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Novi, Michigan

gives you a million reasons to visit, not the least of which are all the excellent bars and restaurants located within the 48375, 48376, and 48377 zip codes! Be sure to visit at least one or two of these next time you are traveling with Novi limo service.

♦ Ajishin ♦
Ajishin is truly one of our favorite sushi restaurants ever, and we recommend it not just when you are traveling with Novi limousine, but all the time! You know the one that everybody talks about and says is the best in Michigan? Well, this is BETTER. The quality of the sashimi is just too good to even describe. We also love coming in for their dinner special which is grilled fish with udon noodles. The cod is just amazing. If you are a lover of udon noodles, you will certainly find that these are the best in our state. The prices are ridiculously cheap too! You'll wonder how they pull that off! If you're a lover of spicy tuna, be sure to try that while you're there. Literally everything on the menu is recommended. You can go and enjoy some great sushi right now at Ajishin, at 42270 Grand River Ave.

♦ Toasted Oak Grill and Market ♦
Toasted Oak Grill and Market would make our list of top places to eat in Michigan, hands down. We adore the oatmeal skillet cookies with cinnamon ice cream, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Before you even think of dessert, you can enjoy their homemade keilbasa and those amazing charcuterie plates. The smoked duck is just out of this world. You'll certainly want to try the mussels and the lobster macaroni and cheese. If you love wine, you'll be very pleased with their wine list. It comes straight from the attached market, so all you pay is the retail price plus a very low corkage fee. You are going to be able to find Toasted Oak Grill and Market at 27790 Novi Rd.

♦ Bi Bim Bab ♦
If you have ever visited Korea, you are probably still searching for the most authentic Korean food in Michigan. You would do very well to try Bi Bim Bab. We love the hwa-dut bap, and all their grilled meats. They have sushi here, but we don't really recommend this restaurant for sushi. It's decent, but not what they are known for, and there are certainly better places to go in this area for that (see above!). The jungol is fantastic, with lobster! And they offer an iced dessert after the meal too, which is very nice. You'll love the convenience of the underground parking here too. Go and get some delicious Korean barbecue specialties at Bi Bim Bab, at 43155 Main St!

♦ Rojo Mexican Bistro ♦
Rojo Mexican Grill is truly wonderful if you are a lover of Mexican cuisine! They offer some really delightful meals here that are much different from what you will find elsewhere in the area. The chips and salsa are fantastic, and we love their queso too. For the food we would most highly recommend the camarones rellenos, and the fish tacos are also just amazing. The beef burritos are also a very nice choice, and not too expensive either. The fajitas supremas are very tasty, and we love the combination of steak, shrimp, and chicken. The margaritas are just superb here, and we recommend that you order a pitcher for the entire table to enjoy. You will be able to find Rojo Mexican Bistro at 44375 Twelve Mile Rd.

♦ Shiro Restaurant ♦
Another great sushi restaurant that you should certainly try when you are traveling with Novi limos is Shiro Restaurant. We love to start off with the oyster appetizer and then dive right into any number of their standard and special rolls. If you are a lover of special rolls, we'd recommend that you try the surf and turf roll, the kiss of fire, the crunchy roll, the unagi roll, the white tuna, and the salmon on the beach. For dessert we think you'll really enjoy their ginger ice cream, and you can't go wrong with the creme brulee either, which is a nice extra at a restaurant like this. Be sure to give Shiro Restaurant a try at 43180 W 9 Mile Rd.

♦ Cherry Blossom Japanese Restaurant ♦

Cherry Blossom Japanese Restaurant is a very nice place to enjoy your sushi, and they also have a number of amazing Japanese entrees that will really make your mouth water too. The prices have increased here very recently, but for the quality that is given here, it's understandable and very worth it. The katsu donburi is one of our favorite things here, and we also really enjoy their ika sugatayaki. Everything here is more authentic than what you may be used to, a little simpler, a little less over the top. And we love that. The only thing that may put you off about this place is that it's located within a strip mall, but don't let that bother you! You'll forget where you are once you're inside and enjoying your food. You'll be able to find Cherry Blossom Japanese Restaurant at 43588 W Oaks Dr.

♦ One World Market ♦
You can find all your favorite goodies from beer to wine and spirits and Japanese specialties at One World Market. We recommended this place because you can stop in and grab some deli goods or some sushi at a fraction of the price that you'd pay at a restaurant. They have so many delicious ready-made items here, but you can also grab some very high quality ingredients and just head home and craft an excellent meal on your own, if that's your bag! If not, head to the sushi bar in the back and just order sushi to your heart's content. They have both Sapporo and Kirin here too, and we know you'll be happy to hear that. Definitely give this place a try when you're in Novi and you've got the time! Found at 42705 Grand River Ave.

♦ Bar Louie ♦
Bar Louie is one of the most beloved bars in all of Novi, and we just love this location. They have a decent amount of microbrews here in addition to all your favorite domestic and imported beers (forty total beers on tap!), and the food is really good. We love the sliders here, and the tater tots are a nice surprise! The Mario sandwich is a really amazing bet with lots of different meats and vegetables plus Italian dressing and provolone cheese, and it's served with delicious fries too. If you're trying to be a little lighter, they've got a lot of amazing salads for you to choose from here too. Bar Louie, being one of our favorite recommendations on this list, can be found at 44375 12 Mile Rd.

♦ Bonefish Grill ♦
Bonefish Grill reminds us of another restaurant with a very similar name (you know the one), but there's a little extra bit of quality here that has made us crave it even more in recent months. The Wild Drunken Monk is our favorite dish here, consisting of monkfish with veggies and rice in a really delicious spicy sauce. Unfortunately that's a limited time item so you'll want to call and see if they still have it by the time you read this! Their bang bang shrimp appetizer is really great, and we love the Chilean sea bass too. The best thing though, has got to be the ahi tuna appetizer. That's always where we start, and sometimes we just order another one as an entree! It's really that good. Bonefish Grill can be found at 43304 Eleven Mile Rd.

♦ Pei Wei Asian Diner ♦
One more Asian restaurant for the road, what do you say? Cherry Blossom Japanese Restaurant gets high recommendations from everyone we know, so we finally had to head over there and give it a try. Many have said that the menu is very similar to PF Chang's, but cheaper and higher quality. We would agree with that. The honey seared chicken is one of our favorite items on the menu, and we also love the chicken teriyaki bowl with brown rice. They carry gluten-free soy sauce here for those of you who may need it or prefer it, and that really tastes so good when you add just a touch to the spicy chicken and brown rice. Very good! Pei Wei Asian Diner can be found at 43170 Grand River Ave.

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