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Monroe, Michigan

has a surprising number of great restaurants and bars, and we wanted to make sure that when you are traveling with Monroe limo service, that you'll be able to refer to a convenient list of those places. These are just our personal favorites, and the ones that we'd recommend most highly to you within the 48162 zip code. Be sure to check them out when you're here!

♦ Monroe Street Grill ♦
Monroe Street Grill is a great little restaurant where you can come in and get just about anything to eat. They even have breakfast here! You'd do very well to give the chorizo skillet a try, and if you are wanting something from the healthy side of the menu, an egg white omelette will be just what you're looking for. They also have veggie eggs benedict that will simply knock your socks off. It's gorgeous on the plate and so tasty to eat. We love the fact that this is one of the higher class restaurants in the city, even using cloth napkins, and yet the prices are very affordable at least by our standards. We think you'll really love this place. Monroe Street Grill is located at 2 W Front St.

♦ Vaquero's ♦
If you find yourself in this neck of the woods and you start craving some really noteworthy Mexican food, we could send you straight over to Vaquero's. The food here is much more authentic than anything else you'll find in the area, and everything is perfectly seasoned and tastes so good. The chicken fajitas are so good tasting, and that's also one of the healthier options that you'll enjoy here. They have amazing chips and salsa, and we love their rice and beans. The prices are incredibly low as well. You'll be able to watch the game on TV while you're here, which is nice. Nothing fancy here, but great food and very friendly staff. You'll be able to locate Vaquero's at 1270 Stewart Rd.

♦ Dolce Vita Italian Cuisine ♦
There are several Dolce Vita Italian Cuisine locations in the area, but this one really comes out on top as far as we are concerned. The interesting thing is that they serve sushi here, and though the idea of sushi at an Italian restaurant doesn't sound like music to our ears, we were shocked to find that it is excellent. The Sammy Davis Drops is our favorite special roll here, and we recommend that you give that a try. All of the pastas are fantastic here, and the fish tacos also come very highly recommended. Best thing on the menu? Hands down that would be the cajun chicken fettuccine. Very good! Dolce Vita Italian Cuisine can be found at 391 N Telegraph Rd.

♦ Monroe's Original Hot Dog Drive-In ♦
Monroe's Original Hot Dog Drive-In is a real essential in this area! When you are traveling with Monroe limos, you can't do better than just pulling in and enjoying some of this goodness! The hot dogs with chili are just amazing here, and we love their potato chips too. The root beer is homemade, and that's just too hard to find nowadays, so we really appreciate it. We love the fact that they still serve their root beer in the old fashioned frosted glasses rather than a cheap carryout cup! It's true that's all they serve here, just hot dogs, chips, and root beer, but what else do you really need? They stick to what they're best at and we can really appreciate that. Monroe's Original Hot Dog Drive-In can be found at 1111 W Front St.

♦ Olga's Kitchen ♦
Olga's Kitchen is one of the most underrated chain restaurants around, in our opinion. There are so many great things that you can get here for lunch. The apple pecan chicken salad is one of our favorites, and we love their gyros of course! They also have incredible zucchini fries that beat the heck out of old fashioned french fries, and the peasant soup goes so perfectly with anything. Wash it all down with an orange cream cooler and you're good to go! The Olga's chips are also to die for, so if you haven't had them before, we recommend that you give them a try! We're not sure if we love the chips more, or the dip! You can find this Olga's Kitchen location at 2121 N Monroe St.

♦ Hot Dog House ♦

Hot Dog House is one of the greatest little old fashioned restaurants that you will find when traveling with Monroe limousine, and we very highly recommend it to you. They have tons of different gourmet hot dogs to choose from here, and they make the french fries fresh on the premises unlike many other restaurants. Rather than the typical packaged hot dog buns that most establishments use, they use thick texas style bread, and they butter it up and grill it! Now that's what we're talking about! We haven't been to this restaurant in a couple of years but we are really looking forward to going back and enjoying those fabulous hot dogs yet again. We hope you'll give them a try too! You'll be able to find Hot Dog House at 2021 S Custer Rd.

♦ Tiffany's Pizza ♦
Tiffany's Pizza is really beloved by everyone who lives in this area, and the reason for that is because everything is made from the highest quality ingredients. We love the fact that the have those popular five dollar pizzas here, but they aren't already made and just sitting there for you, so they're fresh when you call and order it. We love the fact that they have more interesting offerings here than other pizzerias, including the grand traverse chicken salad! Now that is a really nice touch. It's nice to stop in here and support a locally owned restaurant instead of one of the chains. They've got both delivery and carryout here, and they do accept credit cards too. All around just a great casual pizzeria! You will be able to find Tiffany's Pizza at 128 N Monroe St.

♦ Bolles Harbor Cafe ♦
Bolles Harbor Cafe has been around for as long as we can remember, and it seems that it's one of the most beloved restaurants in the area. The chicken parmesan is really one of our favorite things on the menu, and we also enjoy their gnocchi casserole which is something that we have not found elsewhere! The salads are very fresh and delicious here, and we love the pasta sauces. Especially the marinara. It's just perfectly zesty and not too sweet. The pizzas are also noteworthy here, and even for the largest with the most items, you will find that you pay a very low price compared to other places. If you're in the mood for something a bit more upscale, opt for the filet mignon! Can't go wrong with that! Bolles Harbor Cafe is conveniently located at 13986 Laplaisance Rd.

♦ Fino's Family Restaurant ♦
Fino's Family Restaurant is not only one of the cheapest dining options in the area, it also happens to be one of the best. Especially if you are dining with your family including kids, this is just a great casual place where you can really feel at home. They always have great daily specials, and the broasted chicken that they are known for is typically included on that list. The broasted potatoes are equally delicious. It all just melts in your mouth. Though everybody will boast about that broasted chicken, you will certainly want to check out the rest of the menu, because everything is just as top notch as that chicken. Fino's Family Restaurant can be found at 881 S Monroe St.

♦ Asiana Restaurant ♦
When you want some really good Chinese food when traveling with Monroe limos, you would od very well to check out Asiana Restaurant. It's not the fanciest restaurant in town, but it's kept very clean and the people who work here are just so great at their jobs. They always make sure that the customers are pleased. It's honestly pretty tough to find good Chinese food in this area, but we can assure you that Asiana is truly the best! It's relatively quiet so it's a good spot to go if you want to have some conversation over your meal instead of fighting over loud music! The prices are low and they accept credit cards here too. Asiana Restaurant can be found at 315 S Telegraph Rd.

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