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Mount Clemens, Michigan

is one of the cities that is packed with great bars and restaurants, and we wanted to make sure to include a few of them for you here so that you know where to go when traveling with Mount Clemens limos. There are our absolute number one picks in the 48043 zip code. Enjoy and do let us know what you think!

♦ Seeburger's Cheeseburgers ♦
Seesburger's Cheeseburgers is one of those old fashioned hamburger joints where you can enjoy the kind of sliders that your parents and grandparents used to eat at real authentic diners back in the day! We especially enjoy the onion rings here, because they are made fresh on the premises, hand cut. If you're in the mood for breakfast, they have some really great pancakes here too! No matter what we order here, we love to pair it with a great orange crush from the fountain. Great chili dogs here too! No matter what you order off that classic menu, you are sure to be satisfied with your meal. Seeburger's Cheeseburgers is found at 71 N Main St.

♦ Allen's Riverhouse ♦
Allen's Riverhouse is particularly known for their great sandwiches, but no matter what you order here it will be good. We love the hamburgers, and they have amazing fish tacos here too! The fish tacos are made with mahi mahi, which is our favorite, and we love the avocados that they put on them too. The lemon chicken pot stickers are something that we have not seen elsewhere, and they really are amazing. The beef brisket with ribs is a very nice choice too, and we have also enjoyed their asiago stuffed gnocchi and blackened tuna. Everything on the menu is just so good, and it's worth stopping in to check out their specials too. You will be able to find Allen's Riverhouse at 240 N River Rd.

♦ JoMomma's Kitchen ♦
JoMomma's Kitchen is one of the newest restaurants in the area, having opened as recently as the summer of 2010. We love the fact that they are open all week long so we can come in and enjoy their wonderful breakfasts any day of the week. The cinnamon swirl pancakes are just amazing, some of the best flavor we have ever had. No syrup needed! The cinnamon swirl french toast with caramel rum and apple capote is also just out of this world, as you can tell by the name! We think it's hilarious that they have one of those challenges here where if you can eat a two pound plate of food in less than thirty minutes you'll get a picture (not of yourself -- of your mom!) on the wall plus a fifteen dollar gift certificiate. You can check out JoMomma's Kitchen at 39 N Main St.

♦ Nazoya Buffet ♦
Nazoya Buffet used to be known as Jet's Buffet, and if you love a great Chinese buffet then you will definitely want to check this one out. It's got to be the cleanest and best kept one that we have ever visited, and we love the fact that all of the food is kept piping hot and fresh on the buffet. Not only do they have all your Chinese favorites here, they also have a section for sushi, a section for salads, and a section for desserts, as well as a bunch of different delicious soups to choose from. We recommend the egg drop soup, which is always our favorite. The teriyaki chicken is very good here, and we also enjoy the general tso's chicken as well as the chicken and mushrooms. Nazoya Buffet is easily located at 80 N Groesbeck Hwy.

♦ Little Camille's Pizza ♦
If you are craving a really good pizza when traveling with Mount Clemens limousine, you have got to stop by Little Camille's. This cozy itle pizza joint is a great place to stop in and pick up a pie. They have specialty pizzas here that are clearly a cut above the rest, including a buffalo chicken pizza and a chicken club pizza that we'd travel even a long distance to get. If you are not in the mood for pizza you can always fall back on their wonderful pastas or perhaps a panini sandwich. Everything that they make here is prepared with the same loving care that they give to the pizzas. Definitely some of the best pizza pies in town, but don't take our word for it, try it for yourself! Be sure to visit Little Camille's Pizza at 285 North Ave.

♦ Dee Dee's Family Diner ♦

When seeking a great cozy family diner, Dee Dee's Family Diner will do you very well. The prices are without a doubt some of the lowest that you will find when traveling with Mount Clemens limo service, and yet the food is very high quality, and always served piping hot and delicious. The breakfasts are available all day long, so no matter what time you start craving some great pancakes or omelettes, you know you can rely on this place. We also love the fact that they have different soups available daily, and there are always four different ones to choose from so you never get bored with the selection. Dee Dee's Family Diner can be found at 60 N Groesbeck Hwy.

♦ Dooley's ♦
The location where Dooley's is now located used to be a Capers Steak House, and they have really puta lot of time and effort into making this place as good as it is. It's true Irish pub style at its very best. We really love the delmonico steaks, and the reuben sandwiches are a very nice choice here too. The french fries are always a cut above the rest, pun intended! We also really enjoy the onion rolls here. They've got television here so you can catch the game while you're dining too. But perhaps what we love best about this place is the superbly friendly staff that works here. They really put care into the entire experience here, and it shows. Dooley's can be found at 235 N Groesbeck Hwy.

♦ Tony and Louie's Grill ♦
Tony and Louie's Grill is a nice refreshing addition to the Mt Clemens scene, with brand new owners who have really poured time and money into the establishment. They've remodeled everything here, and itjust looks fantastic. The menu is just packed with all kinds of different things from sandwiches to soups to salads to entrees. Even the desserts are out of this world. We've had nothing but positive experiences here, and that's why we would recommend it to you so highly. Head over there and find out what's new at this brand spankin' new establishment, and do let us know what you think! When you're ready to check out Tony and Louie's Grill, just head over to 43390 Elizabeth.

♦ The Detroit Burger Company ♦
Craving a really mean burger in Mt Clemens? Just head over to The Detroit Burger Company. The burgers here are just enormous, piled high with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese, and we love those old fashioned sesame seed buns that they're served on. They also have fantastic hot dogs and grilled cheese here, and huge cups of delicious french fries that you will not be able to get enough of! Or actually, you will, considering the fact that the large is a ridiculous 32 oz bucket! That's more than enough to share! We would very highly recommend the two patty Woodstock Burger. You will be able to find The Detroit Burger Company at 39 N Main St.

♦ Hip Hop Pizza ♦
Hip Hop Pizza is one of the newer restaurants in the area, and we love the logo with that dog with the baseball cap chowing down on that incredible pizza. We have really enjoyed the quality of the pizzas here, which begins with the delicious hand tossed crust, smeared heavily with their delicious sauce that's not too sweet and not too tangy, sprinkled with just the perfect amount of high quality cheese, and then piled high with all your favorite toppings. The people who run this place are very friendly and happy to accommodate any special requests that they can. They're open until 11:00 PM most nights of the week and as late as midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Good stuff! Check out Hip Hop Pizza at 428 Cass Ave.

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