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Orchard Lake Village, Michigan

When you're out visiting Orchard Lake Village (48320), you'll definitely enjoy many of these sensational bars and restaurants in the surrounding areas of Walled Lake, West Bloomfield, Farmington, Waterford, and Commerce Township. Please look at selecting one of these for the times we are driving you through, and let us know how much you enjoyed it!

♦ Tony's Deli & Restaurant ♦
When it comes to outstanding deli's with delicious sandwiches, you'd be hard pressed to find many better than Tony's Deli & Restaurant right here in Orchard Lake Village. The sandwiches and salads are both generously portioned,to fill you up and enjoy yourself too. The chicken noodle soup is homemade and so delicious! Our favorite sandwich here is the Dinty Moore, which is piled high with delicious slaw and swiss! Gotta love that. Doesn't matter what you select here, you will be more than satisfied. And they're open as late as 9:00 PM Monday thru Saturday! Only until 3:00 PM on Sundays though. Tony's Deli & Restaurant can be found at 3258 Orchard Lake Rd right here in Orchard Lake Village!

♦ Boon Kai Restaurant ♦
Boon Kai is such a great choice for delicious Chinese food in the nearby area of Walled Lake! It's tucked away in a shopping center so it's easily overlooked, but don't! It's worth seeking out. They've got some of the very best hot and sour soup that you'll ever taste, and the Mandarin delight is a special dish that is so hard to find elsewhere! We recommend asking for extra wontons, because they're so good! The Boon Kai Special Steak is their specialty, and that's definitely the entree that we would most highly recommend. You'll be able to visit Boon Kai Restaurant at 1257 S Commerce Rd in neighboring Walled Lake. Very highly recommended!

♦ Al Oumara ♦
Al Oumara Restaurant is one of the top Middle Eastern restaurants around for years, but now it has been renovated and we love it even more! They just completed renovations within the last month (when this was written), and we are so impressed with what they have done to the place. It looks fantastic. The hommous and fattoush are still our two favorite things to order as appetizers, and for our main dish, the boneless chicken is just so irresistible. They've got great shawarma (both beef and chicken) that makes a wonderful and substantial sandwich for lunch! Al Oumara Restaurant can be found at 6096 W Maple Rd in nearby West Bloomfield.

♦ Yotsuba Japanese Restaurant ♦
Yotsuba Japanese Restaurant is so unique and so authentic. It's tough to find truly authentic Japanese food around here, but this one really stands out from the crowd. The bento boxes are always a crowd favorite, and it seems people really go really crazy over the pork katsu curry as well as the yakisoba. They've got a really relaxing and well-decorated atmosphere here, and we think you'll really enjoy the fountain too. They've even got karaoke here if you happen to be there after 10:00 PM! That's always fun, and it's typically pretty lively too! Yotsuba Japanese Restaurant is located at 7365 Orchard Lake Rd in nearby West Bloomfield.

♦ Kitchen Hanzo ♦
Another great Japanese restaurant in this area? You bet! Kitchen Hanzo comes highly recommended. An online reviewer described it as "authentic Japanese pub grub," and we think that's an excellent description! It's very authentic, and very much like the food that you will find if you ever make your way to Japan. We love the suigyouza, which is a delicious broth with dumplings and soy sauce. The tori zosui is a personal favorite of their items here, which is essentially rice and chicken with fish broth and fried eggs. It's really delicious! We love their eel, smelt, and tempura udon too, and the fried oysters are fantastic as well. When you have a hankering for a good burger, the teriyaki burger is sublime! Kitchen Hanzo can be found at 6073 Haggerty Rd in nearby West Bloomfield!

♦ New Sahara Restaurant ♦

The New Sahara Restaurant is another one of the excellent Middle Eastern restaurants that we'd recommend to you very highly, this one with so many delicious flavors that we have yet to find elsewhere! The tabbouli is tremendously yummy as is the hummus which is so fresh and delicious. They've got the famous lentil soup that all of the Mediterranean restaurants serve, but they offer other soups too which is nice. The fresh baked bread is really superb. If you love Chaldean food, note that they can make you some really delightful Chaldean dishes that you will not find on the menu. Just ask them! New Sahara Restaurant is located at 29222 Orchard Lake Rd in nearby Farmington!

♦ Lulu's Coney Island ♦
Of course you've got to find a great coney island for breakfast or for a delicious lunch, and when you're out this way, Lulu's Coney Island is your best bet. It's in a strip mall so it's easily overlooked, but pay that no mind. This is more diner than coney island, really, and a good example of this is the portobello eggs benedict or even just their simple poached egg. It seems that so many restaurants struggle with that, and we're happy to say that Lulu's gets it right every time. The grilled veggie pita with feta cheese is wonderful too, and we also love their tomato tarragon bisque. Everything's great here! Lulu's Coney Island is highly recommended, and can be located at 1001 Welch Lake Rd in nearby Walled Lake.

♦ So Thai Restaurant & Sushi Bar ♦
So Thai Restaurant & Sushi Bar will be sure to become your favorite Thai food, and sushi as well! That's a combo made in heaven if you ask us! The simple things are superb here, like the classic pad thai, and we also love the more unique dishes like the kickboxing chicken or the drunken noodles. The sushi is excellent too, really well made, fresh to order, and so flavorful. We've had so many wonderful meals here, and since the portions are so big, you're never left hungry! The chicken satay makes an excellent appetizer. So Thai Restaurant & Sushi Bar is found at 3377 Elizabeth Lake Rd in nearby Waterford.

♦ Sharaku♦
Sharaku is an oft-recommended sushi restaurant in nearby West Bloomfield, and we go crazy over it. The toro is just incredible, and everything is so authentic. All those weird Americanized rolls have no place on their authentic menu, and we appreciate that! The salmon roe is just exquisite here, and they've got bento boxes are that insanely affordable, just packed with delicious and high quality items like udon or soba noodles, tempura, rolls, and nigiri. If you enjoy katsudon and saba shioyaki, they have those too. Lots of things to choose from here, and it's always fantastic. Sharaku can be found at 6159 Haggerty Rd in nearby West Bloomfield.

♦ Andiamo ♦
Andiamo is an excellent choice for your higher class affairs, and if you're doing any type of large event, you should definitely consider this as your venue. For dinner any night, you'll enjoy popping in for a mouth watering steak, some incredible seafood, or a nice array of pastas and salads. The heirloom tomato and mozzarella cheese appetizer which is one of the top items we indulge in on a pretty regular basis! So fresh and flavorful. They also put roasted peppers and olives with it, which is a nice touch. Whatever it is on the menu that piques your interest, you'll really feel like you're treating yourself to something special. We love it and we know you'll love them too. This particular Andiamo location is located at 6676 Telegraph Rd in nearby Bloomfield Hills!

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