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Morenci, Michigan

is found within Lenawee County, and when you find yourself in this area, you'll be relying on restaurants and bars that are found within the Morenci zip code of 49256 as well as the nearby Hudson zip code of 49247. We hope you'll enjoy these while you're in town with Limo Detroit!

Village Inn
121 W Main St
Morenci MI 49256
Craving a delicious homecooked meal in Morenci? Village Inn is your spot. They are a welcoming, friendly establishment serving up American classics, that good stick to your ribs kind of food like chicken-fried steak, soup of the day options like Wisconsin Cheese soup, cream of broccoli, and chili, pot roast. country meat loaf and salisbury steak. They also have plenty of vegetarian options and some incredible pies to choose from.

Panda Restaurant
310 W Main St
Hudson MI 49247
A very good Chinese restaurant conveniently located in nearby Hudson. With a full menu of all the hits, like Lo Mein, fried rice, chow mein, chop suey, egg foo young, along with some house specialties like their fried garlic chicken wings, chicken wings with general tso's sauce, and boneless spare ribs with honey sauce. They too offer up vegetarian dishes like vegetable delight, szechuan bean curd, broccoli with garlic sauce and even general tso's tofu in place of chicken.

212 W Main St
Hudson MI 49247
We're hooked on the homemade soups here, and their homemade potato chips are great! This place is great for a fun night out, they often have live music for you to enjoy, they also have outdoor seating and a private dining area if you are brings a large group. As for food they have a wide ranging menu from fish tacos, buffalo chicken wraps and homemade corned beef, to pernil with black beans and rice, which is a slow roasted marinated pork shoulder dish from Puerto Rico. Absolutely worth a try.


Morenci Deli
216 W Main St
Morenci MI 49256
Awesome place to grab all your traditional favorite sandwiches and more! Located inside the Sunoco gas station no less. They offer up subs of many different varieties, burritos, taco salad, hamburgers, coney dogs, and salads. The Super Ham & Cheese is for real ham lovers, 1/2 lb. of ham with your choice of toppings and cheese. The Rueben is also tasty served up on a rye bun. And of course they also make some great pizza here. Surprising for being in a gas station, but it's true check them out.

521 S Meridian Rd
Hudson MI 49247
Absolutely delicious toasted sandwiches, and so much more! This is an Irish Pub at it's heart but it's so much more than that. They serve up their own version of poutine with crinkle cut chips, bacon and cheese curds covered in beef gravy. They have some interesting appetizers as well, like thei "When Pigs Fly" deep fried ribs tossed in your choice of sauce and Sauerkraut Balls which are roast pork, savory sausage, sauerkraut and cream cheese breded and deep fried.

Pizza Box
142 W Main St
Morenci MI 49256
One of our absolute favorite places in Morenci to grab a hot pizza. Not only do they have great pizza but they also have much more on their menu, burgers, chicken & fish sandwiches, nachos, quesadillas, taco, oven toasted subs, salads and soups of the day. As for their pizzas they offer hand tossed, thin and crispy and deep dish. Make sure when you are ordering to get an order of the Bulldog Bread, you won't regret it.

Lonnie T's Pizza
129 W Main St
Morenci MI 49256
Known for their delicious crust and sauce, Lonnie T's is a real winner! We won't say it's our favorite, the entries above or below are probably the go to destinations in Morenci but when you are looking for a nice change of pace this is well worth the visit. What we really love about them is that they have those old school pepperonis that curl up into a crispy cup of grease, the perfect hang over food.

Ten Pin Pizza
109 S Market St
Hudson MI 49247
You absolutely must sample the pizza at this bowling alley! Don't miss it! No seriously. They make their own dough and sauce in house and they have great deals everyday. They also have some great gourmet pies like chicken fajita, philly steak, bar-b-que chicken and even a buffalo chicken pie. They have way more than just pizza too, they have subs, wraps, salads and appetizers.

300 W Main St
Hudson MI 49247
There's no doubt that you can grab a great breakfast or lunch at this Subway location! Always a fresh choice. If you aren't in the mood for a sub you can always get your favorite meats in a salad. And they have also started opening up for breakfast with flatbread options like bacon, egg and cheese and steak, egg and cheese, just to name a couple.

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