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Oak Park, Michigan

is just filled with great places to hang out and have fun with your friends, and that includes quite a few excellent bars and restaurants. You will be able to find all of the establishments below within the zip code of 48237, and we hope you enjoy them just as much as we do!

♦ Ernie's Market ♦
If you are a deli lover like we are, and especially if you are traveling with Oak park limo service, it is tough to visit a restaurant that is better for a really great lunch that's low in price too! They cut the meat right here on the premises, just like they used to do back in the day, and that old fashioned quality doesn't just begin and end right there. The service is really wonderful, and the ambiance is classic, with newspaper clippings and photos on all the walls recalling the love that people have shown for this unforgettable spot. Ernie is a big attraction here himself, with his larger than life personality and the way he tends to sing while he makes the sandwiches. Three pound sandwiches for five bucks? Where else are you going to get that deal? Our highest recommendation for Ernie's Market to you, and can be located right at 8500 Capital St!

♦ Pita Cafe ♦
When traveling with Oak Park limousine, you'd be doing yourself a service by visiting Pita Cafe! The name sounds a bit generic so you don't expect the delights that you'll find inside, like that famous crushed lentil soup, or the delicious garlic sauce that we love to smear every single dish with. We always order extra! They have all the favorites that you'd typically find at a Mediterranean restaurant, and they do them very well. We love the barbecued chicken and the chicken shawarma, and they also have wonderful hot rolls here that we love to pack with tabouli and hummus. Take your leftovers home with some of those and you can craft a very nice sandwich for yourself when midnight snack time hits! Find Pita Cafe at 25282 Greenfield Rd right here in the great city of Oak Park.

♦ Bread Basket Deli ♦
Oak Park limos can definitely take you around to some amazing delis in the area, and we couldn't imagine not including Bread Basket Deli on our list of recommendations. The corned beef on rye with pickles and mustard is truly special and perhaps the top you will find outside of New York City, our staff members are truly addicted to their very satisfying matzoh ball soup, as well as their traditional potato latkes! We love the pickle spears that come with all the sandwiches, and it's so cool that they wrap the sandwiches up in butcher paper just like they used to do back in the day. Those old fashioned touches are the things that really make all the difference. Pastrami fans should take note too, theirs is fantastic! Everything here is made in Michigan, so yet another reason to support this establishment! Found at 26052 Greenfield Rd.

♦ Sukhothai Restaurant ♦
It seems that all of us at Oak Park limousine are constantly recommending Sukhothai Restaurant to our friends and customers, and there's no wonder why! The price is certainly right, and the flavors here are really the ones that we measure all other Thai restaurants against. They serve nice large portions here that will certainly fill you up without having to eat the entire thing. They are quite authentic here, so you won't find hamburgers or any other American favorites on the menu. Just great curries, pad thai, soups, and salads. The tom yum is excellent, and we love the yellow curry with potatoes. When we think of comfort food in Oak Park, Sukhothai is the first name that comes to mind. The location of this wonderfully cozy restaurant is found at 25226 Greenfield Rd!

♦ Grape Leaves ♦
When you are craving some really delicious Mediterranean food while you're on the go with Oak Park limos, you certainly cannot go wrong when you take a trip to Grape Leaves! Overall they put out an incredible product which has us coming back for more of that unwavering high quality. Their garlic sauce is such a well blended flavor profile, and we just love to smear it all over everything from the pitas to the main course. The hommous and baba ghannouj are so creamy and delicious, and we are really hooked on the chicken shawarma here. All of the lamb dishes are also excellent. The prices are what we'd call moderate, and we can assure you that it's worth every single dollar. You'll be able to make a visit with Grape Leaves at 24700 Greenfield Rd.

♦ Wing's Gardens ♦

Wing's Gardens finds itself being our favored choice for Chinese restaurants for what seems like forever now, and part of the reason for that is that it seems like it would just be an average place for Chinese food, but they go above and beyond on every single point. They make everything fresh here, and in today's "fast food" world, that is a rarity that we really appreciate. The dishes that they offer here are all the typical ones that you find at most Chinese restaurants, nothing too groundbreaking or super authentic, but they make everything so well here, and you just can't beat that flavor. The family dinner for two is simply enormous, and really large enough to feed a family of four or more. And you just can't beat that price. Wing's Gardens is located in Oak Park at the address 8410 W 9 Mile Rd.

♦ Eddie's Gourmet ♦
Eddie's Gourmet is a great restaurant that we just can't get enough of. It's great because they have so many different types of food here, all kinds of entrees please all tastes and satisfy your appetite, and yet the prices do not reflect that of a fine restaurant at all! It's very cozy and family style here, but the food is just too good to believe. We love the steaks and that noteworthy zip sauce, and the fish and pasta dishes are just exquisite. We'd very highly recommend the tomato soup as well. But what's our absolute favorite item on the menu? That would have to be the Chicken Marsala. They really give you a very generous amount of mushrooms with it, and the wine sauce is just delectable. A quick search will confirm that Eddie's Gourmet is at 25920 Greenfield Rd.

♦ Jade Palace ♦
When you are driving around with Oak Park limo service, we think you'd be glad you checked out Jade Palace, especially if a craving for some really good Chinese food that hits! The prices are very low here, and they have dine-in, carryout, and even delivery. Hidden away in a nondescript strip mall, so it's not much to look at, but the food is good enough to overlook the location. Their lunch specials will definitely be easy on the ole wallet, and they have really great soups here that make the perfect complement to your meal. We especially enjoy the fried wontons here, and the egg rolls are really refreshingly different too, not too heavy or greasy, just very flavorful and crisp. The big surprise to be found here is their chicken wings! Give them a try and you'll see just how good they are. Jade Palace can be found at 13351 W 10 Mile Rd.

♦ Primo's Pizza ♦
There are several Primo's Pizza locations that we really enjoy, but the one in Oak Park really stands out in our minds. An area leader with possibly the most tasty pizza you've ever encountered. Their secret weapon is the fresh basil, not just in the sauce like most places do, but actually fresh basil on top of the pizza with the other toppings. That makes such a huge difference in the taste The thin crust is just exquisite, and we love the breadsticks here too. The pizzas are also larger with more slices than most, and that's something that makes it really perfect for parties and groups. Lots of different options here, including round, square deep dish, and thin crust, and they are all equally scrumptious! Be sure you make a point to do a tasting at Primo's Pizza at 10100 W 9 Mile Rd.

♦ Coolidge Cafe ♦
Coolidge Cafe is the restaurant that we've chosen to round out this list, probably cause it's one of the top ones around and we just love coming here any time of year and any day of the week. We especially enjoy the breakfasts here, because they have some truly amazing omelettes that are just so huge and fluffy. It's easily overlooked because the exterior doesn't have any real stand out qualities, but don't miss out on a place in the top tier of restaurants in Oak Park. Lots of traditional favorites here including amazing pancakes! Sure all day could be spent singing the phrases for this restaurant, but instead of doing that we'll just say that you need to find out on your own just how worthy it is. Coolidge Cafe at 13400 W 9 Mile Rd right here in town for all your cafe needs.

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