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Redford, Michigan

has always been one of our favorite places to take people with Redford limo service, because they have some of the best restaurants and bars around! Go ahead and take a look at our favorite places in the 48239 and 48240 zip codes, and if you enjoy them as much as we did, then let us know!

♦ Sandy's by the Beach ♦
Sandy's by the Beach is not only one of the most pleasant places to dine when traveling with Redford limousine, but it is also one of the least expensive! We absolutely love the hamburgers here, and that's what they are most known for. Of course that pairs so well with a couple of ice cold beers, doesn't it? And they have a nice selection of your favorites here. If you are not in the burger mood, their grilled chicken sandwiches on Texas toast which will really surprise you. So juicy and flavorful, and on that thick delicious toast. It's just perfect. There are lots of televisions here so you can catch the game or whatever's good on TV. They have good scores across the board. You will be able to find Sandy's by the Beach at 25853 5 Mile Rd! Don't miss it.

♦ Gest Omelettes ♦
Gest Omelettes is one of the best places for breakfast in Redford. Who would have gest it? OK, OK, bad joke. But we love this place so much for their unbelievable crepe style omelettes! All of the dishes here are simply enormous in portion, and in flavor too! The Polish omelette is one of the more unique items on the menu, filled with delicious keilbasa along with mushrooms and green onions, and when you smear that thick rich sour cream on top, you are really in for a treat. They've also got a deli omelette that is made with very high quality corned beef, and that one is memorable to say the least! We love it. Visit the great people of Gest Omelettes at 25906 Plymouth Rd!

♦ Mama Mia Restaurant ♦
Mama Mia Restaurant which has long been a community favorite, and there are a million reasons for that. For most of us who grew up in the area, this place is a favorite childhood memory, and a favorite stop today, especially when traveling with Redford limos! We especially enjoy the pizza here, specifically the deep dish, and the real difference maker here is that whole milk mozzarella as well as the high quality pepperoni and delicious sausage. Wow. Their spaghetti is something that they are also known for, and everybody's got so much love for that. Who doesn't love baked spaghetti? It's fantastic. The quality here has never wavered. The restaurant could use a makeover, but at the same time we all love the fact that it's never really changed, so that's a tough one! Be to sure to partake in over at Mama Mia Restaurant at 19385 Beech Daly Rd!

♦ Big Mama's Southern Kitchen ♦
Big Mama's Southern Kitchen is easily overlooked because of its unassuming location in a shopping center, but heed those neon lights and stop in for some truly amazing barbecued treats, soul food style! The corn bread dressing here is a work of art, and the barbecue ribs and fried chicken are just mouth wateringly good. Do not pass up the macaroni and cheese, and definitely indulge in those black eyed peas and collard greens too! The prices are really not that bad for the quality of food, though it is higher than you will pay for most soul food. The only downsides to this place is that there is no dine-in whatsoever, so you've either got to enjoy it in the car or when you reach your destination! You will be able to find Big Mama's Southern Kitchen at 9169 Telegraph Rd. Gotta love it.

♦ Happy Garden Restaurant ♦
Happy Garden Restaurant is a great source for delicious Chinese food whenever you are traveling with Redford limo service! It's very affordable, and really just a little hole in the wall kind of restaurant, but the food is served piping hot and it's just so good. The curry chicken and the sweet and sour dishes are our favorite things, and we love to pair them with some wonderful egg drop soup. The crab rangoon is another favorite, as is the chop suey, the chow mein, and the general tso's chicken! Note that the interior is very small, so if when you have a large group in tow you may want to take it to go. You can find Happy Garden Restaurant at 25854 W 6 Mile Rd. Great place.

♦ Murphy's Restaurant ♦

Murphy's Restaurant is a fabulous place to have breakfast when you're in the area, and we absolutely love the food here. They have all your diner favorites, including pancakes, eggs, biscuits and gravy, hash browns, bacon, ham... you name it, they've got it, and they prepare it just perfectly. It's a great place to sober up after the bar, or to wake up in the morning! We love all the Irish decor here though the place is not fancy at all... and those who always feel that St Patricks Day is just too far away will enjoy the countdown clock here! Very cool. You will be able to find Murphy's Restaurant at 26009 5 Mile Rd. Do not miss this fabulous breakfast spot!

♦ Bet & Jessie's Fish & Chips ♦
Bet & Jessie's Fish & Chips has been around for such a long time, and we wouldn't be surprised if they're still going strong in the decades to come. The fish and chips dinner is the essential choice here of course (hence the name!), but they have a wide variety of seafood for you to enjoy here including some really fantastic scallops! The batter is just perfect, not too thick and not too thin, and the flavor is always fresh. You can tell that they replace the oil here as often as is necessary, which unfortunately is not always the case at other restaurants in the area! The cole slaw is just fantastic here too. Great service as well. You will be able to find Bet & Jessie's Fish & Chips at 27206 Grand River Ave.

♦ Timber Wolf Tavern ♦
When you are simply looking for a great place to have a few drinks in Redford, Timber Wolf Tavern is your go-to spot. The prices are incredibly low here, and yet they've got a lot for you to enjoy, including live bands, music videos, and a juke box. They also have televisions so you can catch the game, and Club Keno if you're in a gambling mood! It seems like the place is always lively and packed with happy customers, but never overcrowded. We love the personal deep dish pizzas that they serve here, and you can really save some dough by ordering a pitcher of beer for you and your friends. The cheese dip is always great here too. You can find Timber Wolf Tavern at 25641 Plymouth Rd!

♦ Bread Basket Deli ♦
Bread Basket Deli is our favorite place to go for a fantastic sandwich. Ignore all those huge multinational chains that seems to be taking over the world! This is the real deal and no other place can even come close as far as we are concerned. The corned beef and pastrami are our favorite options here, and alongside those we really enjoy a hearty serving of their matzoh ball soup. They have great salads too, and delicious pickles. The thing you need to know though, is that you don't want to come in here and just get the soup or just get the salad. The sandwiches are the holy grail of this restaurant and that needs to be the centerpiece of your meal. Trust us. They're phenomenal. And best of all they stay open until 10:00PM! You can find Bread Basket Deli at 26667 W 8 Mile Rd.

♦ Cinco De Mayo ♦
Cinco De Mayo has really captured our hearts as one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in the greater Detroit area. Our favorite item on the menu is without a doubt the enchiladas con mole, and if that flavor doesn't just knock you off your socks your flavorlyzer is on the fritz. They have an amazing chorizo appetizer whose name fails us right now, but you'll figure it our and should order it... it even comes with fantastic peppers and melted cheese. So amazing. Really great chips and salsa, and the fajitas are out of this world too! We love the cozy atmosphere, and the people who work here really are what really sets them apart with their caring and kind attitude. You can find Cinco De Mayo at 25413 5 Mile Rd.

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