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Pontiac, Michigan

is a popular place to travel to with Pontiac limo service, and when you're done with the entertainment and the partying, you need to know where to go to get some seriously good grub! This list of favorites in the 48340, 48341, and 48342 zip codes will serve you very well. Enjoy!

♦ Mi Zarape ♦
Mi Zarape is the place for great Mexican food in Pontiac! We just love walking into this cozy restaurant and ordering our favorites any day of the week. The chips and salsa arrive instantly as you sit down, so you can dig right in and enjoy those hot crisp chips and some great conversation with your friends while you pour over the menu and decide what to get! The combo plates are the best choices as far as we are concerned, because you get to try so many different things. Their chicken tacos, cheese enchiladas, and sopapillas are all so good! The chiles rellenos are also fantastic, and we love the fresh margaritas here. Margarita specials on Thursdays too! Check Mi Zarape out at 3800 Centerpoint Pkwy.

♦ The Bronx Deli ♦
We just love The Bronx Deli. You don't have to travel all the way to New York to get some amazing sandwiches and deli fare! It's right here on Telegraph Road. The secret to the amazing food here is the fact that everything is made from the highest quality ingredients. The corned beef is of course the cornerstone of the menu, and we also adore their matzoh ball soup. The Italian subs are ridiculously good -- there are really no words to tell you how good those are. They're huge and packed with all your favorite ingredients. You'll certainly want to grab one of those amazing deli pickles while you're there too. Sooo good! You will be able to find The Bronx Deli at 247 S Telegraph Rd. Very highly recommended.

♦ Papa Vino's ♦
Everybody that we know loves Papa Vino's. They have a sizzling pasta dish that we simply cannot resist, very generously sized and of course served piping hot. The calamari is a very good starter here, done just perfectly, and they have a variety of different portions depending on how many guests will be sharing it. We love -- no, adore -- the crab pasta. You'll be craving it for weeks after just one bite. It's that good. The barbecue chicken pizza is another one of our favorites here, and we also love their bread and dipping sauce. Of course all of the previous items go just perfectly with the wines that they offer here, and your server will be happy to point you to just the right one. You'll be able to find Papa Vino's at 3900 Centerpoint Pkwy.

♦ Jalapenos ♦
Jalapenos is another one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in the area, and what we love the most is their wonderful rice and beans. They're the creamier type of beans, if you know what we mean. A little lighter in color and a little less clumpy, if that makes sense. It mixes very easily with the rice if you like to eat it that way, which we do. The menudo is fantastic here, and we adore the steak tacos. Sooo good! They come with a very fresh pico de gallo on top and that just tastes so refreshing! They give you a few different kinds of salsa here too, and whatever you don't use with the chips tastes wonderful on the food. We love the chile rellenos and the beef tacos too. They've got the jarritos pops here too if you like those as much as we do! You can find Jalapenos at 806 Baldwin Ave.

♦ Ichiyo Sushi & Grill ♦
If you are a sushi lover, you definitely need to head over to Ichiyo sushi next time you are traveling with Pontiac limousine! It's not the highest quality in Michigan -- you would have to travel a little further to find that -- but it is very, very good. It's just located in a little strip mall, and it's a family owned restaurant, which we think makes it even better than some of the best known sushi restaurants in our state. The salads are very good with the ginger dressing, and we love the bento lunch boxes that help you to save some money and yet still get full and feel satisfied! You will be able to find Ichiyo Sushi & Grill at 3999 Centerpoint Pkwy. We love it!

♦ JD's Key Club ♦

When it's time to party in Pontiac, you know that JD's Key Club is the place to be. Everybody loves coming out here to hear the piano music and enjoy the show, and we love coming out for those mini tacos, delicious burgers, and of course the good stiff drinks! You'll be surprised at just how affordable this place is, even when you figure the cover charge into the total. Somehow we have had cheaper times here than we have had at little hole in the wall bars downriver, and not only cheaper, but better! It's worth driving out to Pontiac to visit this place all on its own, but when you travel with Pontiac limos you can avoid worrying about traffic and just let our chauffeurs take care of you. You can find JD's Key Club at 1 N Saginaw St.

♦ Al Shallal Middle Eastern Cuisine ♦
Inevitably every time we are in Pontiac we start to crave fantastic Mediterranean food, and of course the reason for that is that we know that Al Shallal Middle Eastern Cuisine is right there, conveniently located on Telegraph Rd! They have some nice options here that are a little different from the norm. We love the lebanese salad with chicken, and the fattoush is also very good. The shish tawook is another one of our favorite items here, and we especially love the hommous and the soups! One of the nicest things to have to drink with your meal is one of their cocktails, which are basically veggie and fruit shakes (non-alcoholic). Our favorite thing is the Al Shallal Cocktail. Give that a try and you will fall in love with it. You can find Al Shallal Middle Eastern Cuisine at 526 N Telegraph Rd.

♦ Bo's Smokehouse ♦
When you want delicious barbecue food in Pontiac, you will do very well to visit Bo's Smokehouse. This used to also be a brewery, and though they are not anymore, they do feature a nice amount of Michigan microbrews, and that's definitely a good thing. We love the macaroni and cheese here, and the beef brisket is just one of the best things we have ever tasted. Another favorite is the three piggy platter, and the smoked sausage gets high ratings from everyone we know too though we have not yet tried it ourselves. If you want something different, try the clam chowder! It's really, really good. And the hamburgers are excellent too. You will be able to find Bo's Smokehouse at 51 N Saginaw St.

♦ Lemon Grass Thai Restaurant ♦
Lovers of Thai food who are traveling with Pontiac limos, heads up! Lemon Grass Thai Restaurant has got you covered for all your delicious favorites from Thailand. We really love the fresh rolls, and the pad thai is just wonderful. Sometimes the classics are the best. The pad se ewew is an excellent choice too, and all of their noodle dishes are very generously sized and just amazingly flavorful. The tom yum too, is crazy good. Of course lemon grass plays a big part in the flavor of this restaurant, hence the name, and they use it just perfectly to play up the flavor of the dishes rather than drowning it out with its own flavor. You will be able to find Lemon Grass Thai Restaurant at 3999 Centerpoint Pkwy. Love it!

♦ Brick House Barbecue ♦
When you want a great barbecue meal fast, and without having to beat the crowds and deal with a loud noisy atmosphere, Brick House Barbecue is the choice for you. The pulled pork will really please your tastebuds, and that beef brisket... Wow is all we can say! They have both beef ribs and lamb ribs here, which is nice, and we really like their macaroni and cheese and the french fries too. You can basically come in and order anything at all off the menu and know that it will be good, because they are so consistent here. We ave never had a bad experience here. If you're in the mood for some great comfort food, head on over to Brick House Barbecue at 226 S Telegraph Rd. Don't miss it!

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