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Oxford, Michigan

is the home of many of our favorite casual restaurants, and whenever you are traveling in the area with Oxford limousine, this is a great place to enjoy good food with your friends without spending a lot of dough! Take a look at a few of our favorites in the 48371 zip code, below!

♦ Casa Real ♦
Casa Real is a lovely little Mexican restaurant conveniently located on Washington in Oxford. We love the ambiance at this restaurant, and we think it's so nice to sit at the bar before or after our meal to enjoy some fresh margaritas or perhaps an ice cold beer. Our favorite dish on the menu would have to be the el mocahete, and the fajitas and flautas would be our next choices after that. The thing that makes this such a big draw is that the food is truly authentic, which is all too hard to find. They have wonderful music playing too, and even salsa dancing at certain times. They have a truly wonderful waitstaff here that puts in so much care and concern toward guaranteeing you a fabulous meal. You will be able to find this little gem of a restaurant at 21 S Washington St! Very highly recommended.

♦ Red Knapps American Grill ♦
Red Knapps American Grill is one of our favorite places to go for lots of classic favorites, not the least of which is their incredible pizza. Their burgers are also a huge draw, and everybody loves their french fries and those thick creamy chocolate shakes! The thing that really makes all the difference here is that all of the baked goods are made on the premises. Freshly baked hamburger buns and more. Gotta love it. The cajun burger with ranch dressing is one of our favorite things in the world, and that's partly because their ranch is so amazing. All of the pastas are also really excellent here. Most of the entrees come with their delicious garlic bread, but if yours doesn't, you should definitely order it separately, because it is fantastic! You can find Red Knapps American Grill at 2 N Washington St!

♦ Victoria's Delights ♦
Victoria's Delights is a lovely French restaurant instantly recognizable by its familiar red and black sign with the black and white awning beneath it. Classic French style at its best! It's very trendy and classy here, and also very romantic for intimate dates with the one that you love. You'll feel like you've taken that long flight to Europe and are dining at an authentic bistro in France. They have a good amount of vegetarian options for those who prefer that, with the tuscan veggie panini being one of our personal favorites. Truly, the seafood crepes are our favorite dish on the menu though. They also have wonderful bouillabaisse, and their steaks are truly out of this world. For dessert, try the lemon crepes with berries. Magnifique! You can find Victoria's Delights at 12 S Washington St! Very highly recommended.

♦ Italia Gardens ♦
Italia Gardens is beloved by everyone that we know, for that classic exterior, the wonderful service that you receive inside, and the amazing food that is consistently served night after night. Whether you come in for brunch, lunch, or dinner and dessert, you will certainly get your money's worth and have a wonderful time. They do not have a full bar here, but they serve beer and wine and they have a nice selection of them. The wood burning oven is the secret to the flavor here. We love the chicken tetrazini, the chicken piccata, the ribs, and even the pizza! Everything that they serve here is equally good, and all of the sides and desserts are mouth watering too. The prices are very affordable, and yet this one is clearly the very best restaurant in all of Oxford. You will be able to find Italia Gardens at 1076 S Lapeer Rd.

♦ 'wiches ♦
'wiches has one of the most clever yet simple names out there, and we just love it. Sandwich fans from all over should be flocking to this place, and they are. It's much more than just sandwiches though! They have great pizza, delicious soups, freshly baked cookies! When you are having a casual party at home, there's nothing better than going in to 'wiches and ordering some platters of their sensational subs. They are so helpful with planning how many you'll need for your guests, and there's no way your guests won't be satisfied with the wonderfully fresh flavor that is so consistent from this restaurant. If you're not big on submarine buns, you can opt to have yours served on a wrap, and personally we think those are even better! Just so good. You will be able to find 'wiches at 40 N Washington St.

♦ The Oxford Tap ♦

The Oxford Tap is one of the most authentic little pubs, and truly one of the coziest, that we have ever been to. We love heading into that comfortable dim atmosphere to enjoy some drinks and perhaps a little something to eat. It's just your basic bar food with perhaps a few surprises, like wood-fired pizzas and delicious ribs. Everybody loves the breadsticks with their famous garlic butter, so we very highly recommend that you try them, as well as their tasty reubens and their grilled salmon! They stay open until 2:00AM every night of the week, so you don't have to worry about any of those early nights when last call comes sooner than you expected it to! Great music, super cheap beer, friendly waitstaff... what more could you want from a bar? You can find The Oxford Tap at 36 S Washington St.

♦ The Ox Bar and Grill ♦
Everybody loves The Ox Bar and Grill becasue it's so cozy and kind of retro. It's just one of the most comfortable places to relax and enjoy an ice cold beer. They serve Final Absolution beer here, which is very hard to find elsewhere, and we appreciate the fact that they have such a large selection of Michigan craft beers for the patrons to enjoy. We really love their club sandwich that comes with delicious slices of avocado. We also enjoy their nachos, and their mashed potatoes taste so good with the garlic that they put in them. Wow. They have great hamburgers here too. You'll love kicking back with some good conversation, and watching whatever big game happens to be on their television. You can find The Ox at 23 S Washington St.

♦ The Nugget ♦
The Nugget is a classic diner that we have always enjoyed over the years. Believe it or not, this is the only place you will find in the area that stays open late, and that makes it the most oft-picked after-bar spot! With the large portions that they serve and the delicious coffee that they brew, there's no question that it would be the top pick even if it wasn't the only one still open at that time of night! The breakfasts are our go-to meal here, and we also love the chicken wraps with creamy ranch! That's always a great bet. The prices are incredibly affordable here, so stopping in for breakfast or lunch is always cheaper here than anywhere else in town. You'll be able to find The Nugget at 1055 S Lapeer Rd.

♦ Big Boy Restaurants ♦
Everybody loves Big Boy's, but this particular location is one of our go-to spots for those traveling with Oxford limos because of the great quality of the food and the wonderful service that you receive. As we've mentioned on other pages, Big Boy's is a restaurant that we love, but it's not necessarily the most consistent from location to location. We're happy to say that this is one of the best ones. If it wasn't, we wouldn't include it on this list! They brew some of the freshest coffee here, and we love taking advantage of the soup and salad bar to save some money and make some healthier choices. When we don't feel like opting for the healthier menu items, we love to grab a slim jim or a big boy. The classics are always the best! This Big Boy's location is found at 955 S Lapeer Rd.

♦ Golden Dragon ♦
Golden Dragon is a surprising little gem that's just perfect for those Chinese food cravings! We love that they stick with the tried and true here, with the familiar Asian decor that we find at most Chinese restaurants in Michigan, and those classic Zodiac placemats on each table so that you and your guests can chit chat about which sign you are and how true the descriptions seem! That never gets old. The almond chicken is one of our favorite items here,and we also really enjoy the thai curry chicken, which is a nice surprise on their menu. It's nice that the meals come with soup, an egg roll, and a fortune cookie, just like back in the day. We love that old fashioned charm at this restaurant. You can find Golden Dragon at 32 S Washington St, and it is very highly recommended by us!

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