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Rochester Hills, Michigan

is without a doubt one of our favorite places ot visit when we want some really fantastic food and drink! The restaurants and bars that are found in the 48306, 48307, and 48309 zip codes are some of the best ones in the state as far as we are concerned. Check them out.

♦ Miguel's Cantina ♦
Miguel's Cantina... just hearing the name starts our mouths watering! We have enjoyed this restaurant so many times, especially on Margarita Mondays and Taco Tuesdays! On Wednesdays their special is enchiladas, and on Thursdays you can get Coronas on the cheap1 Very nice. One of the very many things that we love the most about this restaurant is that they make the salsa fresh at your table! You can request a little more of this or a little less of that, and really customize it to your liking. In terms of the entrees, we'd most highly recommend the chiles rellenos, and the burritos and enchiladas are also two of our favorites here. You will be able to find Miguel's Cantina at 870 S Rochester Rd.

♦ Kruse & Muer in the Village ♦
Everybody loves Kruse & Muer locations, and the Kruse & Muer in the Village location is one of the best as far as we are concerned. The salads are some of the freshest and most delicious that we have ever tasted, and we really love to eat that fresh bread alongside the salad. However, be careful not to fill up too much on that amazing bread, because you need to save room for the entrees! The salmon is just fantastic, and the steaks are just incredible. Perfectly cooked to order and so flavorful. Now and then they have Nantucket Chicken as a special, which comes with lobster and crab on top, and it's unbelievably good. Wonderful place for special dates or outings with friends! You will be able to find Kruse & Muer in the Village at 134 N Adams Rd! Very highly recommended.

♦ The Hills Bar and Grille ♦
The Hills Bar & Grille is one of the best bars around, and we would very highly recommend it to you anytime you are traveling with Rochester Hills limo service! Happy hour is our favorite time to come in for the unbelievable specials, and the best nights are definitely Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. There are always lots of happy customers here enjoying the food and drinks, but yet it never feels overcrowded. We have enjoyed many St Paddys Day celebrations at this bar, and hope to many times in the future too! There are lots of televisions around so you can catch the game while you're here too. You will be able to find the great The Hills Bar and Grille at 6810 N Rochester Rd.

♦ BRAVO! Cucina Italiana ♦
BRAVO! Cucina Italia is one of the very finest places in town for delicious Italian food, and we recommend stopping by this lovely place any day of the week! They have great outdoor seating that you'll enjoy when the weather is warm, and a full bar so you can have a few drinks before or after your meal. Our favorite thing to order here is the New York strip steak, and we always enjoy the calamari as an appetizer. If you're not big on calamari, try the spinach dip! The chips are homemade, and they are unbelievably good. We also love all of the pastas and eggplant dishes here. The service is fantastic and the ambiance is very comfortable and cozy. You can find Bravo at 286 N Adams Rd.

♦ Fresco Wood Oven Pizzeria ♦
Fresco Wood Oven Fired Pizzeria will really blow your mind with the incredible flavor, and of course that is all due to the wood oven imparting so much flavor to the crust! Everybody just loves it. If you are a big fan of meatballs, the two biggest attractions here as far as we are concerned are the meatball appetizer and the meatball pizza! That's an Italian treat that nobody can ever resist. We also love the Napoletana pizza with all the delicious anchovies providing plenty of flavor. The barbecue chicken is yet another one that we're addicted to. Sometimes it's so hard to decide which one to get! Great cozy atmosphere and incredible service from a really friendly waitstaff. You can find Fresco Wood Oven Pizzeria at 1218 Walton Blvd.

♦ Mitchell's Fish Market ♦

If you've got a craving for delicious and fresh fish, you have got to head over to Mitchell's Fish Market when you are next traveling with Rochester Hills limousine. One of our go-to items here would have to be the scallops, and all of the fresh fish is just to die for. Cooked perfectly, flakes easily with a fork just as it should, and the sauces and flavorings that they use here are just off the charts with flavor. If you aren't in the mood for seafood, you will certainly enjoy their perfectly cooked steaks! We also love the salads and soups here. Everything they offer is high quality. Superb would be an understatement! You will be able to find Mitchell's Fish Market at 370 N Adams!

♦ Crust Pizza ♦
It's hard to describe how much we adore Crust Pizza. It's one of those places that causes insane cravings in the middle of the night when they're not even open for business, because you suddenly think of that perfect thin crust and the delicious wine, and you just have to have it! The atmosphere is very modern, very contemporary, and yet so comfortable and not too brightly lit so you can sink into the seats and relax with your guests. The prices are a bit high according to some, but for the flavor that you receive, we truly believe that it's worth every penny. And it's good for groups when you are traveling with Rochester Hills limo too. You will be able to find the one of a kind Crust Pizza at 2595 Rochester Rd. Very highly recommended!

♦ Sukho Thai ♦
How many times has someone recommended Sukho Thai to you? If you're like us, the number is in the dozens. Finally we had to head over there and find out what all the fuss was about, and are we ever glad that we did! This is some of the best Thai food around, and the ambiance is just so comfortable and nicely decorated. They serve all of the dishes in very hearty portions, so you can really get full at a very low price. They even have sushi here! And it's surprisingly very good! Despite the fact that this restaurant has changed owners many times in a relatively short time, the quality has somehow never changed a bit. You will be able to find Sukho Thai at 54 W Auburn Rd!

♦ Burgrz ♦
If you're a lover of hamburgers, you have got to check out Burgrz. First off, how can you not love that name? And secondly, nobody in town does burgers better than this. We love the fact that they cook the burgers to order here, which unfortunately is difficult to find at places that specialize in burgers, ironically! They also have a huge array of toppings here that are really unusual, like bleu cheese, avocado slices, or onion straws! Delish! They actually have really good options for those who prefer an alternative kind of "burger" like chicken burgers, turkey burgers, veggie burgers, and Boca burgers! Check out Burgrz at 3204 Walton Blvd, and we highly recommend that you go find it asap!

♦ Oceania Inn ♦
If you are craving amazing Chinese food when you're on the road with Rochester Hills limo service, we would very highly recommend Oceania Inn to you. It's not one of the uber-modern Chinese restaurants with all the fancy gourmet dishes... rather it's an old school Chinese restaurant that hasn't changed much in all the years it's been here, and the food is super cheap and good! If you enjoy these kinds of restaurants as much as us, then you'll do right to check this one out. We love their mongolian beef, and their fried rice is fantastic too. Their egg rolls are generously sized and so tasty too. You are going to be able to find this great little slice of the past at 3176 Walton Blvd.

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