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Okemos, Michigan

is home to some really amazing restaurants, and we have put together a list of our top ten, Letterman style for when you are traveling with Okemos limousine! All of the restaurants and bars on this list can be found within the zip code of 48864.

♦ Travelers Club International Restaurant & Tuba Museum♦
Travelers Club is a sensational pub that we love to visit any time we are in Okemos, and we recommend that you stop in when on the town with Okemos limo service, you will be happy you did too! The full title is Travelers Club International Restaurant & Tuba Museum, and from that you can tell that you're getting a very unique experience here. They always have fresh and new specials that will really excite you, but if you're sticking to the usual menu we'd recommend the lemon chicken, the garlic black bean chicken, the cheesy chiliburger, or the homegrown sandwich. If you're there for breakfast we would suggest sampling the tasty buckwheat pancakes or the huevos con chorizo, and we also love the ethnic special eggs which are scrambled with chorizo and cajun spices with melted cheese and a tortilla. So good! You will be able to experience Travelers Club at 2138 Hamilton Rd. Definitely a one of a kind dining experience!

♦ Maru Sushi ♦
When seeking out some high quality sushi, you will certainly want to stop in to Maru Sushi when you're traveling with Okemos limos to try some of their tasty delights of the sea. They have a wide variety of specialty rolls here that will really excite even the most jaded sushi lovers who think they have seen it all! The soy joy is our top pick, and if you'd like something vegetarian you will really fall in love with the simply green or the archer. The conch roll is another thing that we really love, and we haven't been able to find that anywhere else. Their stir fry dishes are very good here, and the udon noodles are cooked just perfectly and have the most amazing flavor too. The service here is top notch, with a really friendly waitstaff that never disappoints. You'll be able to find Maru Sushi at 5100 Marsh Rd.

♦ Cancun Mexican Grill ♦
When you're in Okemos and craving some really incredible Mexican food, we'd point you straight to Cancun Mexican Grill. The chips and salsa are really stellar here, really a standout beginning to an amazing meal. The queso dip is even better, so we would recommend that you get that at the very same time and enjoy it alongside the salsa. The cabana style decor is very cute and lighthearted, and we always enjoy it. The enchiladas and burritos are probably our favorite things on this menu, and we love to pair those favorites with a nice ice cold beer or margarita. A really standout item that is easily overlooked is the soft tacos! Definitely give those a try, you won't be disappointed. Take a evening out with our friends at Cancun Mexican Grill at 1754 Central Park Dr.

♦ Old Chicago ♦
Old Chicago is of course where you should go to receive somewhat authentic style Chicago pizza! We say somewhat because realistically you're not going to get the real thing unless you make that several hours long trek to Chicago. But this is the next best thing. They have really great stromboli here, and we'd recommend the philly chicken stromboli the most! Very good. If you are getting the pizza, we would vouch for the greatness of their deep dish. If you are a beer lover, you may want to join their world beer tour and work your way through that list each time you visit! They have a great variety of beers here, far too many to count, and you will certainly have fun working your way through the list and earning rewards as you do. Old Chicago is found over at 1938 W Grand River Ave, and it's highly recommended!

♦ Stillwater Grill ♦
We've enjoyed Stillwater Grill very much over the years, and so have many of our loyal clients. We really love their French onion soup, and they also have a mean fettuccine alfredo with chicken that we can never resist! The new world scallops are really something to behold, and fish lovers will want to check out the Asian halibut or the grilled salmon. They put a lot of work into the preparation and presentation, and it really shows up when experiencing the quality of your dining experience here. The prices are moderate, not too high and not too low, just right for the quality that you receive, and it won't break the bank. The salmon salad is another item that we'd recommend you give a try if you want something really fresh and unique! Try Stillwater Grill at 3544 Meridian Crossings Dr!

♦ BD's Mongolian BBQ ♦

BD's Mongolian BBQ is one of the very few chain restaurants that we really recommend to people, and the reason for that is that we don't think enough people know about the great meals that are to be had here! It's basically like playing chef. You craft your own meal, scooping various meats and protein choices into your bowl, plus noodles and vegetables, then whatever spices and sauces you like. The cooks throw it on the Mongolian barbecue and grill it up to perfection with their trademark wooden sticks. If you don't like this place, it's probably because you're not mixing the ingredients together right, because the people who work the grill really know what they are doing. If you follow the advice that they give you, and keep it simple, you can't go wrong. Very highly recommended for a fun date or a night out with friends! You can find BD's Mongolian BBQ at 2080 W Grand River Ave.

♦ Ukai Japanese Steak House ♦
Ukai Japanese Steak House is a well respected place in Okemos to enjoy delicious Japanese fare and sushi. The ukai roll, their signature roll of course, is really delicious and we get it almost every time. The caterpillar roll is a real star too. If you are in the mood for something a little simpler and more classic, the eel rolls or the standard California rolls are always good here too. They have a great hibachi menu as well, and the chefs really know how to cook up a mean meal for you as well as putting on a great show! Some say the prices are just a bit too high here, but we think it's worth it for the great food and the entertainment. The ambiance isn't too much to look at, but it's comfortable. And they've got great sake as well! You can find Ukai Japanese Steak House at 2167 W Grand River Ave.

♦ Gilbert & Blake's ♦
Gilbert & Blake's is a fabulous seafood restaurant that we would very highly recommend for intimate dates or nights out with your family and friends. They have a fully stocked bar here, so you can relax with a drink or two either before or after your meal. They keep it relatively dim in here, which is nice for romantic evenings. For your meal, the filet mignon is a very tempting dish, and we also really love their kasu chilean sea bass. They're known for their delicious crab cakes too, and their au gratin potatoes are a noteworthy touch that really sets off the flavor of all the seafood dishes. If you have saved room for dessert that molten lava chocolate cake tho. Pair it with an espresso and you're good to go. You can find Gilbert & Blake's at 3554 Okemos Rd.

♦ Thai Princess ♦
Thai Princess is a restaurant that we have recommended many times, all because if the fact that the food is just of the most superb quality, and yet the prices remain low to moderate. Our favorite thing here is probably the tom yum, it is just so perfectly flavored, very citrusy and good. The pad thai is very good here if you like to stick with the tried and true, and if you want something a little different we'd recommend the green curry with your choice of meat or seafood. The spring rolls are a great starter, and they have lots of great choices for noodle fans. All of the workers here are so friendly and knowledgeable about the menu too. We just love this place. You'll be able to find Thai Princess at 1754 Central Park Dr.

♦ Akagi Japanese Restaurant ♦
Another great option when you want some Japanese cuisine! We just love this place so much. They have the fastest service of any Japanese restaurant that we have visited in Michigan, so you never find yourself wondering if they had to fly to Japan to get your sashimi or steak! They have so many different choices for you here, and no matter what you order you will find that the prices are incredibly reasonable. The tempura is just fantastic here, and the sauce they make is house is wonderful. The cold noodle appetizer a great way to start of your meal, and their edamame and teriyaki are very solid choices. When it comes to the sushi we can't help but rave over the spicy tuna roll which is creamier than most, and the tempura shrimp and eel roll. Very flavorful! You'll be able to locate Akagi Japanese Restaurant at 1754 Central Park Dr.

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