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Port Huron, Michigan

provides plenty of great reasons to visit, not the least of which is the great bars and restaurants that are located within city limits. We love visiting all of these great cafes and lounges in the 48060 zip code and we're certain that you will too.

♦ The Vintage Tavern ♦
The Vintage Tavern has a wonderful retro feeling that we just can't get enough of. Not retro in the untouched, unremodeled way -- just in a classic sense, with the kind of decor and ambiance that never gets old. We love their rotating menu that keeps things fresh, and if you love wine as much as we do you will certainly want to check out their wine flights while you're there. They're affordable and delicious! So are the chocolate martinis, and that can double as dessert if you like. We adore the pickle soup here as a starter for any meal, and you just can't go wrong with a delicious hamburger. The halibut is also a very nice choice. You will be able to find The Vintage Tavern at 103 Michigan St.

♦ Quay Street Brewing Co ♦
Quay Street Brewing Co is a wonderful spot to enjoy delicious beers and food that's really tasty too. We especially love sitting outdoors when the weather is good, but when it's cold outside you will enjoy the interior just as much. The homemade microbrews here are our favorite things to indulge in, and we also love noshing on that amazing bread basket that they bring before you dine! When it comes to the dinners, the lamb burgers are really noteworthy, and we also really enjoy the pizza with shrimp, and the black bean burger. The steaks and fish are very good too! And we love the spinach pie. The ambiance is very cool, and the people who work here are really great. You can find Quay Street Brewing Co at 330 Quay St of course!

♦ Bangkok Star ♦
Everybody loves Thai food, and when you find yourself craving it when you're traveling with Port Huron limo service, you will definitely want to head over to Bangkok Star to enjoy some of the freshest in Michigan! It's surprising how authentic the food is here, and in light of that fact, it's even more surprising how affordable it is. Our favorite items on the menu are without a doubt the bangkok chicken and the basil rice with chicken. In general we are beef or steak lovers, but these dishes are so good that we just can't resist them! They have a nice array of vegetarian dishes here too, and if you do not like your food spicy, you'll like the fact that they list the non-spicy dishes separately on the menu for your convenience. Really great atmosphere, very clean, and great service. You can find Bangkok Star at 421 Beers St.

♦ Palms Krystal Bar and Restaurant ♦
It's hard to say whether we love Palms Krystal Bar and Restaurant more for the restaurant side of the establishment, or more for the bar side! It's all just so fantastic. Let's talk about the food first. The chicken is super good here, just as moist as you would want it to be, and served alongside those fantastic thin cut fries, in an old fashioned basket. The fish is really good here too, and we love the coconut shrimp. They have some of the most tasty soups that we have found in the area, including a sweet potato bisque that will really knock your socks off! The ribs are also noteworthy. We've enjoyed both the ambiance and the service here so many times. For your drinks we'd recommend the classics, like a good old fashioned Manhattan. You can find Palms Krystal Bar and Restaurant at 1535 Pine Grove Ave. Very highly recommended!

♦ Pompeii's Pizzeria & Italian Eatery ♦
Sometimes when you are traveling with Port Huron limousine, a craving for some mouth watering Italian food will hit! And you should know that when that happens, you can always rely on Pompeii's Pizzeria & Italian Eatery. This place is so much fun, especially when you take a moment to watch the chefs toss that pizza dough like absolute pros. We've never seen them drop a single one! They've got wonderful wine here, and we love to enjoy the warm and cozy interior or perhaps sit on the outdoor deck when the weather is good enough for it! Nothing like a glass of wine and some great pizza in the moonlight on a summer evening. You will be able to find Pompeii's Pizzeria & Italian Eatery at 1120 Military St. Don't miss it.

♦ Red Pepper ♦

Red Pepper has been one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for a while, especially on Taco Tuesdays when you can really fill up and save a bundle at the very same time! But it's not just about loading up on cheap food here. The cuisine is really good. Not the most authentic in the world, but on par with the best Americanized Mexican restaurants in the area, and we do love it. We like that they serve the salsa here in squeeze bottles, which is unique, and as far as the entrees we think the best thing is the burritos. Really packed with high quality ingredients and amazing flavor! Beyond all that, our very favorite thing about this place is that they stay open until 4:00AM on the weekends! Enough said. Late night Mexican food cravings can be vanquished instantly! You can find Red Pepper at 1735 24th St!

♦ Thomas Edison Inn ♦
When you are traveling with Port Huron limos, if you need a unique and interesting place to stay, Thomas Edison Inn gets a very high recommendation from us. For the purposes of this review however, we will be focusing on the restaurant only. The food is truly of the highest caliber here, and yet the prices are very much in the moderate range. One of our favorite things on the menu is the chowder, and we also love the rack of lamb. The place has not been updated much in recent years, but we kind of enjoy the historical feel, and the best thing is that view of the St Clair River. The service is just fantastic. Great wine list too! You can find Thomas Edison Inn and the wonderful restaurant within at 500 Thomas Edison Pkwy!

♦ Jets Pizza ♦
Everybody loves Jets Pizza, and this location is perfect for your travels with Port Huron limo service. You can just walk right in and order all the pizzas you need for your party, and take them out to the party bus to chow down! We would very highly recommend that you order some extra pizza sauce on the side to dip the crust in, because it's fantastic, and don't forget to grab some fresh crisp salads too, because they make them very well. Nothing goes better with a hot pizza than a cool salad. We also love the submarine sandwiches here. They've never disappointed us here! Same great quality time after time. You'll be able to find Jets Pizza at 1345 24th St.

♦ Nick's Four Roses ♦
Nick's Four Roses is one of the newest restaurants in the area, and despite it being such a brand new diner, it has that great old fashioned diner vibe that we all love so much. It's always packed with happy customers, so you might just find yourself facing a short wait. They really serve you enormous portions here, and at that low low low price, it's no wonder that everybody keeps this place jumping day after day! Everything that they serve here is just fantastic, but what we'd recommend the most to you is their omelettes. They're so large and so perfectly made, and the potatoes are just fantastic on the side! You will be able to find Nick's Four Roses at 1329 24th St. Very highly recommended!

♦ Daybreak Cafe ♦
When you are looking for a sensational breakfast or lunch when you're with Port Huron limos, you will be very happy with what you find at Daybreak Cafe. The breakfasts are really our favorite here, and we love the eggs benedict the best! If you are the type who loves things sweet and rich, we'd recommend the chocolate chip pancakes, the cinnamon apple pancakes, and of course the unbelievable pineapple upside down pancakes! Wow. The fruit stuffed french toast is also really amazing, but even better is the Daybreak signature stuffed french toast, which includes pecans, cream cheese filling, and powdered sugar. That's just too delicious to even describe on paper. You can find Daybreak Cafe at 3910 24th Ave. Do not miss this place!

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