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Perry, Michigan

When you're traveling in Perry (48872), you need to know the coolest and most convenient places to stop for a bite to eat or something cool and refreshing to drink, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic! We've compiled a list of popular places to stop in Perry and the nearby areas, as you can see below. We hope you'll get some time to check out any of these amazing drinking and dining establishments!

♦ McDonald's ♦
McDonald's is not always a top ranking item on our lists, but this one makes the cut because they have the "McCafe" style of decor here, with the fancier layout and nice furniture. It's the kind of place that you might hang out with friends before you head somewhere else for the evening, and it's always a great place to come in for a delicious hamburger or maybe some of their yummy lattes and cappuccinos. It's a really chill and relaxed atmosphere here, so you definitely feel like you can sink into their cozy chairs and stay awhile! You can find this McDonald's at 3077 Lansing Rd right here in Perry!

♦ Charlie's Bar and Grill ♦
Charlie's is a great little place to stop at in Perry for your favorite bar fare (juicy burgers, tasty fries, etc.), and their drinks are always icy cold and filled with a nice hearty amount of alcohol — they're never watered down like they are at some of the other bars in the area! You definitely get your money's worth here. You'll love the friendly staff that works there, and the regulars that typically fill the bar are super friendly as well. You can come in with friends and enjoy yourself, or come in alone and make some new ones! You can find Charlie's Bar & Grill at 136 Main St here in Perry!

♦ Brent's Pizza ♦

The Brent's Pizza is one of our all-time favorite pizzerias in Perry, and we're always happy to support a locally owned business over all the chain restaurants and pizzerias that are always springing up all over the place. We've only had the highest quality pizzas here — great cheese, wonderful toppings, just the right amount of sauce, and a truly delicious crust that's cooked to perfection. The people who work here are super friendly too, and they always make you feel so welcome when you walk in to pick up your pizza. We highly recommend this place to you when you're on the road with Limo Detroit! Find it at 123 Main St here in Perry.

♦ Hungry Howie's Pizza ♦
Hungry Howie's Pizza is another top choice of ours, and even though it's a chain pizzeria, we have never been able to resist it. Their flavored crusts are the thing that they are really known for, and we just love it. They've always got all kinds of deals going on, and you can easily find those deals on their Web site before you call to order your pizza. The staff at this particular location has always been incredibly friendly and accommodating, both to us and to our customers, and that's why we feel so comfortable recommending this location to you. You'll love this Hungry Howie's at 3058 Britton Rd here in Perry!

♦ 69er Diner ♦
69er Diner is a definite favorite in this area, often mentioned by the people who live in this area when you ask them the best places to dine in the area. It's nothing fancy — just a typical diner with traditional diner food, but it's of course also served in enormous diner portions, just the way you like it! We're big fans of the old fashioned ambiance just as much as we love the old fashioned service. It's nostalgic and welcoming. This is all around an excellent place to go whether it's for an early morning breakfast or an after-the-bar late night meal. Always a positive experience here. You can find 69er Diner at 3034 Lansing Rd right here in Perry! Don't miss it!

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