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New Baltimore, Michigan

can be found in the county of Macomb and it's covered by the zip code of 48047. There are a ton of great places to eat and drink in this area, and we've compiled a nice little list of them right here for you. Enjoy our mini-reviews, and please let us know if you'd like to visit any of these when you're traveling with Limo Detroit!

♦ Poncho's Original Mexican Restaurant ♦
Poncho's Original Mexican Restaurant is a real favorite of ours, and although it could use some updates and remodeling, they keep it very clean and it's a very comfortable place to dine. They have some of the very best Mexican food that you will find in this area — though it's not quite authentic, it's a cut above the rest. The chips and salsa are really good, and if you come in on a Thursday you'll be able to enjoy some live guitar music. You can't go wrong with any item on the menu, but we love the chicken tacos, and the fried ice cream with honey and chocolate is a real winner for dessert. Poncho's Original Mexican Restaurant can be found at 37029 Green St in New Baltimore.

♦ Bad Brad's BBQ ♦
Whether you want a wonderful barbecued meal or just want to go out for drinks, you can't go wrong with a trip to Bad Brad's BBQ. They've got a new outdoor patio, and in the warmer months of the year you will really appreciate that, along with the outdoor bar! They've got fabulous campfire nachos, and amazing sausage and barbecued chicken, and we are also really big fans of their mac and cheese with the crisp topping. So good. They've got make-your-own tacos too, which is a cool option, and the kids especially enjoy that. If you love burritos, go for the Johnny Diablo. It's too good! Bad Brad's BBQ is located at 35611 Green St in New Baltimore.

♦ Green Street Tavern ♦
Green Street Tavern is a straight-up Irish pub, just the way you love it! They've got two sides here, a dining area and a bar area, so you can pick and choose where you prefer to sit. It's got an old fashioned feel to it, as all pubs should. Some might say it needs updating, but we say heck no! The retro charm only makes it better. They've got flat screens to watch sports in the dining area, and you'll really enjoy watching the game while you scarf down their delicious hamburgers. St Patrick's Day is always fun here too. Highly recommended! Green Street Tavern can be located at 37700 Green St in New Baltimore.

♦ Strawberry Fields ♦
Strawberry Fields is a real gem of a restaurant, with a Beatles theme of course, and some of the very best dishes that you will find anywhere. We are huge fans of their white chocolate chip raspberry pancakes (yes, they are as good as they sound!), and the corned beef hash and eggs has got to be our favorite breakfast here. Real corned beef, too. You won't find anything canned or pre-packaged here. It's just as authentic as their namesake band. The banana split waffle is a really nice choice too, or if you're there for lunch or dinner, we'd recommend the fish and chips. Always a great time and affordable prices too! Strawberry Fields is found at 51070 S Foster Rd in New BAltimore.

♦ Z's Coney Island ♦
Z's Coney Island, formerly Tupan's Coney Island, is a real gem in this area. They do close early — 4:00 PM most days and 2:00 PM on Sundays — so make sure you get there bright and early! If you are there for lunch, we'd recommend the marinated chicken pita. It's really fresh and flavorful, and really moist too. They've got a drive-thru which is really convenient, and you can always call ahead for your drive-thru orders to really save yourself some time. This is a pretty quiet restaurant with a more mature crowd that gathers here for the delicious hot dogs and coffee, so if you want a relaxing quiet dining experience, this is a great choice. Z's Coney Island can be found at 35470 23 Mile Rd in New Baltimore.

♦ Slippery Rock ♦

The Slippery Rock, in our opinion, has one of the coolest names of any restaurant in the area. We're big fans of their whole menu, including the fish and chips which is unique, served with capers, and they've got a nice array of sandwiches to choose from too. Everything on their menu is really fresh and delicious, and they're quick to bring it out to you, piping hot. There's plenty of room here for larger groups, and it's family friendly too so you can bring the kids! They do accept credit cards, and the attire is casual. Slippery Rock is located at 51083 Washington St in New Baltimore.

♦ New Haven Coney Island ♦
New Haven Coney Island is one of our absolute favorite places to go for fish and chips. There just aren't any other coney islands out there that even come close to having fish this good. We're hooked on it, and that's what we always go there for! They've also got all your classic coney island favorites, including delicious hot dogs, gyros, soups, salads, and of course, sensational breakfasts. This is an excellent place to stop any time you're hungry and want something yummy and affordable. There's plenty of space here and it's great for families too. Very cheap, and they do accept credit cards! New Haven Coney Island can be found at 57550 Gratiot Ave in New Baltimore.

♦ Louis' Chop House ♦
Seeking a great steakhouse in the area? Louis' Chop House is our top pick. This was formerly the Riviera, and we really loved that restaurant and were sad to see it go! However they have done such a great job with Louis' that we can't complain. The Detroiter sirloin is one of our favorite things to have here, and we are also really big fans of their prime rib. They've got amazing Caesar salads too that pair just perfectly with your steaks and other entrees, and their drink prices are quite nice too! Nice selection of drinks as well, including wine and mixed drinks. You'll be able to find the one and only Louis' Chop House at 50355 Gratiot Ave right here in New Baltimore.

♦ Tin Fish Resort♦
If you are seeking some really great seafood in this area, Ira is just a stone's throw away and their Tin Fish Resort restaurant is just too good to resist. It's located on Lake St Clair, and it is without a doubt one of the nicest restaurants in the entire area. You will enjoy both the indoor and outdoor areas when the weather permits, and even when it's a little bit chilly they've got outdoor heat lamps and a fireplace to warm up by. It keeps it pretty toasty! The fish and burgers are just superb, and you can't go wrong with the oysters. No matter what you order, it is truly superb. Always an amazing dining experience here, and so perfect for your special occasions. Tin Fish Resort is easy to find at 10069 Dixie Hwy right nearby in Ira.

♦ Great Wall ♦
Great Wall is quite the famous Chinese restaurant around these parts, and we are huge fans of their almond boneless chicken and their crab rangoon! It's hard to resist them even now as we are writing this. Should we make the trek? Nah, we'll keep writing. YOU make the trek. You'll love it. The egg rolls are just superb here, and the sweet and sour chicken is to die for! We've enjoyed every single item on their menu at least a time or two — no exaggeration! It's that good. The lunch specials will help you save a few bucks too. Great Wall can be found at 35312 23 Mile Rd in New Baltimore.

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