enjoy sandwiches and entrees and whatever else you may be in the mood for. Their menu is so widely varying and includes just about everything you may be craving. You can find Bob Evans Restaurant at 30987 Flynn Dr.

♦ Diego's Mexican Village @ Detroit Metro Airport ♦
If you thought you couldn't get good Mexican food at the airport, you were wrong! Diego's Mexican Village is proof of that. The food is really, really good here. We love their enchiladas with chorizo, beef, and chicken, and they taste so good with the red and green sauces on them. They have very good fresh salads too, and the beef quesadillas are just delicious. Anyone who passes through here regularly will tell you that this is the go-to place for margaritas at the airport! Many say that they are overpriced, but they taste really good and are generously sized. You just can't beat that fresh citrusy flavor alongside your spicy food! You can find Diego's Mexican Village at Detroit Metro Airport!

♦ Merriman Street Grill ♦
Merriman Street Grill has become one of our favorite restaurants in Romulus. We love the fact that they serve such huge hearty portions, and that the service is so good here! We especially enjoy their steak caesar salads, their philly cheesesteak sandwiches, and their Greek salads, and we have also been known to indulge in that fabulous wet burrito from time to time! The hamburgers, especially the mushroom and swiss, are so good, and we also love the fish tacos! They have so many different things for you to enjoy here, making it a perfect spot for groups when everybody is in the mood for something different. You will be able to find Merriman Street Grill at 7660 Merriman Rd. Very highly recommended.

♦ Max and Erma's @ Detroit Metro Airport ♦
Max and Erma's can be found at Detroit Metro Airport, and we love coming here for their wonderful breakfasts. Especially that sensational french toast! They cook everything just perfectly here, whether it's corned beef or sausage or bacon. Speaking of corned beef, the reuben sandwiches are fantastic! There are so many fancy restaurants to choose from at the airport, but at the end of the day we say skip all the pretense and go with something simple and delicious like Max and Erma's. Really great service here too. Find it at Detroit Metro Airport before or after your next flight!

♦ Louie's by the Airport ♦
We just love Louie's by the Airport. It's a great place to go for all your diner favorites, especially breakfasts, and especially omelettes! We especially love the ham and cheese omelettes, but you can't go wrong with any of the combinations that they offer here. They have fantastic pancakes and toast too, and we especially love their grits and hash browns. If you're not there for breakfast, we'd recommend that you try the bean and ham soup, and if you're looking for something healthy that will really satisfy you, the grilled chicken salad is a simple choice and a very tasty one! You can find Louie's by the Airport at 13175 Middlebelt Rd.

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