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Mount Morris, Michigan

Many of our customers travel to Mt Morris (48458), in Genesee County near Flint, and they ask us what the best places are to grab a bite to eat within the city. We went ahead and put together a short list of favorites for you, all of which we have personally visited, of a large variety of different types of eateries. We hope you enjoy these next time you're traveling with Limo Detroit!

♦ La Villa Restaurant & Pizzeria ♦
La Villa Restaurant & Pizzeria has got to be our favorite pizzeria in this area, hands down. They've got the best prices around, and though some say that the building is a little too retro for them (in other words, it could use some remodeling!), we think it's fantastic just the way it is. We love the old fashioned vibe, and the service is equally old fashioned. There's a full bar here too, so you can have some great after-dinner drinks and really give the evening the nightcap it deserves! You will be able to find the classic La Villa Restaurant & Pizza at 8372 N Saginaw Rd right here in Mount Morris. You'll love it!

♦ Cracker Barrel ♦
Cracker Barrel has always been one of our favorite places to go, no matter what location you're talking about, but this one in Flint holds a special place in our hearts. When you next need to take a break and relax because you feel like you're in an old fashioned country diner back in the day, and kids especially love this place because of the fun atmosphere and their kitschy country store. They love picking out souvenirs, and so do adults! We can never get enough of this place. A clear breakfast favorite, but excellent any time of day! You can find Cracker Barrel at 4140 Pier North Blvd right here in Mount Morris.

♦ El Charritos Restaurante ♦

The El Charritos Restaurante is located in nearby Flint, and we always make it a point to stop here anytime we're in the area. They've got all of your favorite Mexican dishes here, including yummy free chips and salsa! And they keep bringing more at no extra charge too. We recommend ordering some guacamole to go with it as well, because it's extra delicious here. Fresh and so good! This is a very small restaurant with typically just one waitress serving everybody, but she does a great job and is always friendly and sweet. We've never had a bad experience here. You can find El Charritos at 2804 Richfield Rd in nearby Flint!

♦ Burger King ♦
Burger King is the go-to place in Mount Morris if you're craving fast food! There's nothing like a Whopper with cheese to satisfy those burger cravings, and the fries are excellent here too. We love how the staff across the board is cheerful, so that's a plus, and they keep it very clean in the dining area too. It's a super quick stop if you're just passing by the drive-thru in one of our limos, and it really doesn't get any more quick or convenient than that. Especially when you're in a rush to get where you're going and you just want a really fast bite to eat with no frills. You can find this Burger King location at 4408 W Pierson Rd right here in Mount Morris!

♦ Silvio Italian Restaurant & Lounge ♦
Silvio Italian Restaurant & Lounge has been a solid member of the community for the longest time now, and it can be found very conveniently in nearby Clio. We of course love coming in to enjoy their bar with all the flavorful drinks that they so happily serve, but we'd never dream of coming in without also having a wonderful dinner there beforehand! The ambiance here is rustic and charming, and the service is welcoming and warm. We most highly recommend the broiled chicken alfredo dinner. Always a winner! You can find Silvio Italian Restaurant & Lounge at 138 W Vienna St, right nearby in the city of Clio!

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