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Riverview, Michigan

which occupies the zip code of 48193 happens to contain some of the very best restaurants downriver! Southgate gets the honors for being the restaurant capital of downriver, but just because they have the most doesn't mean they have the best. If you've been concentrating your dining efforts over there, we think you should definitely set your sights on some of these great spots in Riverview! Be sure to give some of them a try if you're ever in the area with Limo Detroit.

♦ Chopstick Inn ♦
Chopstick Inn is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in the Downriver area. They put in little touches that really make all the difference, such as putting juicy pineapple in their sesame chicken, or the fact that they make their egg rolls on the premises with high quality bean sprouts and your choice of plum sauce or hot mustard. If you're used to the cheaper "cut corners" kinds of Chinese restaurants, we think you'll especially enjoy the high quality that you find here. This Chinese restaurant has been going strong for decades, and they show no signs of slowing down. You can find Chopstick Inn at 13836 Sibley Rd in Riverview.

♦ Parthenon Coney Island ♦
Parthenon Coney Island is a definite essential if you love delicious Greek food and coney island style cuisine. The breakfasts are excellent here and the coneys are good, but the star of the show is really the Greek cuisine. The chicken lemon rice soup is excellent, and the gyros are very good too! We love their cucumber sauce. Of course this is just a cozy little coney island, nothing fancy and nothing that will really wow you, but the food is good and so is the service. It's one of those standbys that you rely on when you're craving some delicious diner food or a yummy hot dog with all the fixings! You can find Parthenon Coney Island at 17064 Fort St in Riverview.

♦ Riverview Pizza Place ♦
Riverview Pizza Place is a great spot to go and grab an old fashioned pizza pie, and they really make them so well here! It's a family-run establishment and we believe that makes all the difference. They've been going strong for at least 20 years that we're aware of, and maybe longer! They're best known for their pizzas but we'd highly recommend that you don't overlook their subs! They're huge, and the sub bread is actually baked pizza dough, which needless to say is out of this world. Everything's high quality, and they've got both delivery and takeout here. You can find Riverview Pizza Place at 13620 Sibley Rd in Riverview!

♦ Zorba's Coney Island ♦
Zorba's Coney Island... what would Downriver be without Zorba's? This Riverview staple is nothing short of a mecca for late-night diners. Whether you're coming from the bar or heading out of the house just to satisfy your after-midnight cravings, Zorba's is the place to go. They've got a friendly staff, amazing coneys with plenty of chili, great fries including chili cheese fries, and of course those yummy grilled chicken salads if you're trying to opt for something healthier. Their breakfasts and Greek food are also fantastic, and if you're craving dessert, the rice pudding is the only thing they've got, but that's all you need! You can find Zorba's at 18237 Fort St right here in Riverview.

♦ Julio's Mexican Grill ♦
Julio's Mexican Grill is one of the newer restaurants in the downriver area, and we have been so impressed with their food and their service thus far. Everything is very fresh and authentic here, and you just can't beat the flavor. The taco salads are really nice here, and they have great tostadas too. Your choices for meat include chicken, ground beef, shredded beef, or pork — we recommend the pork most highly, but of course that's all up to personal taste. Everything here tastes super fresh and delicious, from the cheese to the veggies to the tortillas, and even the rice and beans are just fantastic. Very highly recommended if you'd like to try something new to the downriver area! You can find Julio's Mexican Grill at 15570 King Rd in Riverview!

♦ Nibo's Pizza ♦

The Nibo's Pizza — for the life of us we can't figure out why they'd call it Nibo's Pizza when their menu consists of so much more than just that! They really have it all. We love their meatloaf, and their submarine sandwiches are to die for. Their cabbage rolls are also quite noteworthy, and you wouldn't want to overlook their muffins and donuts either. If you love Hungarian hamburger soup as much as we do, you'll be happy to know that theirs is excellent. And when autumn rolls around, there is just nothing better than one of their pumpkin spice muffins. The price is right at this great little location. Find Nibo's Pizza at 15600 King Rd in Riverview.

♦ Marco's Pizza ♦
Marco's Pizza is a definite favorite in this area, and it doesn't hurt that the people who work here put so much effort into making sure that the customer is happy. It begins, though, with the perfect pizza. Their crust is some of the most flavorful that we've ever had, with several different flavors to choose from, and then when they smear on all that high quality sauce, it's a match made in heaven. Top it with the perfect amount of cheese and meat and veggie toppings, and you are good to go. The prices are very affordable here too, and you can't beat the convenient location at 17080 Fort St right here in Riverview! A definite winner in the pizza game.

♦ Full Moon ♦
Full Moon is one of the most beloved bars in the Riverview area. It's a convenient stop when you're on your way to or from Elizabeth Park for holiday festivities, and we think that the hamburgers and other bar favorites are just too delicious. They've got happy hour from 3:00PM to 6:00PM daily, including the weekends, and they also offer lots of different drink specials during Lions, Tigers, Red Wings, U of M, and MSU games. Though this place has only been known as Full Moon since 2009 when it was taken over from the previous establishment, Chasers, it is already a familiar part of the Riverview landscape. You can find Full Moon at 18204 W Jefferson right here in Riverview.

♦ Slip Mahoney's♦
Slip Mahoney's is a very popular bar right here in Riverview, and many who went to school in the area will vouch for the fact that it's like a high school reunion in there every weekend. They've got a truly wonderful flaming cheese here, and the steak bits is a bar favorite that we can never seem to get enough of. There's not much to say about this bar — it's just a typical homey dive bar where you'll feel very comfortable throwing back inexpensive shots and enjoying the evening with your friends. Enough said! You can find Slip Mahoney's at 18480 Fort St right here in Riverview!

♦ Hungry Howie's Pizza ♦
Hungry Howie's Pizza is an absolute essential in the Riverview area, especially if you are traveling with Limo Detroit! It's such a quick stop to pick up a stack of your favorite pizzas, and with all their famous flavored crusts to choose from, you really can't go wrong no matter what you pick. Their toppings are of the highest quality, so fresh and delicious, and they also have excellent subs and other lunch and dinner items too. Definitely worth checking out when you find yourself in the area, and a real essential for a fabulous pizza pie! You can find this Hungry Howie's location at 19182 Fort St in Riverview. Don't miss it!

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