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Milford, Michigan

has many great bars and restaurants, and when you are traveling with Milford limo service, you'd do very well for yourself to check out at least a few of the these. This is a list of our personal favorites, and we believe that you'll enjoy them just as much as we do! All are located in the 48381 zip code.

♦ Milford House Bar & Grill ♦
Milford House Bar & Grill is an excellent place to visit when you are traveling with Milford limousine. We really love this place, and it has been here forever. It's the same old building, but they have added to it frequently and it's now much larger than it used to be, with new rooms plus an outdoor area as well. They have such a huge menu, and we can vouch for the fact that everything is great here, but we are especially big fans of the Kris Salad with honey celery seed dressing, and the pizza is also very good here. If you love cobb salads, they do those very well here too. WDIV gave them the "Best Pizza" award in 2009, so you know you can rely on some really good stuff here! Milford House Bar & Grill is located at 113 E Commerce St.

♦ Cinco Lagos ♦
Cinco Lagos is without a doubt one of our top picks when on the road with Milford limos, because it's just one of the highest quality restaurants in the entire area. The Mexican food that they serve here is some of the best tasting that you will find anywhere. They have wonderful chips and salsa, delicious black beans, fabulous Spanish rice, and really great drinks. Full bar too! In terms of the entrees, the one that we would recommend most highly would be the chicken fajitas, and we also really love the carne asada adobo tacos as well as the pork belly tacos. They have plenty of unique offerings here, and for the quality and diversity of ingredients, the prices really aren't that bad! Cinco Lagos is found at 424 N Main St.

♦ Lei Ting ♦
Lei Ting is a great source for Asian food in Milford, with different sections of the menu devoted to Chinese food, Thai food, and Japanese food. We think that the pad thai is a really nice addition to the menu. The general tso's chicken is another one of our favorites. Admittedly those aren't the most adventurous selections on the menu, but they sure are good! The sake is fantastic here, and served chilled in wine glasses. The ambiance here is very pleasing to the eye, and it definitely makes your meal a more relaxing one. The service is very good here, very friendly and fast, and you are never left wondering where your server went to. Everything is just top notch here. Lei Ting is found at 525 N Main St.

♦ The Burger Joint ♦
The Burger Joint is an essential place for burger lovers in Milford, especially when you are traveling with Milford limos. We believe that these are the best burgers around, and though they are nothing fancy and they don't have any crazy ingredients, that's perhaps what makes them so good! They keep it simple and you can only pull that off with really high quality ingredients! The sweet potato fries are a very nice touch too, especially because they serve them with a very unique sauce made with poppyseed and honey mustard. If you love shakes, we'd very highly recommend the chocolate one! So creamy and good, and the perfect pairing for any burger! The Burger Joint can be easily located at 312 N Main St.

♦ Ruggles Cafe ♦
Ruggles Cafe is a wonderful spot to get soups and sandwiches whenever you're in the area. The clam chowder is one of our favorite things here, and they have wonderful Michigan salads too. If you're in the mood for something a little more upscale, you can get filet mignon here, which is cooked just perfectly. The chicken soup is very good, and we also enjoy the tomato and basil bisque. This is one of the more expensive restaurants in the area, particularly for soups and salads, but it's clear that it's because of the high quality ingredients that go into everything, and we think it's worth it and then some! Ruggles Cafe can be found at 525 Main St.

♦ Coratti's On Main ♦

Coratti's On Main is a very classy Italian restaurant where you can enjoy all your favorite pastas and grilled favorites. The chicken and steak dishes are really amazing here, just the highest quality cuts and cooked to perfection. The pastas are on a completely different level. For instance we once had a rigatoni with orange sauce that came with delicious pickled peppers and flakes of red pepper to add just the perfect amount of heat. It's hard to find Italian food this good, but at Coratti's it's everywhere you look. Great salads too, and the desserts... we could go on and on about how good they are! Coratti's On Main can be found at 335 N Main St.

♦ The Bar ♦
The Bar. Who doesn't love that name? We appreciate the fact that they strive to be good enough to be "THE" bar, and we think they come pretty close to reaching the top of our list! They have some of the best cheese soup that we have ever tasted, and excellent hamburgers and cod too. They also have wonderful steaks. We're big fans of deep fried pickles and they don't have them on the menu, but they were happy to make them for us last time we were there, which we thought was very cool of them. That's a testament to how accommodating and caring the staff can be here. And needless to say that makes all the difference. We love the outdoor seating and the live music when they've got it! The Bar is found at 224 S Main St.

♦ Oh Tokyo ♦
We love the name Oh Tokyo. It's nice to know that you don't have to travel too far to get some really good sushi. The bento boxes are our favorite thing here, but we also love all their rolls, from the standard ones like a tuna roll or salmon roll or California roll, to the more complex special rolls like a sunflower roll, rainbow roll, or dragon roll. They have wonderful tempura here, and great sashimi and edamame too. They've got Sapporo here too, so if you are as big of a fan as we are, you'll definitely be happy to hear that. Try their teppanyaki plates too if you're not in the mood for fish! The beef is out of this world. This is one of our most highly recommended restaurants after dining here so many times over the years. You can find Oh Tokyo at 131 S Milford Rd.

♦ Bangkok City Thai Cuisine ♦
Bangkok City Thai Cuisine is the kind of restaurant that really keeps it simple, but they do it very well. They have such an amazing array of dishes to try here, including peanut curry, pineapple fried rice, curry noodles, pad thai, and buddha's delight. You'll find that there are enough Chinese specialties here to please your friends who aren't into Thai food, so that's very nice. The prices are incredibly low here, and yet they do accept credit cards so you don't have to worry about stopping at the ATM before you come in. Be sure to grab a few carryout menus to take with you, because you'll be wanting to call this place up for carryout soon after your first visit! Bangkok City Thai Cuisine can be found at 427 N Main St.

♦ Gravity Bar & Grill ♦
Gravity Bar & Grill is a really refreshing place to visit when you are on the road with Milford limos. It's very nice, worthy of romantic dates, and yet the prices are very affordable. Our favorite dish here is pure comfort food at its best: sweet potato gnochi! Yum! They also have herb and panko encrusted whitefish that will satisfy your seafood cravings very well. We love the glazed shrimp appetizer here too, and for an entree you really can't go wrong with either the salmon or the halibut. They have very unique dishes here and they rotate the menu pretty frequently so you can always try something new when you come in. Gravity Bar & Grill can be found at 340 N Main St.

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