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Plymouth, Michigan

is one of our favorite places to visit, even if it's just for a quick lunch with friends! The restaurants in the downtown are are some of our favorites ever, and we think you'll really enjoy them when you are traveling in this area with Plymouth limo service. Check out our top picks in the 48170 zip code below!

♦ Compari's On The Park ♦
When you are in the Plymouth area, perhaps traveling with Plymouth limousine, you can always rely on Compari's On The Park for delicious Italian food and pizza. Not only do they have some of the best tasting Italian food that we've ever had, but they also have a full bar so that you can relax and enjoy a couple of drinks with your friends. Whether before or after your meal (or during!), nothing goes down smoother with those pasta dishes and steaks than a rich glass of red wine. Speaking of wine, we'd recommend anything that is served with a wine sauce. We also love the penne alla anna with blackened chicken, and the butternut squash ravioli is comfort food at its very best. We very highly recommend this restaurant to you. You can find it at 350 S Main St.

♦ Thai Cafe ♦
Thai Cafe is just a cute little place located inside a strip mall, but they have some of the very best Thai food that we have ever tasted, and we've tried it all! This place stands up under the harshest scrutiny, in comparison to the best of the best. As long as you don't expect the decor to reflect that, then you'll be able to appreciate this slice of retro heaven. We love the pad thai, which is not the standard pad thai at all. The flavors are much more pronounced and it's just on a completely different level. Hard to describe, but give it a try. The tod mun is one of our other favorites, with incredible flavor, and we also love the pad woon sen for its delicious oyster sauce and the tom yum soup for that amazing spicy citrusy flavor that, again, is so far beyond the flavor found elsewhere. You will be able to find Thai Cafe at 200 S Main St.

♦ Box Bar ♦
Box Bar is conveniently located on Ann Arbor trail, and it's been a popular spot for everyone that we know, as well as many celebrities when they have been visiting in recent days to film movies in Plymouth and the surrounding area. There's no question why people love this place so much. They've got a huge selection of beer, cozy booths, and nice large televisions so you can kick back and watch the game. The food is really good, great hamburgers and sweet potato fries. The soups are very good too. You will love the daily beer tray which will only set you back six dollars at the time of this writing. If you're looking for a cool spot to chill as opposed to a place to party hard, this is definitely your spot in Plymouth! You will be able to find Box Bar at 777 W Ann Arbor Trl.

♦ Ironwood Bar ♦
Ironwood Grill is another favorite bar of ours, and we recommend it to you very highly when you are traveling with Plymouth limos. This place is always packed with happy customers, and yet it never feels too crowded or too close for comfort. The drinks always arrive very quickly here and that's something that we appreciate. They have great food, from delicious appetizers like fresh lettuce wraps, to wonderful salads and pizzas. We love the neapolitan veggie deluxe pizza! Their crust is exquisitely thin, and the flavor is just out of this world. The prices are pretty affordable here, but the portions are not very large. It all works itself out in the end. At the end of the day we think flavor trumps portion size, and the flavor is just amazing here. A great appetizer to share is the hommous platter, piled with delish asparagus, peppers, and pickles! You can find Ironwood Bar at 840 W Ann Arbor Trl.

♦ Burger Spot ♦
The Burger Spot is a cozy little diner that we have really fallen in love with in recent years. Vegetarians will love the fact that they have tofu dogs here, and they are just as good as the real thing as far as we are concerned! The salads are also super crisp and fresh. The hamburgers are of course what they are known for, and they are really delicious, nicely sized, and very juicy. If you are not a burger fan, there's no need to avoid this place, because they have great chicken tenders, soups, and the aforementioned dogs and salads! We love the style of this place, with the menu written on the wall and the fact that you order at the counter and then your food is brought to you. You will love both the burgers and fries here. Everything is just fantastic. You will be able to find Burger Spot at 550 Forest Ave.

♦ Nico & Vali ♦

Nico & Vali is a great Italian restaurant housed in a classic building that's conveniently located on Wing St. We just adore this place. The food is of a much higher caliber than that you'll find elsewhere, and yet the pricde is very much in the moderate range. We love their panzerotti, and the muffalata is a hard to find item that you will love here! The lasagna is very good, and we love their house made potato chips. The caprese panini is really fantastic, with that fresh mozzarella cheese that nobody can ever resist, plus juicy tomatoes and basil leaves. If you want something that's traditional and yet made with a lighter modern flavor, we'd recommend the eggplant parmesan. It's not as heavy as it is at other restaurants and we enjoy the texture and the flavor. You will really enjoy Nico & Vali at 744 Wing St.

♦ Addis Ababa Ethiopian Restaurant ♦
If you have never had Ethiopian food before, we would very highly recommend that you have your first Ethiopian dining experience at Addis Ababa Ethiopian Restaurant. If you are already familiar with it, then you will be doubly impressed with the quality of the food that you receive here. Not just the food, but the service, and the atmosphere. Everything is just very nice. You'll definitely want to start out with some of their tea, which is unbelievable. Don't be afraid of the cinnamon flavor, it is not overwhelming at all and is in fact very warm and relaxing. It will remind you of the holidays. Your only choice here is vegetarian or meat. Depending on what you choose, you'll be served all you can eat potatoes, lentils, chicken, lamb, and beans. Beyond the amazing food, they also play incredible world music here that really helps to set the tone. You can find Addis Ababa at 273 N Main St.

♦ Sean O'Callaghan's ♦
S Sean O'Callaghan's is one of our favorite Irish pubs anywhere in Michigan. We love the convenient location for travel with Plymouth limousine, and the atmosphere just can't be beat. We love the fact that the service is just as good as the food, as that's increasingly harder to find in Michigan bars nowadays. The chicken caesar wraps are one of our favorite things to order for lunch here, and we also love their corned beef and cabbage which of course is a more authentic choice! The shepherd's pie is also a fantastic choice. Failing all those, you can always enjoy a good burger here. They've got a great array of beer and wine here, and all your favorite spirits too. You can find Sean O'Callaghan's at 821 Penniman Ave.

♦ Three Brothers Restaurant ♦
If you are traveling with Plymouth limo service and you get a craving for some amazing Polish food, where are you going to go? Three Brothers Restaurant is the place we'd recommend! Their pierogies are the reason that we come in time and time again, and when we're not in the mood for those we also love the crepes. The chicken is very good here, and we love the stuffed cabbage as well as the chicken dumplings. The broasted chicken is a very nice surprise too. Don't forget to try their cabbage soup, and try the kielbasa too. You can find this great little taste of Poland at 8825 General Dr.

♦ Station 885 Restaurant ♦
Station 885 is one of those train-themed diners that the kids really love, so we'd recommend this one most highly if you've got young kids in the family! They'll enjoy the model train that runs around the room as well as the photos and other train memorabilia, while you enjoy the food! The menu is pretty similar to Denny's, just your typical diner fare, and it's really good. We're big fans of the cod sandwich here, and the club sandwich is also a very nice choice. They have really tasty individual pizzas too, which is cool for both the adults and the kids. When they have walleye here, you should definitely opt for that because it is so delicious. You will be able to find Station 885 Restaurant at 885 Starkweather St.

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