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Romeo, Michigan

can be found in the county of Macomb, and when you're traveling in the Romeo zip code of 48065, you will find plenty of great restaurants and bars in the city itself, as well as in the neighboring cities of Washington (48094) and even Bruce (48065). Take a look at some of our favorites, and try to visit one or two of them next time you're on the road in this area with Limo Detroit!

♦ Younger's Irish Tavern ♦
Younger's Irish Tavern is one of the very best places to drink and dine in the Romeo area. We especially love Wednesdays at this place, because it's built-your-own-burger night, and they're only a dollar! That's just a taste of their incredibly affordable specials. Tuesdays are a hit with build-your-own-pasta! If you're wanting something really excellent and yet surprisingly affordable, you can't go wrong with their prime rib. As you can see they've got a huge array of delicious things to choose from, and their drinks are also excellent and very cheap. Everything's so affordable here! Younger's Irish Tavern can be found at 120 S Main St right here in Romeo.

♦ Yorokobi Sushi ♦
Yorokobi Sushi is definitely the spot to go for sashimi and sushi in the Romeo area. The last time we went, they didn't have their liquor license yet, so if you're seeking some great Japanese beer or sake, you may be a little disappointed — but maybe by the time you read this they've acquired that license. The rolls here are absolutely excellent, with many small additions to all the traditional rolls that make them really something special. The dragon roll is one of our favorites. We also love the convenient location of this restaurant, right in the downtown area of Romeo. Yorokobi Sushi can be located at 117 S Main St right here in the city of Romeo.

♦ China Kingdom ♦
China Kingdom is a really beloved spot in the downtown area of Romeo, with a charming storefront location and a really nice comfortable ambiance inside too, even though it's designed as more or less just a carryout restaurant. There are four tables for dining though, so it will work for your smaller parties, or we recommend carryout in the limo! The prices are unbelievably low here, and the service is superb. The cabbage egg rolls are one of our favorites here, and we really enjoyed their hot and sour soup. An all-around excellent dining experience right here in town! China Kingdom is found at 213 N Main St here in Romeo.

♦ The Pantry ♦
For deli fare, breakfast food, and brunch, you can't go wrong with a visit to The Pantry on Van Dyke in nearby Washington! The prices are super low and the quality is super high. The lumberjack breakfast is our favorite option here, and we also really enjoy their apple pancakes. If you're an omelet fan, theirs are highly recommended. And for crepe fans, you can't go wrong with the strawberry. No matter what you get here, we recommend that you pair it with a hearty glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. The Pantry is found at 58884 Van Dyke Rd in nearby Washington. Very highly recommended!

♦ Georgio's Apple Orchard Inn ♦
Georgio's Apple Orchard Inn is an autumn essential as far as we're concerned. We love to indulge in their Oktoberfest menu of delicious German food! Their beef roulalden is amazing, and the weinerschnitzel and bratwurst plates are really out of this world. The spaetzle and red cabbage are excellent as your sides. They've got fresh oven-baked bread for you to enjoy, plus a huge variety of German beers to choose from. If you're not into all the German fare, you can find a lot of traditional American favorites, like steaks and chops, burgers and fish. They've got just about everything here. Georgio's Apple Orchard Inn can be found at 62840 Van Dyke Ave in nearby Washington.

♦ Thee Office Pub & Cookery ♦

The They've got just about everything you could want at Thee Office Pub & Cookery, but we tend to opt for the pizza because it's so excellent! Definitely beats out all the carryout/delivery pizza joints in the area by a mile. Everybody loves the chicken tenders here, we recommend ordering them with the ranch because it is so tasty. The Philly cheesesteaks are amazing too, and they've even got a good veggie burger if you're trying to stay on the healthier side. The five buck Pabst Blue Ribbon pitchers are a real plus here too if you're trying to save a few bucks! Thee Office Pub & Cookery can be located at 128 S Main St right here in Romeo.

♦ The Main Street Bar & Grill ♦
If you're seeking a great karaoke hangout in Romeo, The Main Street Bar & Grill is definitely the place to check out. The karaoke is on Saturdays, but it's a great place to hang out any day of the week. The food is really delicious, and the atmosphere is really clean and nice. There's more than enough room here for your larger parties, and the price range is low to medium, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. Great food, great drinks — what more can we tell you about this little Main Street gem? The Main Street Bar & Grill can be found in its familiar location at 223 N Main St, right here in Romeo.

♦ The Local Cafe ♦
The Local Cafe has just about everything that you could possibly be craving right now, including deli favorites, ice cream, and frozen yogurt! There's no breakfast here, but the sandwiches and soups are great for lunch, and no matter what time of day it is, it's always great to indulge in a little ice cream here. What's our favorite thing though? Definitely the Cuban sandwich. That's too hard to find around here. The ice cream is super cheap too! If you're planning to feed the goats in Frontier Town, you can even buy your feed here for just fifty cents! That's lots of fun for the kids. The Local Cafe has a very convenient location at 67400 Van Dyke Rd in nearby Washington.

♦ Old Stone Bar & Grill♦
Looking for a great place to drink and dine in the nearby Washington area? Old Stone Bar & Grill is a definite winner. We're huge fans of the scallops here, and the jambalaya is also really out of this world. They're known for their seafood, so you really can't go wrong if you stick to that side of the menu, though we'd say that everything, even the non-seafood dishes, are just excellent here. If you're a bit of a sommelier, you will enjoy their wines! A very nice selection here. We were pleased with our entire dining experience, no exceptions. Old Stone Bar & Grill is located at 60730 Van Dyke Rd in nearby Washington.

♦ Times Square Restaurant ♦
Times Square Restaurant is located in nearby Bruce Township, and we are big fans of their breakfast. The blueberry pancakes are one of our favorite things to order here, with a generous scoop of blueberry topping dripping down the pancakes and tantalizing our tastebuds! The spinach and broccoli omelets are also a very nice choice, and the pastrami hash is also a standout item! We appreciate that they make four-egg omelets here, but if you're on the go you might need to take some with you! The portions of everything are so generous here. Times Square Restaurant can be found at 70927 Van Dyke Rd in nearby Bruce Township.

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