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Montgomery, Michigan

Montgomery is a city that you'll find within Hillsdale County, and the zip code for it is 49255. There aren't any places to eat that are technically found in that city, but you'll find plenty of good ones nearby in Reading (49274) and Camden (49232), and just a stone's throw away in Coldwater (49036) and Hillsdale (49242)! Check these out either on your own or hopefully with Limo Detroit!

Ray's Tavern
114 S Main St
Reading MI 49274
This is such a classic. Great cheeseburgers and nice beer selection! Going strong for at least 30 years now! Everyone loves their fries and they serve them up in huge portions. But there is a battle here as well because in addition to great fries they also have some killer onion rings. Another great entree is their big old taco salad, you are already tasting that amazing shell just thinking about it.

The Clubhouse
113 S Main St
Camden MI 49232
Cozy restaurant with a country feel. Their Friday night ribs special is the best! They are an old school restaurant and bar with a loyal customer base. Everything on the menu is good, it's all up to your personal taste what you should order. No matter what you get I'm sure you will be a happy camper and be satisfied with your choice. Of course being the clubhouse you know they have a wonderful club sandwich.

Reading Pizza Barn
222 S Main St
Reading MI 49274
The pizza, subs, and ice cream are all so great here — a real summertime treat to look forward to! There is just something comforting about a pizza joint that also serves up some killer warm weather treats, it feels like something from back in the day, that old Americana everyone is always pining for. So stop in and grab a pizza loaded up with all of your favorite toppings.

Heartland Cafe
105 N Main St
Camden MI 49232
A very cozy spot to get a delicious meal or even just some coffee with friends or family. This is a very relaxed and chilled out place to just sit back and enjoy your meal. You'll love this place from the first time you try it, that's how they get you, good service and good selection.

Kasy's Reading
137 S Main St
Reading MI 49274
Another one of our choices for family restaurants in the area. A definite winner! You will love this menu, it's like hit after hit, no matter what you decide to order you will have made a right choice for you, unless for some reason you decide to order something you know you don't like, but hey, that's on you.

Reading Amoco
603 S Main St
Reading MI 49274
Not just a place to fill up the tank — also a great quick stop for delicious hot pizza! We know you are highly suspicious, and you have a perfect valid reason to be. But seriously it's without a doubt worth not only trying but it's worth seeking out. No body needs to know you got it at a gas station while you were pumping gas.


The Boathouse Restaurant
632 Lake Dr
Coldwater MI 49036
We love the split level design of this restaurant, and the classy upstairs is a real delight to dine in. This is a very welcoming place with a great view of the water. Which is why you find yourself drawn to their seafood options, you will love just about anything you decide to order here. Make sure to save some room for dessert.

Coffee Cup Diner
73 N Broad St
Hillsdale MI 49242
The breakfasts are nothing short of amazing here! Great affordable prices too, and quaint ambiance. This place really seems like a diner out of a movie from the golden area of cinema, just a solid no frills diner with some mean sausage gravy and great coffee. They are open from 6am to 2pm Monday through Friday, which is refreshing in an age where everyone is supposed to be open 24 hours a day with stressed out employees. You don't get that here, you get happy employees that are living their lives on their terms.

The Palace Cafe
38 N Howell St
Hillsdale MI 49242
Cozy diner, great food, wonderful service! Only downside is that it's cash only. Love it though! The best thing about being a cash only business is that you can physically count out just how cheap their prices are. This is a local hangout so you know it's the place to go. If you aren't worried about calories you have to try their cinnamon role pancakes.

El Cerrito
252 W Carleton Rd
Hillsdale MI 49242
Definitely one of the better Mexican restaurants in the area! Nothing fancy, but so good! Serving up some killer fajitas including fish fajitas and their fajitas jalisco which is marinated chicken breast, beef skirt steak, and shrimp with sauteed onions, bell pepper, tomatoes, rice and beans. Their Steak A La Tampiquena is great too, a T-bone steak served with guacamole, salad, rice, refried beans and torillas.

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