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Montrose, Michigan

When you're trying to find a place to drink or dine in the New Lothrop area (48460), you will mostly find yourself relying on New Lothrop itself plus nearby Chesaning (48616) and Montrose (48457). These are our top recommendations in the area, and we hope that you enjoy them anytime you find yourself in the area with Limo Detroit!

Big Joe's Bar of Layton Corners
4004 Peet Rd
Chesaning MI 48616
This is THE nightspot in neighboring Chesaning — the only name you need to know for drinks and a great time! They have what many locals consider to be the best pizza in the area and they will go out of their way, driving past other pizza joints to come here to order up a pizza, they are that good. Given that they have a great pizza you won't be surprised to learn they also have amazing Stromboli as well.

Naples Pizza & Restaurant
103 W State St
Montrose MI 48457
However there are also many in the area will tell you that Naples has the very best pizza in town, and we would agree! All fresh and delicious. They aren't afraid to load their pizzas up with delicious toppings. In addition to their go to menu items you should know they have a wide array of offerings including daily specials, so even if someone in your group isn't in the mood for pizza or Italian in general they need not worry because they will have plenty of options.

Roxy's Diner
355 E State St
Montrose MI 48457
We're in love with all of the homemade soups at Roxy's Diner, including the absolutely mouth watering beef barley soup! But there is no end to great dishes available, for example you could try their Brown Sugar Bacon Pulled Pork Sandwich with brown sugar bacon, pulled pork, muenster cheese, mayo & apple butter on a Chicago style bun. Or just order up their class Roxy Cheeseburger with some golden brown onion rings.

Gracie's Country Inn
9483 Genesee St
New Lothrop MI 48460
Known for their signature dish, roast prime rib, this is a sensational restaurant that everyone in the area just loves. And if the 12 oz. portion of their prime rib they allow you to add more on at just $1.25 per oz, great deal. Another great option is their seafood platter with Alaskan Pollock, jumbo shrimp, clam strips, stuffed crab, scallops and frogs legs. Rumor has it they will allow you to substitute out the frogs legs if you aren't that adventurous.


Arthur's Pizzeria
9496 Genesee St
New Lothrop MI 48460
One of the top recommendations for pizzerias in this area! Very highly recommended by us and all the locals in New Lothrop. But it's not just pizza here, they also have some incredible French fries to go with their huge double cheeseburger, they serve it like a big mac with a bun layer in the center. But that's just one of their burgers, the Spicy Southwestern Ranch and Ultimate Bacon Cheese are equally worth the order. They also have sandwiches, subs, salads, chicken wings and more.

The Junction Restaurant
4136 Peet Rd
Chesaning MI 48616
Great home cooked meals, a very cozy environment, and one of the friendliest staffs that you'll ever run into. Every Sunday they set up a breakfast buffet from 8am all the way to 1 pm, and they have some great breakfast options, from there Omelets including the Old Fashion, with ham, onion, potato, and cheese, to the Supreme with bacon, ham, sausage,onion, cheese, green peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes, to their tasty pancakes and French toast.

Angilean's Pizza
124 W State St
Montrose MI 48457
Angilean's Pizza is yet another excellent pizzeria in this area. Everybody that we know loves it, and we do too! They are well known around the area for their thin-and-crispy crust and their in house created pizza sauce that is a perfect balance of tangy and savory. It's paired perfectly with their Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple. We also love their selection of different flavors for their impressive chicken wings and chicken tenders.

White's Streetside Tavern
111 W State St
Montrose MI 48457
Excellent place to grab a couple of good stiff drinks and enjoy great conversation with your friends or the friendly regulars. It's everything you are looking for in a small town tavern, they have some great food, a friendly atmosphere, live music and of course club keno and pull tabs. Lastly, if you need another reason to visit, do so during happy hour and you will be glad you did,

50's Pizza
288 E State St
Montrose MI 48457
We love the old fashioned vibe at this restaurant, and the pizza is truly out of this world. Not only do they make a great hand tossed crust but they also offer their "Detroit City" with the classic Detroit style deep dish taste, as well as a 20" hand tossed pizza for big appetites. If you don't find yourself in the mood for pizza they have plenty of different options to choose from, including the mouth watering Steak & Cheese Grinder.

249 E State St
Montrose MI 48457
The classic choice for a great fast food meal — when you're craving it in Montrose, now you know where to find it! Sometimes you just want to grab some food and get going, they haven't over well over a billion people by not being popular no matter how much people want to deny it. They have great breakfast options as well as their classic burgers, fries and everything else. Look, you know what's on the menu we don't need inform you, it's McDonald's.

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