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Pleasant Ridge, Michigan

really features a wide array of restaurants and bars to choose from in its zip code of 48069, and you will also find quite a few good ones in the surrounding areas of Royal Oak, Madison Heights, Hamtramck, Ferndale, and Birmingham. If you're wondering where to eat and drink during your Limo Detroit trip to Pleasant Ridge, please take a look at a few of our top picks here, and perhaps visit them if you get the chance to.

♦ Mae's ♦
Mae's is most recommended for the breakfast and brunch crowd, and it's definitely our personal favorite as far as restaurants go in Pleasant Ridge. Note that they are only open until 3:00 PM, so plan to get there early. People have described the ambiance as hipster casual, and we'd say that's about right! Begin with a fresh cup of coffee and then decide which of the superb menu items you're going to call your breakfast... we love the abelskievers (Scandinavian pancakes!), and the raspberry variety is what we usually choose. They've got lots of benedicts to choose from for people who love eggs benny the way we do, and even the French toast is just amazing. Since the prices are so low, we recommend tipping big! They deserve it here, and you can be extra generous and still not even come close to paying what you do at most other breakfast haunts. You can find Mae's at 24060 Woodward Ave right here in Pleasant Ridge.

♦ Cork Wine Pub ♦
Cork Wine Pub is really amazing for those aspiring sommeliers out there... not enough good can be said about this place. The wines are of course the star of the show here, but the food does a great job of stealing the show! Feels great to support an independently owned business too, and we love it even more that they feature so many wonderful choices. The brick roll and fried brussels are so good, and their organic chicken is such a simple and flavorful dish. The cheese board is always enjoyable, and we love their fig spread. If you love lamb chops, this is a fantastic place to get them, and with quinoa too! So good. Cork Wine Pub can be located at 23810 Woodward Ave right here in Pleasant Ridge. Run don't walk here as soon as you can.

♦ Inn Season Cafe ♦
Inn Season Cafe is all about vegan, vegetarian, and Kosher foods. They're quite famous in this area for that fact, and we think that you will really enjoy this restaurant, especially if you're on a restricted diet of any kind and are seeking something healthy and flavorful. The mushroom soup is just to die for, and they have a simply incredible tempeh burger. The macro special is delightful, we always make sure to order the carrot juice along with any of our favorite fresh juices mixed in (we especially enjoy the ginger and apple!). Inn Season Cafe is found at its familiar location at 500 E 4th St in nearby Royal Oak!

♦ Thuy Trang Restaurant ♦
Thuy Trang Restaurant is a delightful Vietnamese restaurant that you certainly should not skip should you find yourself out in the area. Their pho is absolutely the best you'll find in Michigan, and we have always enjoyed their bun bo hue special. They've got some of the most flavorful and crisp spring rolls that we have ever encountered, and how about that pho nam te with the fresh veggies, the lime, the peppers, the herbs... we could go on and on about the flavors but really we just recommend that you head on over there and give it a try yourself! We can't get enough, and we're sure you'll feel the same. Thuy Trang Restaurant can be found at 30491 John R Rd in nearby Madison Heights.

♦ Polish Village Cafe ♦
Hamtramck is known for its great Polish restaurants, and Polish Village Cafe is perhaps the most famous of them all. The dill pickle soup is by far our favorite thing on the menu, and we know that you will enjoy the stuffed cabbage, kielbasa, pierogies, and sauerkraut. It's all so incredibly good. Don't overlook the potato pancakes either! They are really fantastic. The city chicken is also a great choice if that's something you enjoy. A stalwart local business that's been around seemingly forever, and for good reason! Polish Village Cafe is one of our most recommended restaurants, and can be easily found at 2990 Yemans St in nearby Hamtramck!

♦ Anita's Kitchen ♦

The We're always recommending Anita's Kitchen to our customers who ask us where to get good Mediterranean food! The flavors here are so complex and yet clean. The roasted red pepper hummus is just too good to believe, and the chicken shawarma is really mind blowing. The chicken shawarma sandwiches are one of our most often ordered lunch items, because they're so easy to just take with you or to eat quickly while you're banging out some work on the laptop. For dessert, take a peek at the lemon tart and molasses cookie! You'll fall in love. Anita's Kitchen is one of our absolute favorite Mediterranean restaurants, and you can find it very easily at 22651 Woodward Ave in nearby Ferndale!

♦ Penn's Thai Kitchen ♦
Looking for a dining experience that is just ridiculously good. We typically come in for a hearty serving of their pad thai! Though that's one of the more common dishes and particularly an American favorite, we just think it's so great here. The massaman curry is also out of this world, and we love to pair that with a yummy Thai iced tea, plus cap it all off with some of their fresh coconut based ice cream for dessert. We very strongly recommend the soups here — particularly the tom kha gai, also gotta give a shout out to the pad se ew as well. Penn's Thai Kitchen is often requested by our customers, and they are easy to visit right off 1800 W 14 Mile Rd in nearby Royal Oak!

♦ The Forest Grill ♦
If you are seeking fine French food in this area, The Forest Grill located close by in Birmingham is a real winner. They are known for their delicious veal, and we have been known to indulge in copious amounts of their incredible foie gras! So good. The lobster ghocchi is another item that they are especially known for, with tender lobster and really delicious rich sauce. If you love risotto, theirs is sublime, as is their rack of pork with tomato onion and pancetta sauce. For dessert do not skip the bread pudding with cinnamon bread, creme en glaze, chocolate crystals, and gelato. Just amazing. The Forest Grill is Metro Detroit's best French restaurant that we have ever been to, and we have been to quite a few, stop in at 735 Forest Ave in nearby Birmingham!

♦ The Fly Trap♦
The Fly Trap is perhaps the best known establishments in Michigan, having been featured on so many different shows on the cooking and food channels in recent years. They are known for their incredibly unique dishes and their fun kitschy atmosphere. Our favorite is definitely the green eggs and ham, not just because of the fun theme and the nod to the familiar children's book by Dr. Seuss, but because their poblano pesto sauce (the secret to the "green!") is just so mouth wateringly good. The famous Fly Trap can be located at 22950 Woodward Ave in nearby Ferndale!

♦ Peking House ♦
If you're craving some wonderful Chinese food when you're traveling through this area with Limo Detroit, there is really no better choice than heading to Peking House. Their garlic chicken is one of the things that we think really stands out on the menu, and we're also big fans of their egg drop soup, fried wontons, and wonton soup. The General Tso's Chicken (actually called General Scott's Chicken here) is so good you won't believe your tastebuds. Regardless of what it is you order you know you are going to be in for an amazing meal here. Very highly recommended! Peking House is still in its familiar location at 215 S Washington Ave in nearby Royal Oak.

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